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  1. What everyone else said! Id like to see Australia playing more regular tests against England, NZ, Tonga etc before anything like this happens.
  2. Southstander13

    Tuimoala Lolohea may be coming to Super League

    Of the two, id probably rather have Austin at the moment to be honest. Lolohea is a decent player and hopefully if he gets a good run of games at 6 then he can develop into an outstanding player. He's moved and been moved around a fair bit with the Warriors and Wests and never really been given a season at 6 to be allowed to develop. Plus the style of game over here will likely suit his style of play more. We'll see, but overall im fairly happy, we just desperately need some forward strength to help him!
  3. Warriors for me please (I did consider the Bye to beat the Eels too!)
  4. Southstander13

    Keighley in trouble once again.

    That's just a ridiculous comment. These 3,700 fans that used to go, that was 20 years or so ago wasn't it? So to suggest that there's no point marketing the club in the community because everyone that may want to go knows when they're playing is crazy! Social Media is a free tool to be able to market away to your hearts content, it doesn't cost anything, it can generate huge publicity when done well, it can create events of certain targeted games, and it can help increase awareness and improve the clubs standing in the local community. To disregard that and suggest there's no point trying, well they might as well give up now! "Do you think we should market this game coming up? Let everyone know when it is and try and make a big deal of the day? Wont cost anything!" "Nah, they'll know" Mental!
  5. Poll - Dragons v Eels Tips Dragons Sharks Roosters Panthers Knights Broncos Tigers Rabbitohs Away Wins - 1 Points - 351
  6. Southstander13

    2018 Kits

    Don't buy the shirt for the kids then, hardly rocket science!
  7. 5 trades can be made prior to the next round, so go nuts!
  8. Southstander13

    House of York v House of Lancs June 23rd

    I liked how JJB sold it on the podcast, tapping into the ancient history of York and Lancaster and a little into Game of Thrones too, with allegiances being declared to either of the two "houses", which is how any non Yorkshire/Lancashire born players would be selected. They would choose the one that they identified with, whether through the team they play for, family connections, simple preference etc. He sold it extremely well and its a very good marketing angle to go down. The main issue that will be brought up is how intense the game would be, what crowd support it would get etc. I always loved the games, loved Yorkshire V Lancashire, and would love to see it if it can grow to become a big event, but it doesn't seem to get that support it needs and I doubt very much whether it would ever take off again.
  9. Poll - Wests v Canberra Tips - Rabbitohs Warriors Panthers Titans Dragons Sharks Storm Tigers Home Wins - 3 Points - 341
  10. I think Gary Hetherington will come out on top, beating Eamon McManus by 24 mentions to 23, including 16 Sky camera cut aways. Spicy encounter, GH wearing an "I Heart the RFL" baseball cap just swings it his way.
  11. Poll - 4 Games + Tips - Raiders Rabbitohs Warriors Roosters Cowboys Sharks Storm Dragons Points - 351 Away Wins - 5
  12. It doesn't need tinkering with. I think there is some realisation that State of Origin doesn't have the best 34 players in the world playing in it, and that seems to panic some people! Its QLD v NSW and that's it, yes it means no Taumalolo, no Fifita, no Burgess, and in future may mean a whole host of other top players that don't play origin, but its still a great spectacle. I doubt it could grow any bigger than it already is because essentially its two states of Australia playing against each other, so it has a natural limit to its growth.
  13. Poll - Eels v Knights Tips - Manly Souths Parramatta Wests Home Wins - 3 Points - 168