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  1. Whats the latest re ECB with all the issues at Yorkshire Cricket
  2. Did Yorkshire County Cricket facilitate your improvements? Are they paid for yet?
  3. So you have moved from relegation to facilities pick your agenda oh and just when did either fail to meet the criteria or is it more urban myth
  4. Its all funded is Headingly by the way?
  5. The floodlights have just been replaced with state of the art lights at a cost of around £400,000 its one of the first stages to ground improvement the East stand is due to be demolished after the Cas game. I do think the light sin that corner need some adjustment as they are very bright but the angle is probably slightly wrong easy to fix.
  6. Talking about imploding what happened against Hull?
  7. Thought Wakefield played the conditions well and other than a sloppy first half giving possession away I think they could have pulled away the wind conditions were very deceiving
  8. Isaac Shaw at Wakefield was on last night great prospect and Yusef Aydin another prop from the Academy both looking good prospects. Along with Corey Hall and Harry Bowes that played last night Wakefield have some very good talent coming thorough now.
  9. You do realise that I only switched Leeds for Wakey for a laugh
  10. Thats not my point, I am pointing out MC raised the issue of vaccinations everyone jumped on Wakefield having 4 to 6 players possibly unvaccinated which is the sport average, Wakefield must be in a much better position than some other clubs as at least 2 clubs have said they are at 100% TO are basically the same average as Wakefield that leaves the remaining 8 who on average must have more than 6 players unvaccinated so its more detrimental to them. Carters point was also that clubs playing earlier in the season could be disadvantaged if the rules were changed later. For me I would just have a UK SL now it maybe a few years before things really settle down again.
  11. Why? If 82% of SL players are vaccinated Wakefield are average on that now include Catalans and Wire who have stated they are at 100% then some clubs have way more players unvaccinated than Wakefield, probably other clubs have sheep Chairman at least MC is not afraid to raise difficult subjects of which the meeting yesterday failed to resolve this one in any shape or form just deferring it!
  12. 1 Wakefield 2 Saints 3 Catalans 4 Warrington 5 Hull FC 6 Huddersfield 7 Wigan 8 Hull KR 9 Castleford 10 Toulouse 11 Leeds 12 Salford Now that's more like it
  13. He does not make any point that is not in line with your assumption, on that how do you propose he gets players vaccinated when they do not want to ? On another note I think you will find he has said that future contract negotiations and signings will have the vaccination status taken into account. Be interesting to see what the overall data is for the sport re vaccinations at each club, I would imagine it would be quite a surprise as to the numbers not jabbed up for covid.
  14. Not how it reads in the docs no payment of 8.8 million and no work can start on the warehouse. Its all linked into a delivery plan looks like this could be a belt and brace job on Yorcourt.
  15. Well the upgrade to BV has been passed the Council are now considering plot 8 at Newmarket which is the key to the majority of funding
  16. A link for anyone interested for this weeks activity https://www.insidermedia.com/news/yorkshire/stadium-works-and-commercial-development-set-for-approval
  17. Never realsied there were so many French players in the NRL
  18. I think The Chairman said that was the plan in a recent update to supporters.
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