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  1. I often find that 'best' and 'favourite' get merged a little. So, there's... Steve Gibson's rangy runs from full back Tex Evans's energy and finishing Mick McTigue - textbook tackler
  2. If I've read this correctly, TWP want the withheld funds to be directed to supporting the grassroots of the game, and for this to be transparent. That being the case, this should appease some who are less keen on TWP's participation. on the basis of their lack of work on development.
  3. I'm not saying I support this idea but, if we are talking hemispheres, there is the alternative of Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Commonly, the former would include the Americas, plus parts of Western Europe and Africa.
  4. More great pubicity. All this post-RUWC activity relating to RL, is potentially undermining RU's aspirations to maximise their world cup legacy.
  5. The beauty of this story is that it keeps RL on the radar. There's just been a RUWC, and RL has been in the headlines ever since. This all alters the perception of RL in some people's minds, and puts the sport firmly back on the map.
  6. Looking at TWP's twitter page, they seem to have added over 2,000 follower's since earlier in the week, bringing the total to 33,305. It's difficult to deny that this transfer has generated an enormous amount of publicity, and there is no sign of interest diminishing. Anecdotally, major sponsors are seeking to attach themselves to TWP, but hopefully some of this interest will find its way to other clubs and the game generally. There is talk of SBW representing Samoa, which, if combined with Tonga's rise, could go a long way towards establishing RL as the major rugby force in the Pacific. The optimism and interest surrounding Super League must surely benefit negotiations of the new TV deal. The effect of this transfer is potentially far-reaching and it only hoped that RL decision-makers are bold and don't waste the opportunities offered.
  7. I've only heard Valentine Holmes and Ben Teo.
  8. Presumably Manchester could fit in both teams.
  9. I can see that if you're going to form a limited company, or the like, then this kind of arrangement and its attendant publicity wouldn't do harm to the venture. As a knock-on effect, I wonder if these recent moves give the RFL/Super League more confidence in absorbing Ottawa and New York.
  10. Wow... after all that barrel of laughs,, I don't know what to say... Maybe, what would you like for Christmas?
  11. I'm sure Planet Rugby League have all this covered.
  12. Quite a nice read in inews, suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn was unmoved, indeed sleeping, whilst the England v New Zealand ru sem-final was being played. it has been suggested that he was unpatriotic in his actions. I am not sure what that says about the vast majority of posters on this site There is an implication that ru represents all the game of the establishment in the eyes ofJeremy Corbyn, all that he despises about privilege, public schools and the like. Conversely Rugby League, and the working class struggles at its origins, represent a more natural allegiance. Anyway, sleeping through the RUWC final, would make Jeremy more electable, in my eyes.
  13. If known, perhaps the team supported can be added.
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