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  1. Cumbric, to use the modern term, doesn't have any written records as far as I am aware, which would be a barrier to effective revival. tt's in the Brythonic branch of Gaelic, which means it is more closely aligned to Welsh, Cornish and Breton, rather than Irish, Scottish or Manx Gaelic. I was a liitle surprised at that thinking about Cumbria's proximity to Scotland and the Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland for that matter. I don't think that anyone really knows the geographical reach of Cumbric, but there are suggestions that it extended from Strathclyde to Lancashire, possibly even reach
  2. I thought it was impressive, not least outlining the vision whilst acknowledging the uncertainties of the present situation. I was particularly taken with the plan to run two teams, one in the RFL, the other in the NARL. This was presented as a definite, not a possibility, with the NARL team being the feeder, at least for the foreseeable future.
  3. I had to check that one...thought it might be yet another version of RU.
  4. It’s ok, International Rugby League is on the Observer status list…you’ll find it between Padel and Table Soccer.
  5. If it has helpful tips on analysing stadium diagrams and calculating ticket sales, I'm all for it.
  6. Not taking any sides, the so-called 'Toronto/Leigh spat' would appear to have an incredibly tenuous connection with a Toronto revival thread.
  7. I thought the revival thread was going well yesterday - lots of contributions expressing a variety of viewpoints. The latest stuff would more appropriately suit the older threads where old ground can be further gone over.
  8. Any club signing SBW would have attracted massive publicity. I think most people on here would agree with that. However, it's something of a distractor here. The story of TWP has not just been about the SBW signing. Even before that, they were attracting column inches, social media hits and appearances on Canadian TV and radio, never mind in the UK.
  9. Forgot to quote the 100 page reference. If it does, then it gives further support to the view that TWP is box office, not bad for a club whose existence is hanging on a thread. This might be tempting fate, and actually attract the fiercer keyboard warrior, but this revival thread has seen a reasonably mature discussion to date, with good contributions reflecting differing viewpoints.
  10. I pretty much agree with most of that, although I would suggest that the big city name of Toronto was a very significant factor. It attracted interest internationally, and perhaps in UK terms, the recurring theme of a London team's potential had become rather jaded to many. Whatever current perceptions are, the prospect of significant numbers of big city teams in the top leagues remain.
  11. Regardless of people's viewpoints on this , it has to acknowledged that TWP is box office. Whether liked or otherwise, the name generates extended threads on social media, newspaper headlines and TV focus, and that is not restricted to the UK or Canada. In fact, I read an article yesterday in the New York Times about the creation of a new NHL Northern Division involving a great deal of travel, in which the history of TWP was referenced. It's not surprising there are significant numbers of people questioning the view that TWP is simply brushed over and a line drawn under their place
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