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  1. Oh yes he can....its called 'sitting on the fence' and constantly shifting as the wind changes direction.
  2. Good for you...I hope it goes well...see if you can get the 'full' meaning of my post (I've provided this sentence as a cue to help the Leigh folk out). I'm currently in my third week of in person Covid teaching, I'm panicking a lot (for SL 17 please notice the extrapolation).
  3. Tommy is on top of things today...his series of posts are above and beyond the average...good work Tommy! P.S. How did you get so on top of your game today Tommy?
  4. Good truthful thinking. I totally agree and 'therein lies the rub'[ as a wise man once said....some people simply can't understand this concept and then secondly accept it....too big of an ideal, too much, too soon for them. This concept you have touched upon is part of the problem for them.
  5. Well the big week is here...the pressure is on...we will all know one way or another on Friday...I hope everyone is ready...its gonna be close. I say the Wolfpack stays in: 5 to 4 odds.
  6. They just don't get it...the old ways of doing things are all over and will never come back (for all sports)....those who innovate will survive and, indeed, eventually thrive..
  7. Don't feel sorry for us...we don't want pity from anyone...it is what is is....a golden opportunity missed, especially when all of the groundwork has been put in place...a real shame is all....too bad...shortsighted.
  8. Or it could be like an old man with a chronic disease, like cancer, saying that all my life people have been saying I would die. But he then denies the required chemo that would give him a chance since he thinks he is invincible and will live forever. Time for RL and SL to take the medicine...it might not be nice but makes common sense in the end.
  9. First, you missed the 'a'. Second, I don't run, I paddle. Third, my bearings are always straight as an arrow but yes indeed I do move....not standing still like a decaying pillar of salt as I slowly erode and do nothing with nil movement in an ever changing world...either adapt and change or become obsolete...its called evolution. I fear for the future of the game in England if Toronto is denied. History will show that this would be the beginning of the end (its so obvious but you have to make an effort to look).
  10. Yes. The current structure seems somewhat backwards and disjointed. All of RL in the UK has a problem with mixed messaging and this creates confusion and chaos. There is a clear power differential (moving in opposite directions sometimes which negates any forward movement and can actually result in reverse movement) between the RFL and SL. Its an oddity for sure. I fear for the future of the game in England.
  11. If they vote against it looks like it is done...so be it, although I, and many others, would go Championship or League 1games...possibly if Ottawa are in then some new owner could try for a League 1 entry...that is magic fairy dust though. The Pack, as we know it, would be finished if not reallowed and Sky money cut provided. I'll be waiting for the official word though.
  12. And this was that real one chance, that one golden opportunity which comes along for a fleeting moment in a lifetime, to change all of that. They are blowing it. Sad.
  13. Someone else said it...the biggest own try in the history of Rugby League...not good.
  14. Unknown in your culture...its called a 'squeeze play' and it comes from baseball. This is what the Wolfpack is doing...please watch the video (its short) and then you will understand.
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