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  1. Chains can really rip things up....same with studded wheels (they are probably illegal over there??)
  2. Are they using full winter tires or all season tires rated for the winter? M<y guess is that it would be the latter.
  3. God damned snow!....was visiting a relative last night in the bush and pulled in to park the rally car...in the dark I had turned the night mirror on for glare.....forgot to turn it back...car was covered with snow this morning early....was backing up but got a bad read from the rear mirror....I heard the crunch against the large fir tree as it took out the side mirror.....gonna cost a $1000...I got out of the car and yelled, "God damned snow!" into the Canadian wilderness.... I'm sick of the snow already!
  4. How much do they actually charge fro a good sized XMas tree over there?? Prices are up over here.
  5. There is nothing wrong with the on field product...it is good. The problem lies in the structure and function of RL in England itself...just look at the Toronto fiasco and how it was doomed by many from the beginning....then they just created a self fulfilling prophecy. Sure there were problems, some serious, but they could have been overcome...petty selfishness won out in the end....it is at the root of the problem in English RL governance.
  6. Good point since it is true for many people...for many (dare i say the majority), the pursuit and accumulation of money becomes a power unto itself and dominates their later years. This problem has been going on since the beginning and the wise Roman Cicero was aghast that so many were accumulating wealth in their last years; spend it!
  7. There is clearly no long range plan for expansion into North America....they have reverted back to throwing large amounts of at a barn wall and hoping some sticks...that is not a well thought out plan.
  8. You any good at fighting large, out of control, forest fires?
  9. I thought your name was Sam...not Sally or Karen.
  10. I'm in the middle of a complete gut job in the main washroom and it is not going well.....how I hate plumbing. I've got a couple of large trees down that need to be chopped up...working on a gabion wall due to shoreline erosion...daughter just bought a house and I've got to get her stuff out of the basement and ready for the move; plus repairs to the new place....other stuff on the go too. Oh I just don't know if i have time for the sweep....you?
  11. Football just does not do it for me. Give me League or give me death.
  12. No dealings with those folks but I wish them well.
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