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  1. Its updated each week
  2. Hopefully Wakey have too much in the locker for Widnes but the pitch can be a leveler.
  3. So its OK for other teams to be relegated then? surely its the rules of the game all clubs abide by. Better still create a stronger French League
  4. Does that mean that Salford need to free a space for him? Interesting that Wakey have put Sio out on loan I wonder if Carney could be on his way to Wakey
  5. Listening from Africa to Radio Yorks some bizarre decisions and misses by ref by the sound of things but still a great game well done Wakey nobodies whipping boys lads
  6. Be great if they do
  7. The Prince loves being competitive I am sure he will embrace Rugby League, we have links with the military in our game and he is fully behind supporting veterans and their issues. I honestly think it will be a good move for him and the game, he likes rugby its time to get him into our form of the game!
  8. Hope Wakey put up a strong display tonight, I think we have too many key players missing that said the players coming in this year have really stood up and bar a couple of games we have been really competitive. Our home form would have been excellent but for a few really close losses.
  9. Well done Wakey onwards and upwards now
  10. Better still don't have sky at all get to a game and listen to the radio coverage much better than sky that always messed about so I packed it in.
  11. I believe there is someone on it with apparently updates next week
  12. And other clubs do not suffer injuries as much as Wigan this is becoming urban myth
  13. Come on Trin we can keep this going
  14. You are implying that TS has gone with your post