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  1. Im late too, and similar to Barney, was going to pick the Dragons! Haha! In terms of the rest of the games: Roosters Cowboys Warriors Panthers Storm Eels Knights Away Wins - 4 Points - 355
  2. I'm changing my championship predictions

    For me, Sky completely botched the Margin Meter by making it into something bigger than it should have been. Fox Sports in Aus still have the same thing in place, and they will state what the predicted score is before the game and at half time too, but its a throwaway thing as a point of interest and a talking point rather than built up as some sort of realistic score predictor
  3. I'm changing my championship predictions

    I love the Championship this year, its genuinely fascinating, with a hugely diverse set of clubs and extremely competitive! That top 4 are threatening to break away at the moment, and Leigh really need to get that next win before they leave themselves too much to do. If they can turn the ship round and get on a roll then they can easily make the 4, and then be dangerous in the middle 8s! Of all the years gone by, this is the year that looks like it will produce the strongest 4 from the championship, and I wouldn't fancy being a bottom 4 SL club this year. Any one of those bottom 4 in SL could end up having 3 away games that could quite conceivably be Toulouse, Toronto and Catalans, all within an 7 week period. That's a lot of travelling!
  4. New Sky RL show called “The Golden Point”

    Sky have NRL coverage now so maybe the show will include NRL discussion too (and therefore justify the title).
  5. Wow, absolute carnage in round one!! I will go for the Storm, with total points of 44.
  6. 962 confirmed for me today. Not too unhappy with that based on where I thought I was heading at one stage! Cody Walker and Cam Munster helped me out and had Kennar in my team too. Had Kikau sat out the 17 which is disappointing but hindsight is a wonderful thing! I'm wanting to try and hold my nerve in regards rushing in to any trades after only 1 round. Too early to make judgements and cant go chasing last weeks points, so ill see how I go, but I find it hard to resist trades at the best of times so who knows! Ha!
  7. Broncos v St George on SKY now

    Sky making Premier look good! WatchNRL is the winner!
  8. WatchNrl.Com

    Thanks for that update, ill wait and see then! If its not all available then fair enough, theres no way ill be able to watch that much anyway and potentially would pick and choose games I might fancy (PNG Hunters would probably be my favoured). Great service though, loving it at the moment! If I have one gripe (and I may have missed if I can do this) is that there is no option on the match replays to watch the full coverage i.e. build up and post match. There is an option to watch highlights and interviews but not full broadcast coverage. I actually quite like watching the pre/post match bits so if you know how I can do this on demand then let me know!
  9. WatchNrl.Com

    I counted 21 games available to watch on WatchNRL this weekend, and every weekend! All the NRL games obviously but they also show the Queensland Cup and NSW Cup too, so you can watch PNG Hunters every week, Ipswich, Burleigh Bears, Newtown, North Sydney etc. Plus all the other weekly content has kicked of this week with NRL 360 on every night, League Life, Matty Johns show, Vossys show The Fan. Never thought id say it, there is too much RL for me to be able to watch, and ive not even started with Super League yet! Love it!
  10. Dragons Game 1, putting my neck out!
  11. Its Team List Tuesday!!! I'm in a dilemma now between loading a little more on guns but having a slightly dodgy bench (3 questionable players on there), or taking a couple of extra mid-range priced players but strengthening the bench a bit more. Got the bulk of my team sorted now, but tinkering around with the cheapies and a couple of guns is keeping me scratching my head!
  12. Poll - Tigers v Roosters Tips - Dragons Knights Cowboys Roosters Souths Storm Eels Raiders Points - 300 Home Wins - 4
  13. The issue is the surrounding areas of the ground, and that is the sole reason the game may be called off. The reason it may get called off so early is because of Catalans flight plans, no point them flying over if the game isn't on. So a decision will need to be made, which in hindsight on Friday could be correct, or could be wrong, but given the circumstances an early decision is needed.
  14. postponements

    I think your version of a real snowstorm and our version of a real snowstorm will be somewhat different!