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  1. I wasn't ready for that reply Harry....hang in there Old Chum. Missing all of our arguments...you are a hard man to defeat in written battle.
  2. It will be interesting to see what develops there...Ottawa is a great party town but I don't know if they are ready for the Bearman on a tear...just don't know if there are enough cops in the city to handle it Oldtimer! By the way there is a large female black bear that keeps tearing down my birdfeeder...any suggestions...and don't say stop putting our feed...its not fair for the Cardinals!
  3. Newcomers will not be welcomed...especially those from another country. We saw all the same old statements with Toronto...just change Toronto to Toulouse and there is no difference.....sad.
  4. Today Cavalry United....TOMORROW WIGAN!!!!!!! Run With The Pack
  5. Good crowd....just imagine an afternoon game on a Saturday with them packed in....lets hope it happens....positive signs in the clouds....good weather coming!
  6. Power finally back on...we made it. Family barn held up and the horses are Okay....lots of damage...should be an interesting day....got hit with a tornado last week too...crazy weather these days. Where is Clitheroe????
  7. Black as the Black Hole of Calcutta out there...wind stopped....totally still...eerie This is not good at all...HoO:Y bif hit of thiunder and l;ighning just now...... she be on da way By!
  8. Not looking good...not looking good at all...wind has not stopped and is quiet outside....this is a really bad sign for the tornado....time to take cover....????? 2000 lightning strikes in cell now!!!!!!!
  9. 110 km.hr. winds....hail golf size some tennis ball size...constant thunder now. Wife in basement with water and emergency kit
  10. In areaS NEAR cARGILL AND pAISLEY NOW...GETTING REALLY DARK NOW...IS MOVING NORTHEAST...its about to hit...hang on!!!!
  11. Just as a change of topic of "what the situation is currently" my wife has went to concrete basement....strong winds...getting smacked with a tornado a the moment I believe...lots of lightning and thunder...will lose power soon..... Now back to the Whitehaven situation.....
  12. I really hope it doesn't but i think that it might. I've been following from a distance what is going on and I hate to say it but some folks clearly predicted the lowered TV contract etc. There does not seem to be much vision or an ability to have a good long term plan and then the fortitude to carry it out.....if Toronto was still in the SL I think these things would have certainly played out differently and for the better. I guess some folks just don't like new things and then balk.
  13. It started off as a weird new idea, caught on, once in SL promised funding was welched on, could have been a great success for everyone involved but it devolved due to indifference from Elstone et al. and bills were not paid etc. History will view it as a huge missed opportunity by SL and RL in general....in the long term it may be seen/probably will be seen as a fatal error not to go with it.....too bad really. Sad.
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