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  1. Agreed. I like the way these early cup matches ease us into the new season; it's a reminder of what the game is all about.
  2. What about the delicately balanced Toronto threads? Worth their weight in gold.
  3. Not to mention the missing question mark, followed by a new sentence. Can I join you two in the English lesson?
  4. Just watching BBC Breakfast, I've never seen RL mentioned so much in one programme. To top it all, Kevin Sinfield has been in the studio for a decent-length interview. Whilst referring to the RLWC , the focus was primarily on mental health within RL and sport generally. Clearly, Prince Harry was referred to as a supporter of work on mental health but, to be fair, his involvement did not swamp the interview.
  5. I don't see any reference to the Arrows at this stage. Most of the tags refer to Ontario Rugby League who seem to have given a try by try account of the matches.
  6. From TWP's twitter feed, action at Lamport yesterday! East & West Canada, men and women's teams, met under the dome yesterday, and it was streamed! I've not watched this yet but I'll have skim through the Live rerun.
  7. You beat me to it. However, I have a slightly different take on this. Soon after the 2021 RLWC announcement, we hear of the couple spending half their time in the UK and the other half in North America. Harry's clearly following the Wolfpack. It will be interesting to see how their itinerary corresponds to TWP's block fixtures schedule. As the announcement refers to North America, I'm not discounting some involvement in New York or Ottawa's bids.
  8. That's a promising start to the year. I wouldn't be surprised if the odd one ended up on the programme site!
  9. This was a popular thread last year; maybe it should become a tradition. Although there has been a trend for paper programmes to be less available, increased crowds may potentially see them become more viable at a professional level. As an example, I would have thought that Toronto were missing a trick if they were not to take advantage of increased away support and the Sonny Boy Williams effect. At an amateur level, economic pressures are always to the fore, but it is heartening that some of the lower league clubs manage to produce something.
  10. From Toronto's point of view, money well spent. As a model for Super League clubs over here, this investment level is not currently realistic. They could, however, learn from certain aspects of the model, notably marketing and use of social media.
  11. Nollick Ghennal lesh yeearreeyn share. ...and there are some friendlies tomorrow; the season's on its way.
  12. Here are the latest odds from William Hill for the 2020 Grand Final winner, so they have the usual top five in place. 1. St Helens 5/2 2. Wigan 11/4 3. Warrington 4/1 4. = Hull FC 10/1 = Leeds 10/1 6. = Catalans Dragons 14/1 = Castleford 14/1 8. Toronto 20/1 9. = Salford 33/1 = Wakefield 33/1 11. Huddersfield 40/1 12. Hull KR 50/1
  13. I wonder how he would react to the skewing of time zones that has occured since. ...perhaps we should go back to Railway Time. All this is, of course. highly relevant to expansion into North America.
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