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  1. This will not be over in a month for Great Britain...you had a bad start...stumbled in the blocks...but you are moving quick now that you have hit full speed....Hey is that a speed bump just ahead? This race ain't near won yet.
  2. Surely they will be able to work everything out.
  3. If there is a shortened season that will all have to be erased since we are starting over again....remember I said they would make top 5 and they will with a properly structured restart. If not then the season is terminated and we go at it all again next year!
  4. ...and then he might just have to take over the whole shabang!
  5. Can't fix stupid...they are trying their best but not thinking things out....they are incompetent and out of their depth. I'm sure they are educational 'experts' thought with lots of qualifications and degreees so Bob can rest assured the right people are in the right positions making the right decision. They are qualified so its all Okay. Right.
  6. I've been staying off the treads about this coronovirus for awhile...its like a bad movie replaying. I've been through this type of thing twice and see the same patterns evolving....people in charge panicking as they come up with a plan and, in many cases, ignore previous protocols. Then people getting the filtered info and hoarding. Some not taking it serious and then the stark reality hitting them (happening now). Bobs point is well taken though, the arm chair quarterbacks, previously unknown 'experts' etc. not knowing what they are talking about, Bob has made that point quite well. Hang in there everyone this too shall pass. In both previous times I went through something this a quote from my childhood replayed in my head many times, "Stand to your work and be wise, certain of sword and pen, who are neither children not Gods, but men in a world of men."
  7. Now who is being: "Silly and presumptuous?"
  8. No I am not....I am being realistic and factual. I am being analytical.
  9. Bob you are not listening...you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. When you hold a slowly dying child in your arms with people in Hasmat suits buzzing around you , well you sort of make it your business to find out....which I did.
  10. Poorly done Bob but it is what it is. You can lightly dismiss someone who has been through this twice before (once for 9 months with no potable/running water!)..the best teacher in life is experience, not qualifications! I think some people know what they are talking about but I take your point that there are many self proclaimed experts....my statement was based on factual, real life experience(s). You still owe me that apology.
  11. Touchy Bob touchy! I'm not in the UK either but am able to follow along...while you discuss/debate qualifications decisions need to be made based on the evidence at this time....while you dally the window of action closes....you are frozen with fear....relax...think it out. The personal attacks with those who don't agree with you certainly don't help Bob.. You know nothing about my personal experience....I have been isolated/locked down (for large blocks of time) and treated by folks in the suits, this happened twice to me both during the SARS outbreak and an unknown E Coli outbreak, which both killed many. I was locked down with a full family in both instances, for long stretches of time.....maybe I know a little about it? You need to relax and not be so close minded...I'll put your false assumptions and misguided comments down to the stress of the situation at the moment. Relax....be open to the ideas of others who have been through this before. You owe me an apology.
  12. Some people have small ones at home who need care....it seems obvious that others will have to step in (family/friends)....Human Resources for the NHS needs to step forward with a flexible work schedules...there will certainly be a per centage who can't make their shifts due to this problem. The food supply problems easily solved by not allowing hoarding....the trucks are running. If there is any looting all looters should be shot on sight.
  13. The Golden Dory by Stompin Tom Connors please.
  14. Totally ridiculous...not acceptable.
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