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  1. Week 1 - Starting Lineups

    Johnstone? Arundel?
  2. Wakey to stay at Belle Vue, redevelopment plans

    Well this looks like good news but we have been here a few times do we will see.
  3. As reported this is now confirmed.
  4. Interesting figures on UK sports

    Not a chance!
  5. Rangi Chase

    Do not forget its class A and is driven by drug gangs and funds terrorism, it is a performance enhancer from the point of view a person is wired after taking it and also it could also be crack cocaine which is a real problem.
  7. Nigel Woods vacations timing ?

    Who or what body provides the scrutiny of his activities and performance?
  8. England Squad Named

    Far too logical but i agree with your assessment
  9. On paper catalans all day long however on form two struggling teams for form should be a good game, home advantage should be key for Leigh.
  10. Meanwhile, across the pond

    Hmmm and probably the other clubs too, no sugar daddy at Wakefield but well run business now not spending more than what comes in. Much better run than many other clubs I would suggest. It woukd be interesting to see what would happen if sky pulled out. As a fan its a real pain being dictated to by them with fixture changes, Wakefield have had the Saints game brought to a Thursday with 3 weeks notice its a joke. The supporters are treated very poorly by Sky, thr RFL need to negotiate a better contract or re think this eights comp as its tudning fans off. Anyway NY and Toronto may embrace it with money people and perhaps do not see sky, I doubt it business men are usually looking for something when they invest. In sport that would be my money I think.
  11. Meanwhile, across the pond

    I am pleased you like my post.The club is developed as you rightly point out it has been developing over 140 years. Steeped in history some good some bad. Sky is not the be all and end all to everyone. If Wakey went I would watch the local ametuers as I said I have no interest in American, Canadian and French teams in our leagues, commercial or not its not gor me thats my opinion for what its worth obviously diffrrent to yours. I like to watch my team but a trip to France, Canada and possibly the USA at least oncd a season for a match no thanks.
  12. Meanwhile, across the pond

    I do not subscribe to Sky I like to watch local rugby if thats the ameteur game so be it I am not interested in subscribing to watch games played abroad. No doubt a Challenge Cup final between Catalans and Toronto would pack out Wembley. The grass root game would remain strong
  13. Meanwhile, across the pond

    Why dont they just set a league up in North America and Canada and also link in with the NRL. I may be a dinosaur in all this but I am not in favour of such expansion nor the expansion we did to France. There is enough to develop at home first. I don't see the NRL jumping all over Toronto et al to get them in the NRL so why should we. Ready for the pops across my bows now!
  14. Come on Wakey lets have great display this weekend all the pundits still thinking we are punching much higher than we should be.
  15. Super 8's

    Its updated each week