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  1. The words of a true rugby league fan. Sir, I salute you.
  2. Are you saying Beaumont, a frequent Twitter user, doesn't have a modicum of intelligence?
  3. There's two sentences, admittedly not Wildean in their construction. Mate, I agree with your point: so I don't propose to fr ig about. So if it's ok by you I'll park it.
  4. Because the situation was created by a person or persons behaving professionally. Like I said, the club's standards will see the matter, which I'm guessing might not be quite resolved yet, sorted.
  5. Featherstone have worked hard over the last ten years or so to become a highly professional sports organisation. This incident dents that image. However I think that very professionalism will see this resolved.
  6. Then there's the matter of whom Duffy called a pr ick
  7. Twitter is social media: yes, I'm stating the obvious. It's the public domain and people take notice, and spread what gets said on it. People with a modicum of intelligence are careful what they say. Earlier in this thread this was being hailed as a media coup, which in itself was laughable. Bloody amateurs.
  8. It's a pity it didn't stay on Twitter instead of making your club look like some tin pot inward looking set of small minded yokels. It doesn't matter what form of social media this nonsense saw the light of day on.
  9. Resources, personnel, product, that kind of thing. You were speaking of commercial, media, sponsorship. Rugby league in general is already disadvantaged in terms of demography, image, geography, and finance. If he recent carry on with Leigh and Torontos an example of championship clubs handling the media, then good luck. Mindst you I enjoy a decent pie and pea supper, no tinned mushies mind.
  10. No it didn't. you overestimate the importance of your club and it's chair. it takes seconds, minutes at most to respond to posts on here, particularly at this level. does your club have a media department? They must be livid at the light this nonsense has placed the centurions in, assuming Leigh have such a department.
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