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  1. Agreed - they aren't the same thing, but looking ahead (and future planning has to be part of the discussion) the presence of Ottawa and, I would suggest, New York, has to be relevant. (Just a thought - if TWP don't get into Super League, they could elect to drop to League 1, cut costs drastically and set up an immediate rivalry with Ottawa - the following year, one of the teams could have another NA rival in New York)
  2. Interesting - confirming that the potential viability of RL in North American has a significant place in the discussion. That has to bring Ottawa into the equation. I wonder whether Eric Perez is going to appear over the horizon.
  3. Very interesting. I wonder whether common usage has varied over time. I see tosheroon used as a crown in 1859, whereas George Orwell used the word in Down and Out in Paris and London for half a crown. I also see there was a variant, tusheroon, also used in 1859. To cap it all there is evidence of half a tosheroon being used for half a crown. You have rightly pointed out the minefield that is the tosheroon, for which I offer many thanks, and quite properly the topic puts in the shade other threads on this forum.
  4. I thought it was a crown, but it's some time since I've used one. I assume we're talking about British coinage, as opposed to Irish half-crowns.
  5. Couldn't resist it either, but have gone for a physical copy. Cheapest I've seen it is £17.79 so far. If TotalRL had some copies, I bet they'd sell well.
  6. According to nrl.com, Toronto Wolfpack are still looking for SBW's return and fulfilling contract obligations. It may be a statement of intent, or a carrot from the potential new order, but maybe there'll be another twist to this story.
  7. Thanks for that. I was just thinking about referencing the link on the Collectors Forum. You;ve probably done it more effectively that I would have.
  8. I never thought about: there needs to be consistency in recording the cardboard cutout section of the analysis.
  9. Anyone like to predict the attendance? ...or count it for that matter.
  10. I suppose both quotes can be correct, and the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.
  11. Found it. From the i, UK newspaper, trying to locate the edition. Toronto Wolfpack CEO Bob Hunter said: “Issues have been resolved. The transaction that had been delayed for a number of weeks has gone through. Money being transferred from Canada today. Players will be paid Monday or Tuesday [next week].”
  12. Has that been acknowledged? I' thought Bob Hunter has been quoted as saying that these issues have been resolved. That's not to say they have, but the quote's there. If I can dig it out, I'll post it. Perhaps, you could do likewise.
  13. I'm not sure what arrangements may have been suggested; perhaps the difference is that clubs in the NRL were directed.
  14. Just to clarify, I meant similar in that the league were directed to provide players based in Australia, if required, to support the NZ Warriors. The equivalent here would be UK based players being used to support TWP.
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