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  1. It seems that there must be real hard feelings there on both sides...hope you can work it out. I really enjoyed watching Swinton play live this year and I liked their style...even got a bit of swag in their step near the end!
  2. Oh My God!...it must be karma...mine was also an old beat up Ford Escort...red and white...feel that power when you hit the gas! It had a big crack in the windshield and bald tires.
  3. What were your first impressions of Toronto and have they changed over time?
  4. Only if the pool is frozen and you can skate on it...over here we call it a 'rink'.
  5. If the weather is good it will be a sellout no matter who is playing. If the weather is bad it might not be.....It would sure be nice to get a win and we will have a far better idea since the team will have played a number of games beforehand....I hope we draw the Rhinos.
  6. Because we love ya and we are coming to save ya. We are here to help ya and there is nuttin ya can do about it cause we loves ya and that is why we intends to take yas over.....yas opened up da door to us and lets us in...so now we is in and plannin to take yas all over...because we loves ya and we is gonna saves ya no matters what. That is why.
  7. You know I was replying to your first comment and then I posted and then you edited your comment to include the pitch. You have to learn to get it right the first time SL17! Your punishment is writing, on this board 100 times:" Toronto is good and Canada is even better!" Get to work; thats an order.
  8. There are several ways to work frozen ground...pour boiling water on it and then pick and shovel....then more boiling water and more pick and shovel....can also use a jack hammer...there are other ways. First Law Of The Paddle: "Where there is a will there is always a way."
  9. I have my PHD in (P)ost (H)ole (Digging) from the University of Hard Farm Knocks. Mostly always did it by hand with a bar and pick and shovel...only job where you start at the top and work your way down.
  10. Sounds like you have made up your mind already before hearing all the facts..... All the best right back at ya!
  11. No...you are actually calling yourself a liar! Learn to read it right the first time then instead of intentionally trying to rile folks up on here for no reason. What I believe is always based on sound logical and proven fact...I certainly just don't believe what I want to believe just because it makes ME FEEL GOOD.....popular belief is not an opinion Gubs. I think you need a cup of coffee....grab me one while you are at it....cream and sugar please. Thats a good fellow.
  12. I didn't..he took my post and totally changed it to suit some sort of perceived bias he has against outsiders in his post...crazy. That is totally made up and wasn't in any of my post at all...I think Gubrats is trying to fill the vacuum void left after Parky's mea culpa. He is just making stuff up.
  13. Allow Ottawa in quickly and give all NA expansion teams half of their allotted due in central funding....use the other half to put towards travel costs for visiting clubs. Make it work and then move on from there once successful.
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