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  1. And that's with fewer than usual away fans. What if teams start bringing 500/1000 on a regular basis?
  2. I was settling down to watch this and then saw the one on the bench for Workington. I don't know about anyone else, but that's put a big downer on the event.
  3. I've never been to the ground, but I thought there was a stand on the camera side - wasn't it brought from Wilderspool?
  4. There's no argument that hockey and RL are tough sports; it's just that the article clearly refers to rugby union, even though it mentions that rugby was considered on a cross-code basis.
  5. I think we're alright on TV for the next 6 weeks or so; then it's the loooong winter break. If only there was some rugby being played over that period... Unless, I suppose, Our League cover some amateur games and pre-season friendlies.
  6. That was cracking entertainment! There shouldn't be an empty seat in the house for games like this.
  7. Is that a positive or negative outcome?
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