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  1. Ahhh...HA! Finally the fella really in charge of the Brexit negotiations makes an appearance....keep up the good work!
  2. Its clearly a 'Gentlemans Agreement' way to proceed....at least until things become more established. Who wants to bring the old battles from the Old World over here? We can all get along...its the Canadian way.
  3. I thought I recognized you...you were THAT kid!
  4. They made a fundamental error and continue to do so: "They should be needy and not greedy."
  5. He would be a great fit for the Wolfpack...a great fit!
  6. The RFL and SL have put numerous barriers up to expansion...the only reason the Wolfpack have kept going is the goodwill and motivation of Argyle. The RFL and SL need to get their act together...they have put further expansion at risk.
  7. No room on the cap and only 2 marquee players allowed....too bad.
  8. If I lived down there man I would be right beside him pounding the suds to the populace....but i don't live down there i live up here...shoveling the snow ad infinitum!
  9. We will take him...we need the bodies...Futtocks and Scotchy get the old cleats dusted off and wait by the phone....we are close to signing Bearman.
  10. Argyle could work the bar before and after the games!
  11. Yes it had more space no doubt..Shoeless Joes on King has some bigger screens.
  12. Well if they are having cap trouble and need bodies this might just be the way to go.
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