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  1. Poll - 4 Teams Broncos Sea Eagles Cowboys Titans Raiders Sharks Warriors Storm Home wins - 4 Points - 309
  2. Poll - Roosters v Dragons Tips - Raiders Broncos Panthers Cowboys Sharks Tigers Dragons Storm Total Points - 303 Away Wins - 3
  3. Your score looks brilliant Graham, and what a trade bringing Widdop in! He's been hit and miss in previous years but the way the Dragons are playing this year he's looking like he could keep these scores going! I'm on 1171 for the week, with Tedesco left to play tomorrow, I've a feeling (maybe just a hope!) that he's gonna score big tomorrow. He's had a quiet few games so he's due one, and hopefully the new coach has built the confidence after the win last week! There are always better choices that you could have made, if you ever have a week where you pick every player right, and your players all perform, then you'll be very very lucky! Ha!
  4. Poll - Raiders v Warriors Tips - Rabbits Roosters Broncos Storm Raiders Dragons Panthers Tigers Home Wins - 4 Points - 320
  5. Its still a decent trade to Hodgo, so don't let me put you off. I just wanted to make sure you knew that Brailey may still have some life in him. Unclear if he will pay the full 80 yet, we'll see this weekend what happens there. Ive got Brailey and Cam Smith at hooker and they marry quite well when it comes to origin and the bye rounds, think its just Rd 18 when they both don't play so will look to get Brailey out by then anyway, sooner if Segeyaro gets back eating up his minutes. Think I read that he could be out 6-8 weeks but we'll see.
  6. Thurston out this week for me, with the injury and origin coming up, hes only going to play about half the Cowboys games in the next 3 months. May look at him again after Origin but he's gone for now. Trading in Milford, who I think is about to go on a run! I want Cody Walker but cant afford this week, so hoping he doesn't go big and then I can pick him up next week. I could do Walker or Milford this week, but not both, so with a much lower break even, Milford wins, and against the Titans at home I think the Broncos could cut loose! Milford for Captain too! The other trade is up in the air at the minute, probably trading out Brian Kelly who may have peaked for now (and up against the Storm this week!), but unsure who to bring in. I might save a trade unless I see a decent move to make. Ponga is named at FB and whilst he's more expensive than last week, he is still due to make some cash so might be an option. No JT worries me about the Cowboys prospects though.
  7. Segeyaro has broken his arm so Brailey will likely be playing 60 mins plus for the foreseeable, just in case that changes your mind about that trade?
  8. That's an outstanding score, fantastic week for you! Great captain choice too, I think captain choice is so important this year! I plumped for Thurston which went ok, could have been better although I was picking between him and SJ so I went with the right pick. Anyone that captained Rapana this week will have been laughing!! Managed 1148 this week which is decent, its propelled me a few hundred places up the overall to 164, which is ridiculous. I think I must have just started with a decent team and i've been lucky so far to have avoided too much of the injury carnage
  9. Thanks CGD, im definitely fairly happy with my squad, a few tweaks here and there, and a bit of luck (always needed in supercoach!) and who knows what can happen! Starting to look towards the byes now, at least slightly, to try and work out how best to attack them! Not sure if anyone ever uses the website but they included a Bye Planner spreadsheet last week which is quite useful. The guy who posted it says he will update it every now and again through the season so the current values etc wont be up to date now but its useful to see in terms of who plays what bye rounds, and how many players you have playing each bye round (based on your current squad). I think its quite handy to judge how changes you make will affect this. If you fancy a look, heres the link - Bye Planner
  10. I've stuck with my original thought and gone I Papalii to CHN, and Ryley Jacks to GGM (via Dylan Walker). Probably the fewest reverse trades for a week ive done in a while, haha, ive had those trades made since Tuesday. Get the cheapies in, make the money, look at fallen guns next week. Milford is looking extremely cheap now, im hoping he has another stinker against the Roosters today, and then goes on a big run of scores when the draw opens up a little for them after this game. His big scores are coming, its getting on him at the right time! Captaining Thurston this week, hoping he goes crazy against Wests! Not expecting my teams form to last, but if I can crack the top 500 this week id be delighted (508 at the moment) Never been as high up as this before, I usually have a couple of good weeks and then sink!
  11. Yeah totally agree, he's on the radar. Keep thinking about bringing him in but as each week goes by there doesn't appear to be any improvement in scores so just leave it another week. Hard to tell if the last couple of weeks have been affected by the Storms possession stats, They hardly touched it against Wests in the first half, and when they did they dropped it, so he didn't get much running to do. Again against Penrith, Melbourne had hardly any possession in all honesty, they just defended for most of the game, and how they won by that scoreline is anyones guess! Sign of a very talented side! What are your thoughts on the CHN trade this week, I'm getting him in, but its who to trade out. At the moment I have I Papalii to sell, he played game one for the Warriors and has sunk without a trace, and is still at £122k. He is deadwood so do i trade him out, make no immediate cash, and get the upgrades with CHN? Or, do i look at trading out maybe Felise Kaufusi (who is solid but has maybe peaked in price), meaning I would increase the money in the bank, and get the upgrades from CHN, but id have a player on the bench that i will get no use out of! Right now im thinking Papalii has to go as i want as many players as i can that will actually feature in games!
  12. Poll - Titans v Raiders Tips - Roosters Knights Panthers Sea Eagles Raiders Cowboys Warriors Storm Away Wins - 2 Points - 300
  13. Not much happening this week is there?!?! Matt Moylan, Peta Hiku and Waqa Blake all dropped for breach of protocol Tyrone Peachey cracks a rib Granville fractures his leg Cooper Cronk leaves Melbourne at the end of the year, either to a Sydney club or retirement Mitchell Moses rejects Wests and wants immediate release to Parra Luke Brooks apparently signs extension with Wests Ivan Cleary confirmed as new Wests coach Des Hasler extends contract with Bulldogs Supercoach goes cheapie crazy with three huge money makers and only two transfers to make (assuming you didn't go early on any of Ponga, Gela-Mosby or Harawira-Naera!) Any more?
  14. Poll - Storm v Panthers Tips - Broncos Roosters Cowboys Sharks Raiders Storm Warriors Dragons Points - 310 Home Wins - 6