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  1. Million Pounds As Long As You Raise It Yourself Game.
  2. To be furrr, he has been doing this all year.
  3. Our pal here seems to think it is clever to 'race' to declare it 'game over'. It's a bit odd and often he makes himself look daft.
  4. Utter garbage. Whoever decided to run three minutes off the clock and then attempt a goal he was never going to kick wants flogging. Pathetic.
  5. Yes, there is a rich history of this award being handed to Wire / Salford players.
  6. McManus' next programme notes should be a good read then.
  7. I only buy tickets each year in the hope that 911's year must be soon.
  8. Pathetic hatchet-job from a rag that won't mention Swinton again for another 50 years.
  9. Could you show me where? In all tests, Bairstow averages 35 to Buttler's 33. In this series, Bairstow averages 23.7 to Buttler's 25.7. I am struggling to see a 'significant' difference anywhere there. Anyway, good position at lunch and you feel it could end quite quickly if we get Smith out in the afternoon session. As long as he is still there, hard to relax.
  10. I give the RFL a fair bit of stick, but if I were an RFL employee reading this thread I would be incredulous at the whingeing. After years of moans about it being important to reward performance during the league season, everyone now wants to overturn the league placings to help 'Little York' during the playoff series. This is the right format and it will be a great series.
  11. Not sure if you are in front of a telly, but the overwhelming majority of all those folk around the ground with Wakefield tops on want Wakefield to win.
  12. Not a phrase normally associated with Swinton.
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