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  2. OK...OK...lighten up man!...enough with that whip!....I'm looking forward to getting into the Bush and watching the ice chunks/ice sheets float by in the water...very soothing, especially when I visualize Elstone being stuck on one of the ice sheets and frantically calling to me for help. Unfortunately I can't launch the boat to help since I am busy negotiating a minor sponsorship deal with a pizza company so he will just have to wait. Ohhh!...he has drifted out of vision now...too bad....
  3. Why are you trying to draw me into that mess Fast Eddie?????....what did I ever do to you!!!!!! Here we have a little bit of a warm weather window finally developing and I'm heading into the Bush for a few days and you gotta go and ruin it with something about the EU,,,,,the temperature finally makes it above zero and you gotta throw some water on the fire....I'm surprised at you Fast Eddie!
  4. It appears to be a 'start up'....I think getting it going and then bringing in a few US teams is a good idea....the real question is , "Can they make any money at it?"-----I think they can but it might take a while..I certainly wish them all the best.
  5. I've been following it from a distance...still not exactly sure what is up....watching...waiting.
  6. That was a long time ago....seems that you folks over there have lost your nerve and 'suave de vive' when it comes to risk taking and taking a chance on such things...like an old man who will take no risks you are...a reflection of current culture in England I suppose...too bad, so sad.
  7. The Toronto project is possibly still doable but it will have to be post Covid to see how things pan out. Certainly having Toronto in RL had so many benefits but there were some problems also...the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives but there is a real chance for success in Toronto....its like a campfire just getting started, the folks have got their marshmellow sticks from the bush and are getting the marshmellows on to make smores and then along comes this 'know it all' idiot and throws a bucket of water on the fire...that moron is/was Elstone....good riddance I say!
  8. I guy by the name of Gubrats told me.....shhhhhh....don't tell anybody....
  9. Once this is all settled (post Covid) Toronto will be back in; I'm sure of it! (+well sort of sure)
  10. There is no way that this guy Elstone should even be getting a payout of any amount...they should ask for the money they paid him back...he did nothing except damage. Once he is gone they should try to get Toronto back in ASAP....we need RL over here!
  11. From one long distance paddler to another: "Keep the cadence!" (You know what I mean).
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