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  1. Forever Trinity

    Great Britain Origin Series - West vs East

    You mean one of the reasons that Catalans were originally entered into SL to assist with strengthening the French game for this purpose? Well that has worked so far!
  2. Forever Trinity

    Danny Brough signs for...

    Welcome back Danny
  3. Forever Trinity

    2019 kits

    Great kit Wakey
  4. No purchased via our league app got a £5 reduction per ticket then added £8 postage maybe becuase it was a week before the game. Anyway purchased 3 for Anfield got 40% off and £2 to collect them all at the ground which is still a bit rich as a customer but witn the 40% discount I can stand it!
  5. Anybody know if you can pay on the day, I booked for Hull 2 tickets but was charged £8 postage £4 each ticket that came in one envelope I will not fall for that one again absolute rip off!
  6. Forever Trinity

    Koppy leaves Salford

    For an undisclosed deal with another SL side but which one?
  7. Forever Trinity

    London in Superleague

    Good opportujity for the RFL and SL to promote the game great result for London
  8. Forever Trinity

    Hearns (again)

    And in there you have it he diesnt see that the game should be a level playing fiekd due to the cap the big teams should be allowed to basically go back to the 80s and 90s with a couple of strong clubs with sugar daddies, if that happens I am out the game is nose diving as it is with poor leadership, this direction is not the way to go, clubs need to be sustainable and competative otherwise we will be back to 2 or 3 clubs winning everything, we have just and only just got away from that!
  9. Well that will make a change
  10. Forever Trinity

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    How may subscriptions have Sky etc. lost. I know they lost me a few years ago I go to games and listen on the radio I find the presentation on Sky boring to say the least and too much repetition of teams on the channels.
  11. Forever Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    I really do not have many answers but to reduce meaningless games perhaps the prize money on offer should start at 11th place and be incremental to the top so there is always a financial incentive to win. Those with sugar daddies may see this as a waste of funds but for others its something to play for and if you finish bottom you get nothing!
  12. Forever Trinity

    New league structure revealed

    You just cannot resist a dig at Wakey can you? Why are they deadwood, not been i the qualifiers since the first season building a good squad competitive look at the the attack this season.The stadium yes that old chestnut its a disgrace and support from the local authority is poor. What about LSV apparently Leigh could not afford some of the areas the ground offers due to lack of funds. Thats a sugar daddy v a self sustained club run on its means go figure where the deadwood is.
  13. No idea who will win this whatever you think both teams from SL perspective are the worst on league form latterly in the season, Widnes must win or they are done for Ledds if they lose will be in the mire an interesting game to say the least. A lot at stake is an under statement!
  14. Forever Trinity

    George Williams to NRL

    I don't speak for Wakefield I speak for myself and I personally think he is overrated and not worth the Marquee status.