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  1. Thought I'd bump this Canadian team's thread up - it seems unfair that it's attracted less attention. I'm sure the other Canadian team's thread has generated more hits because it sounds like the name of a lass, as has been mentioned above. I keep thinking the name is Georgina Griffiths, even though I know it's Georgina Griffins.
  2. Without trying to stir things up unnecessarily, I wonder whether this is the point at which serious consideration is given to a name change, with paragraphs two and three touching on reconciling the need for a wider fanbase with the desire to respect history and heritage.
  3. That seems fair enough... and to get back to the thread, the TWP v Featherstone game is on later - hopefully, a competitive affair.
  4. There's some current stuff on the Our League website, but for historical information maybe other posters can help.
  5. Interesting to note the reference to crown green bowling. I've always thought this to be the RL equivalent version of bowling. There are also echoes in that the major competition takes place in Blackpool at the Waterloo, the 'Wembley' of the sport.
  6. On Back Chat this week, it was interesting to note Ralph Rimmer's comment in referring to promotion to Super League: “We may have one or two overseas clubs coming up…hopefully” This does not sound as if the game's regulatory body is discouraging Toulouse or Toronto's promotion aspirations. As far as club numbers in the respective leagues, he mentions that any changes would be on the back of the next broadcast deal.
  7. That's a fair point. I 'm quite surprised at the numbers of peoiple accessing news online. The table in this article on online readership shows some hefty numbers. A standout for me is the Independent which, with no print position, reaches 22 million readers a month.
  8. There are some excellent reads here. As a heartlander, I actually feel a bit left out from these type of experiences. Perhaps there should be a corresponding heartlander thread along the same lines, albeit it might not be as exciting.
  9. In my opinion, the game would demonstrate integrity and achieve enhanced credibility from solidarity with the people of Liverpool, and other wronged institutions from the past. Personally, I hope there's no cave in, but rather the maintenance of higher principles.
  10. Oxford Posted 1 hour ago Who said it was? I think something went awry with the cutting and pasting. That's not my post Edit: I've found it - it was Parksider, 13 hours ago...as if!
  11. The post is disingenuous as above Perez re-started grass roots in Canada in 2010 so let's judge the suggestion on the facts and these two teams aren't the start of grass roots development, that came 10 years ago they are just playing some Rugby league as some Canadians do. That's nice but that's all. It's not a landmark in the history of the game. One of the most bizarre responses I've seen. The twists and convolutions required to navigate from comment to response are considerable. I'm not sufe anything else has to be added. A simple re-reading suffices to make the point.
  12. They probably could have added a couple more teams from the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Ireland and Scotland. Then again, the format allows for each country playing each other, which has its merits.
  13. I've never used TGG. The problem here is the use of the superlative 'Greatest', implying that other sports are inferior. The 'Beautiful' game, for example, claims territory, but makes no such suggestion. If I need to differentiate, I refer to 'Proper Rugby', but the term I really like is the REBEL CODE... yes, it's worth shouting about.
  14. It's good to note positive reaction to the original post. There is otherwise some of the usual deflection on this thread, so that a derogatory implication of a few kids playing RL permeates. In doing so, the other goods news of two brand new amatuer rugby league clubs has become lost.
  15. Under the same umbrella is Co-op Childcare, which would include Little Pioneers nursery and pre-schools. It's all about partnering up with parents and guardians and emphasising core co-operative values, rather than seeking guidance from central government. In a nutshell, the foundations are there for a meaningful relationship between RL and the Co-operative movement.
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