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  1. This is why people get annoyed by the cheap obstruction calls. If it is goes to the VR and they slow it down you can always make a case for a penalty, but if the ref just gives the try nothing more is said. Anyway, it ended up being a decent performance by France and their attitude was far far better than England's in the second half. First 20 minutes were rubbish by them and they played themselves out of the game, but you can see there is talent within that team.
  2. With the right attitude and coaching, Sangaré could be anything.
  3. FFS indeed. Do you think Reece Lyne and Kruse Leeming are first picks for England?
  4. Makinson expending a lot of energy mouthing at the ref, but forgets it isn't a red vee on his top.
  5. ###### that I'm afraid. Attacking players should be allowed to run forward in a straight line, it's not his fault if Lomax just stands there like a person who I hold in very low esteem with the ball past him.
  6. I understand the decision, would just be expecting Philbin 1) to make an effort to take the ball up, not just take a tackle and 2) not to give it up that easily.
  7. Weirdly the French ref is talking to the French team exclusively in, erm, English.
  8. How is that a knock on though? It's gone miles behind him. I think some of these decisions are based on aesthetics, not on what happens.
  9. Think Kheirallah is still a bit worse for wear from the grand final.
  10. For a team with three full backs on the field France look a bit edgy at the back.
  11. The chemistry between Chapman and Wilkin is great and genuinely funny at times. Almost brings a tear to the eye of those who grew up when watching RL on the BBC was a buttock-clenching experience. International rugby, love it.
  12. Some of the play with the ball from France has been good in the last 10 minutes. You can see the union influence: good at getting their arms free, but seemingly surprised when it is the last tackle.
  13. I do wonder if, for the women's game, the world cup postponement might end up a blessing in disguise. We seem to have built up a bit of momentum this year and an extra year's run up should help standards, coverage and awareness even more.
  14. At least they are talking about the game, not some red card Barrie got in 1994. For not pausing for breath, Alan Hunte is a nice chap but one of the worst for it. When he is on co-commentary on Radio Manchester, the main commentator basically has an afternoon off.
  15. Nice to have a ref using French and English. Always cringey when it's an Anglo-French game refereed entirely in broad Yorkshire.
  16. I got into the Manchester hype like many others, but didn't the whole operation pack up about five minutes after the RFL knocked them back? Hardly showed up the decision as wrong.
  17. Clearly Limoux are playing a very exciting brand of rugby these days.
  18. You're right, but you've now screwed over Coventry for when we next have one of those pointless 'what proportion of your population attends game' threads.
  19. Fair enough, maybe I should have been less euphemistic and said 'pretty polluting'. My 10 year old car is fine with the restrictions and, living next to the South Circular, I am very happy for steps to be taken to protect my three year old's lungs.
  20. This isn't about Greta, it's about people (and particularly kids) breathing , polluted air. As GJ says you have to a pretty ancient car to fall foul of this anyway.
  21. I feel like those advocating straight P&R with no exceptions aren't thinking enough about the families of Ryan Brierley, Adam Sidlow, Joe Mellor etc and how disruptive it must be to have to move house to join a new promoted club every year.
  22. They've certainly nailed the press release writing ability of many pro clubs. You can imagine a portly club owner shouting 'boy, get this down and published' before dictating the nonsense in that article to a bemused underling.
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