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  2. Webster got ratty towards the end of the game with Percival, couldn't get his own way with the lad, and don't forget Percival's kicks at goal were top drawer.
  3. remember seeing the first 7 point try, as it was then, live on the BBC poor old Eddie Waring was lost for words, It was a French ref that awarded it, soon after it was put in the rule book. Apparently he awarded one a couple of games previously in France.
  4. ground looking immaculate .
  7. Just seen Vegas doing the promotion for Super League, fantastic.
  8. Nice day for Rugby League in Liverpool today.
  9. Enjoyed the weekend very much so, Stadium bit iffy outside the stadium is brilliant for mine Westfield La football bar good but expensive almost £10 for two pints of larger, met loads of people from the North sadly now living in London because of little work, Workington was one place, Cornwall was another place, great weekend.
  11. Gerard Songsters (St Helens) Over night Ilford Holiday Inn, same hotel as last year, pint in the frog before and after game straight back home, last pint in the Gerard, sorted.
  13. France play England BBC red button and online next Saturday, Four Nation warm up,