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  1. That picture looks like the Detroit River separating Detroit and Windsor...now that would be one Derby!
  2. Rochdale has come out big in the past vs. the Pack. Weather could be touchy...heading down to the game now.....might be getting wet.
  3. Parky, Toulouse can go up; all they have to do is best Toronto at home. But we are playing very good rugby right now.....so I think we will go up instead!
  4. Sounds about right....that Big V8 North American engine is just starting to rev....what are they going to do when we open her up on the highway?
  5. Because it was all a load of bull...Noble is still on the team, the new fella Argyle brought in is a cracker and everything is just hunky dory in the New World...WOW!...did the claws of the Naysayers ever come out on this one...pitiful...just pitiful. I think they got declawed.
  6. Kayakman


    My brother used to work with this guy. He said that Bob is very positive, a very hard worker and the type of fella that gets things done...as in DONE! Good signs all around.
  7. Totally unacceptable.....a pathetic cheap shot...like I mean who would even think of doing that during a game?....8 games minimum.
  8. The guy is delusional and so full of himself it is beyond the pale.....time will tell....you have a good eye. Keep up the good work...Gods work~!
  9. Please don't tell me that it is him....please tell him to go go back to his hole if it is.
  10. Don't make excuses for them...they would expect us to be there if it was in England. Now this is their chance to get on a plane for a short jaunt and have their questions answered....betcha THEY WON'T.
  11. I hope Parky and the other Naysayers go to the event and put their questions directly to the main players....this is their chance OR are they afraid of the real answers they would get...bet you they are no shows!
  12. Times change..things happen..the trick is to keep moving forward...as for the Wakefield thing its been mentioned before on here. You have to understand that the fans over here don't really care where the English teams come from ....it all part of the karma over here. Wakefield would draw the same as Leeds, as Wigan, as Salford and Castleford etc. Its really not that important to people over here.
  13. Perfectly reasonable if you are dealing with mature folks who are even willing to admit they lost an argument rater than responding to personal insult....sound familiar? As for Parky..he simply has got to get some new material. He is like an old standup comedian putting on the same show night after night to withering audience....he needs some new material.
  14. Really?...When was the last time a TransAtlantic RL team based in NA but combined into the English league cancelled. Must have missed that one. You simply have to do better SL17.
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