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  1. I will watch that video 4-5 times in the week leading up to the World Cup kick off, I do every time there is test rugby.
  2. If the biggest problem we have is that we haven't got a second shorts sponsor we are doing ok.
  3. The Welsh fans will be praying to the Evans for a good run.
  4. You seem to be reacting with a strength of feeling that I've not seen in the reactions to either Applegarth or Wellens. We will see how they get on but not sure it is the time to say either has been a success, failure, good appointment or bad appointment. And I'd probably recommend chilling out.
  5. Leigh will win because they have the best team. Batley will push them all the way because that's what Batley do. It sounds like this is on its way to a decent crowd although a fair few tickets to sell before they reach the 9200 Toulouse got last year - and remember that's a city where even the taxi drivers have never heard of RL.
  6. Fair enough although I would have Welsby at halfback with Sneyd or Williams (I actually don't mind which, both have their pros and cons).
  7. I broadly agree but the main reason I'd have had Connor in is that he would give Wane so many more options in each position. He could play centre, full-back or stand-off and nobody would strongly argue he was 'out of position'. I'd have said the same about Ratchford but time has caught up with him over the last 1-2 seasons.
  8. I agree. In fairness to Wane, a 24-man squad for up to six games is pretty challenging and affords little luxury, but the squad doesn't seem to have a lot of utility players.
  9. I would have had both. I think having three players to fill two key positions (and I think winger is a key position in the modern game) is high risk.
  10. I was worried before I saw the squad and I'm worried now. The backline is very average and they will all be playing together for the first time. I don't think Wane has necessarily picked the wrong squad but it has been decimated by players dropping out of form and injuries. Fingers crossed eh.
  11. This feels like the sort of idea you would float to find some common ground between people who can't agree on much else. I think we can all agree that the second leg of Wigan v Swinton (first leg 60-4) could conceivably be less attractive than most forms of internal surgery.
  12. Call me a doomster and a gloomster, but if we have sold 35k at Newcastle and say 100k across the Emirates and Old Trafford, we are looking at 3k or 4k average across the other 58 games. Sales for some of the matches must be in the hundreds.
  13. Actually yes. If we dropped down a division and Moran funded a squad that our revenues alone could never support it would be exactly the same scenario. Within the rules but not exactly giving a lot of hope to the Yorks and Halifaxs of this world. FWIW I don't think Moran has put in much money in years: his contributions have usually been transfer fees for 'bauble' players like Johns and Inglis, not propping up running costs. It's a nice luxury to have had.
  14. Classy sponsors. Hoovers in, Home Bargains out.
  15. I don't think it is harsh at all, they have played by the rules and had an owner who has put up the money. But it has underlined to the others that just having an honest set of hard working lads won't be enough, they either have to find their own benefactor or they are stuck where they are.
  16. Leigh have helped roll the pitch for this decision by basically buying in an unbeatable squad and showing up the fallacy of 'earning it on the pitch'.
  17. A rugby league birds of paradise display is a first for me. Absolutely terrific stuff and was great to see posters in the town centre when I was there over the weekend.
  18. Almost certainly to stop them being resold all over the shop, which is fairly standard for big events. I hope nobody is affected but it would be slightly nuts to ask for paper tickets if you are coming over from Australia, NZ etc.
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