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  1. New Leeds Captain

    Not sure on this, great player but he comes across a bit meek. Would have preferred Stevie Ward myself.
  2. I believe its 12 straight now after the opening game of this world cup. Which realistically means that we are guaranteed to win the 13th (being unlucky for Aus obviously!) Its a headline writers dream!
  3. Stadium names in the WC

    I once got a chip teacake in Huddersfield! A teacake to me has currants in it! My Mrs would be having a chip cob, but shes from the south (well......Nottingham!) Whatever you call a breadcake, roll, cob etc is the quickest way to start an argument in the UK!
  4. Australia will not make the final

    Very true, he can play in the halves or at 9. But genuinely, who will be the next Aus number 9?
  5. Australia will not make the final

    Where do Fiji stack against NZ? They seem to have gone under the radar a bit but they have some team, and it could be a very interesting match this weekend between them. Of the four quarter finals I think that one is the closest match up.
  6. Australia will not make the final

    If Ben Hunt is the next Australian hooker then it says a lot about the lack of quality coming through. Bennett might have stuck him there for Brisbane this year at times but he wont be playing there at the Dragons.
  7. Australia will not make the final

    Its already been mentioned but who is the next Australian Hooker? Nathan Peats? Jake Friend? Andrew McCullough? NSW were going to pick Peter Wallace at hooker for Origin this year! There is no hooker anywhere near Cam Smith, and he is going to be a huge loss! In the halves, Munster does look good, Cleary looks good, Milfords decent, but there are no stand outs that you know can perform like the current players do. That's not to say they wont develop and become as good, but short term at least, things could get much closer on the international stage!
  8. England team For France Match

    I have to agree with the mention of Darryl Powell as the next England coach. I feel like with him we would play the way we all want to play. He could do the job and stay as Cas coach, I wouldn't have an issue with that!
  9. England team For France Match

    Roby at hooker will help Gale, he gets early ball off the ground from the play the ball and gets more time to make the plays. Hodgson likes to pick it up take a few steps and then pass, and by that point the defensive line is already up in the face of Gale. Hodgson is a great player and I really rate him, but he does hinder Gale and reduces the time Gale has to get the kicks in.
  10. Exactly, if you have Premier then you're paying £120 a year already, unless you cancel and then resubscribe each year, but even then its still £90/£100 a year! With the NRL subscription its better value in a sense that you get all the games, plus all the weekly shows too, so you'll get much more RL content for the same price you're paying now. Looks like a good deal to be honest, given I only have Premier for the NRL. Ill wait and see what TV deal is struck first, if Premier carried on as it is now, with all the games being shown then Ill have to have a think! But with the extra content im definitely tempted!
  11. Poll - Bulldogs v Knights Tips - Souths Sea Eagles Eels Knights Points - 160 Away Wins - 4
  12. Tips Eels Dragons Storm Roosters Sea Eagles Cowboys Knights Panthers
  13. I really need to plan better! Missed the warriors game! tips - Tigers panthers raiders roosters dragons sea eagles

    Raiders for me please