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  1. Doghead

    Nigel Wood has left the building

    Didn't the Chairmen have control once before, office in London, found it to expensive, ask the RFL to take over, gone full circle.
  2. The deal includes Fox's 39% stake in satellite broadcaster Sky, and the 20th Century Fox film studio, Disney announced.
  3. Murdoch sells his share in Sky, what if any change will this have on Sky Sports.
  4. Doghead

    Tommy Voll

    News on Twitter that Tommy Voll has died in South Africa, great player for the Saints club. RIP.
  5. Doghead

    live stream
  7. Doghead

    New TV channel

    Sky ruled the airways then along came BT and now Free Sport, watched the game this morning big crowd fantastic presentation.
  8. Doghead

    New TV channel List of possible programs.
  9. Doghead

    New TV channel Top of the page has channel logo's
  11. Webster got ratty towards the end of the game with Percival, couldn't get his own way with the lad, and don't forget Percival's kicks at goal were top drawer.