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  1. Close one this Wire at home it will be difficult but Wakey are playing well but stretched now in the centres too close to call.
  2. Hard to call this one, hopefully Trinity with home advantage
  3. Scrap the concept its not for me
  4. intresting from the MPs website
  5. Looks like the clubs are putting out their strongest sides barring injuries etc should be a cracker.
  6. Obviously rooting for the Trin but it will be extremely difficult against a hot Cas side.
  7. Some really interesting stuff being discussed after the late press release by the Council that was then released at 1400 yesterday by the Wakefield Express 45 minutes before their deadline of 2.45pm to respond. Looking at what has been said about the Council response it is not going to go away, a number of Councilors are now prepared to ask questions at a meeting next week.
  8. Wakey should win this being at home and the form they are showing, I would think by at least 12 points that said every time we start getting on a roll we cannot build consistency 4 out of 5 is pretty good form though.
  9. Nothing from the Wakefield Express
  10. And your point is? I have been on these boards many years just because I do not post 100 times a week does not mean my opinion or posts are less valued than some of the people who post far more times get a life!
  11. Yes the problem is the Middle Eights is much closer than the Super 8s which is a bit of a dead rubber for most top 8 clubs this part needs a re-think, maybe an incentive payment to win each game as opposed to 25K a place reduction from top to 7th.
  12. Yeah sorry it was supposed to be a rely to Sweatycraig
  13. And you were well beaten in the second half so much so that it turned the result to Wakefield get over it you lost