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  1. Yep, that is exactly what Saints should do. It would be great fun, far better than you whingeing on here.
  2. There was quite a bit of backslapping last week, certainly on FiveLive, saying that there is no dissent in women's football, just in the men's.
  3. Have we not had that? We usually get three weeks of chaos whenever they try to police something, and then they start ignoring it again in the fourth week.
  4. Poor Leigh, they have about as far as you can hit a tennis ball with a racquet in any direction from the LSV.
  5. 200 miles south is a lot to play with. If my maths are right, we can market in Glastonbury but not quite Bournemouth.
  6. Look, I would expect the police to take a dim view of any report originating from a rampant / rabid / raving remainer.
  7. Are you suggesting Saintslass could be more Tory? That something is being held back? I think people are making the mistake of thinking Saintslass is a sentient being. When you realise it is just a construct, it becomes less frustrating. If the Tory line is 'police numbers don't matter', that's what we get. Saintslass has previously parroted the 'record funding of education' line, but I am anticipating a full pivot to 'let's invest in education' very soon.
  8. Funny, I don't remember you caring much at the time.
  9. Let's be abundantly clear. If Mr Field had had even the slightest inkling that the woman was armed, he would have legged it or stared ahead blankly like everyone else on his table.
  10. How have we reached the stage where the answer to the question "is it ok to clobber a woman?" is split along political lines?
  11. I think he is relatively quick over 20 or 30 metres, he just isn't a player who can sustain that sort of speed. Conversely Williams has never looked rapid but always used to record very impressive times over the full length when he was at Warrington. I have said this before a few times, but the work that Kear and Willians get through down that left hand side is enormous and a big part of what London do. Neither is an absolute worldie, but they will take the ball up in every set, give the forwards a rest, and usually they will come up with a play to score a try.
  12. What are you arguing? Toronto winning the league won't be 'on merit'?
  13. Well done Thaler. To disallow that would have been an easy kop-out, but it was a try. Just.
  14. Is Ben Crooks the new Mark Minichiello? Best incredulous face in the game.
  15. Hmm. Poor start by London. I don't like those 'dangerous tackles' that aren't dangerous.
  16. Shaw (?) had slowed down so much over the last ten yards he still wouldn't have got there now.
  17. Good game of rugby. Well-matched, both teams trying to move the ball, tough defence, few stoppages.
  18. I didn't understand why Hull KR hadn't started blocking Walker earlier. Saints have done that for 18 months.
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