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  1. Do as he says or her will have no choice but to call The Cameron down on ya.
  2. I dread to think of what they are paying in Lane Cove these days.
  3. Well Ottawa is still a 'Go" and we need to get the Wolfpack up and running again...THE FUTURE IS IN CANADA AS IS NOW CLEAR TO EVERYBODY....once flights resume again the Aces and the Wolfpack can rejoin the English Leagues....we are ready willing and able on this end. Your end???? The future for Rugby League in NA is clearly Canada bound.
  4. What we need is a 6 League group of Ottawa, Wolfpack, Cleveland, Boston, New YorK, Philly and maybe Hamilton....maybe Buffalo?
  5. Sounds like the Aussies are swooping in for the easy pickings SL should have had with only an iota of foresight.
  6. Its a great signing for Barrow. Miloudi can break games open and he should feast in League 1. Weird running style though....looks like he is going sideways when he is actually moving forward.
  7. If someone calls a Canadian a 'Canuck' is that racist?
  8. This has got to be one of the stupidest arguments i have ever seen and I tire of it...there is only one race; the human race....we are all the same species. It literally is as simple as that.
  9. Exactly and the others will pick it up quickly from them. New Guinea players will come I bet!
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