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  1. Funny you should say that, Leeds are releasing a heritage shirt for 2017. To be worn in a "few" away games and possibly all challenge cup games. Last years home shirt was fairly "heritage" so it will be interesting to see where they go with this!
  2. I like that shirt, got a retro feel to it!
  3. Poll - Raiders Tips - Cowboys Raiders Points - 88 I've gone for the Raiders but I reckon if Hodgson is missing then the Panthers will beat them.
  4. Poll - 3 teams Tips - Titans Raiders Cowboys Panthers Points - 153
  5. Poll - Warriors v Eels Broncos Rabbits Knights Cowboys Storm Raiders Warriors Panthers Away Wins: 3 Points: 336
  6. Poll - Sharks v Roosters Tips - Cowboys Storm Raiders Panthers Roosters Warriors Rabbits Eels Points - 351 Home Wins - 3
  7. This week has passed me by completely! Missed one game but tips for the rest as follows: Panthers Titans Storm Cowboys Raiders Roosters Souths
  8. Poll - 7 or more Tips - Bulldogs Broncos Tigers Warriors Sharks Panthers Cowboys Storm Points - 351 Home Wins - 4
  9. Poll - Tigers v Cowboys Tips - Broncos Sea Eagles Bulldogs Sharks Storm Titans Cowboys Roosters Points - 339 Away Wins - 5
  10. Poll - Manly v Newcastle Tips - Roosters Bulldogs Panthers Tigers Storm Raiders Sea Eagles Sharks Points - 353 Home Wins - 3
  11. Yep, and it'll be interesting to see how, but they said that there is enough standing capacity in the new design to match the current south stand capacity. Bit much to say that everyone opposes it. Ive stood in the southstand for years and have no issue with the change of design. Yes it'll take some getting used to, but it needs an update!
  12. Poll - Souths v Manly Tips - Cowboys Broncos Raiders Titans Storm Sharks Tigers Sea Eagles Away Wins : 2 Points 352
  13. Poll - 3 teams Tips - Titans Sea Eagles Broncos Storm Panthers Sharks Home Wins - 2 Points - 272
  14. Don't I get two points for the Bulldogs winning if I tipped them twice?! Haha! I had meant to tip the Sharks, but not to worry, my own fault having been off work and using my mobile to post!