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  1. I have no doubt that come the team list announcements that half my squad will change!
  2. Ironically given the conversation so far, Crichton is a second rower playing out of position in the centres. He's a great player, but not a centre
  3. In fairness I think every man and his rooster has been linked with a swap deal for Morris in the last couple of weeks. He wants to join his brother at the Roosters and the fact he is under contract at Cronulla seems to mean nothing!
  4. I had a lot going on last year so never really got going and lost track of things pretty quickly! Its amazing how much can change in a season, I'm struggling to pick my squad this year, will hang on until the first team list Tuesday to nail it down and will tinker about in the meantime!
  5. Agree completely about the strength of Saints this year, they are the strongest team in the comp. Previous years we've had Wigan having lost half their squad, Leeds having lost half their squad, and it just didn't result in a competitive match up in reality.
  6. That's pretty much what I meant, however you worded this much clearer than I managed to! Completely agree with what you've put.
  7. I was just trying to find some sort of middle ground initially. I'm perfectly happy if the letter of the law was applied and it needs to be played by the foot. I also think you can tell when a genuine attempt has been made to play the ball with the foot. I saw plenty this weekend when the player rolled it back and simply stepped over the ball.
  8. Its fairly clear, if you roll the ball back and step over it then its a penalty. If you roll the ball back and make an action/attempt to touch it with your foot then its not a penalty. As a referee you would be able to tell the difference quite clearly, and whether the ball actually touches the foot or not isn't then an issue. It would be extremely consistent. In an ideal world it would touch the foot every time, and by the letter of the law that's what should happen, but we've gone years without it being enforced so this would be a step in the right direction at least.
  9. I couldn't work out what the intention was based on this weeks games. If they want foot on the ball every time then you could have penalised nearly every PTB. If they want "making an effort" to get the foot on the ball then this would make more sense and maybe halves the number of incidents. But the frustrating thing this week was that they penalised once for not getting a foot to the ball, and then the next three PTBs were exactly the same with no penalty. The penalties appeared to be a bit random, so hopefully with a week to reflect they can nail down an interpretation and mai
  10. I thought that one was for playing it off the mark (assuming its the one I think you're referring to) though the commentary team seemed to think it was to do with the foot.
  11. Been saying for years that we should have an Americas Game type show each year, which in essence is what the As Good As It Gets documentary was. You'd think it would be largely inexpensive to produce too!
  12. I thought the ref had a decent game to be honest, get fed up with the criticism constantly levelled at them. They will make some mistakes, deal with it.
  13. No Idea! Agree with comments re Leeds, id be surprised if we are anything better than mid table, scraping into the play offs would be a bonus! Just as long as we aren't near the bottom like last year and ill be fine. I do think the addition of Gale is a huge improvement for us, and he will drag the team around the field and with a more organised dominant presence we should be much better. Leeds by 4. But its a coin flip game I think.
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