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  1. Why Thank You Angelic Cynic....he was just taking a cheap shot at me for calling him out....I say 'up' your game rather than looking for a scapegoat.
  2. Don't give up Harry...this season is a one off and its not the fault of anyone in rugby. Keep the faith and stay strong.
  3. No breeze today blowing either way I guess...if you don't want to bicker then don't insult people just because they have bested you in the past....its poorly done and you know it. You should apologize.
  4. Don't give up during this time of great change Harry...I know its hard to adjust to new things. The world is in movement and RL needs you Harry. The reality is that the game must change and adapt to this whole scenario....there is actually opportunity in it...just look at the recent comment from the AFL regarding how the NRL beat them to it and has garnered a larger stake of new fans.
  5. That is ridiculous and totally out of line. You of all people should know better. Your posting on Toronto from the start has been that of the fence sitter leaning anti Toronto but you have changed your tuner a bit over time....whatever the flavour of the month for the crowd...anything to curry the favor of the people. No one can fault a Toronto fan having a bit of furn with a Leigh fan...its well deserved that you have to sleep in the bed you have made. Its poetic justice at its finest. Anyone who has followed the Toronto threads know that the vitriol and anti Toronto comments, from their inception to the present time, has been loud, clear and sickening. That is the truth of it and anyone that has posted on here for a long time knows it so save the heartfelt condemnation for the anti Toronto crowd. The season is not over AND Toronto is in it to win it. "Run With The Pack!"
  6. Harry, if Leigh doesn't get promoted there is no need to count the season out for everyone. There is still lots of rugby to be played with lots of surprises and excitement...don't be negative. "Don't worry be happy."
  7. The season isn't over yet Harry and of all people you should know never to count Toronto out. I got a funny feeling they are going to take, or make a strong run for, the Challenge Cup. Tommy, after following the multiple threads, knows the real tune but Dave is a still little off pitch. We are coming to get cha! We are coming to get cha! "Run With The Pack!"
  8. I told you and Harry that at the start of the season that there was no way Toronto would be relegated (impossible) and both of you guys both gave me the laughing emoji...you and Harry just need to start to listen!
  9. Always positive on expansion...always looking for the best in things.
  10. Its a forlorn little place up on the coast...the ferry terminal shut down about 50 years ago...not alot going on in Blind River. Don't drink any homemade alcohol from there.
  11. He means who is the backer?
  12. That place is a metropolis compared to Blind River, Ontario on a hot summers day....shes a weird little place.
  13. Oh I've been around but in the Bush off and on, I've been busy and now have to repair a foundation and jack a building up...sort of like what SL is doing....life is grand!
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