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  1. I think this is more a case of Toronto being used as a means to try and secure a bigger contract in the NRL.
  2. Id vote the 1996 home shirt as the worst, the one with the Stars!
  3. Should be: 3pts for a win 2pts for a win after GP 1pt for a GP loss 0 for a loss For the record, id rather just have a draw at FT.
  4. England and Ireland for me. France too if Great Grandparents counted.
  5. What the reason for taking the game to Toulouse Audois?
  6. Not a chance! We need more than that to be challenging!
  7. "Hicks Vapour Rub" is the next one off the production line
  8. Agreed. Given the year they've had then I had hoped they'd win the GF because they have clearly been the best team over the year, without doubt. All that McManus has done, for me anyway, is remove any goodwill I had for them and I now hope they don't do it. If he wanted to kick off about the reffing then do it via the appropriate channels, but once again the sport is airing its dirty laundry in public, all he has done is made himself look like a sore loser!
  9. Im 35. I love GB and am just old enough to remember getting up early to watch the 92 tour down under. I don't see why both cant exist. If GB is going to be used for overseas tours once every 4/5 years then I think it still has its place. England can play world cups and home internationals etc. The issue is more that the GB team is England in a different shirt, where in years gone by it was definitely more varied with the welsh contingent and the odd Scot. Given its basically the same team then it seems a bit pointless, but in terms of a promotional tool I think it still works massively, the reaction to this weeks kit launch has shown that!
  10. Leeds and Huddersfield play Saints three times too so your point is not valid. The fact that the fixture list is not even is an issue though, depending on the draw it can be a big disadvantage!
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