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  1. Of course thee will be a difference but they were poor last season, the pack would be the worry for me, we seem to have built some depth across the team so I expect us to be more competetive than last season, as for Leeds I only see another season of mediocrity at best for their standard of expectation.
  2. So given the option if you could have put a full strength team out can you identify it as a matter of interest. Based on today and yes it was only friendly I can only see a long season forvLeeds. The rule changes including the reduction in the number of interchanges will make it interesting
  3. Wakeys new away kit
  4. Building well MC has really progressed with sorting the club out, just the ground now the real problem to sort
  5. Free BBC screening anywhere in the world is there is no sky but BBC ITV and some of the free view channels. I use it in Africa
  6. What is RL marketing I have never heard of it!
  7. Wow I really do not miss sky in anyway in fact its like getting your life back. I listen to the odd game on the radio and watch Wakey. I have zilch interest in football so refuse to pay the subscription for rugby with those idiots on the commentary team it needs a full overhaul!
  8. Dont Forget TJ dropping the ball over the line early doors when Miller got the ball the game would have been over then!
  9. Michael Carter is defending Scott Moore after the MRP slapped another charge on him some time after the match had been reviewed against Widnes, he is attending with legal advise perhaps Marwan is alluding to someone managing RL as they would also have responsibility for the discipline process. it all sounds a bit interesting.
  10. 22-10 now half time French team coming back into it
  11. 22-0 with conversion after 18 minutes ominous for the French
  12. You might see a wolf in Canada but I doubt you would see one in Warrington