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  1. Yes, definitely a game of two halves...or rather 330ml and 75cl.
  2. James Roby has just shown how to take a yellow carding.
  3. I suspect it's early days...and potentially quite exciting, with images to be posted of newly-arrived pizzas, or half-time chippy runs. And, we've nowhere near exhausted the North American angle, not to mention France or PNG.
  4. That would suit me. Be interesting to know your recommendation for a suitable drinks accompaniment.
  5. I'll vouch for the Ship & Mitre, on the basis of a pleasant visit last year. It seems they still have a great selection of ales.
  6. It's not at all bad - and brewed by Robinson's in collaboration with Robinson's.
  7. I'll have to see whether I have any driving duties. If not, there's a bottle of Robinson's Pale Ale (4.5%) and Chimay Red / Brown Ale (7% ) in the fridge. I've also just espied a bottle of Glenfairn Islay Single Malt Whisky, more of a quality standby for the evening in the event of an empty fridge.
  8. Just looking at the Wigan v Warrington thread and the contributions from Cheshire Setter and corvusxiii, it's strangely fascinating (to me, anyway) to discover what people are drinking whilst watching or listening to a match; whether on TV, the radio, the internet or actually at the ground. Maybe, it would be of sufficient interest to note what's going down the hatch, whether a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord in a pub in Halifax, a craft beer at the Lamport Stadium or a 4-pack of Tesco lager in the bedroom. Perhaps I'm being unduly sad...
  9. Not too wide of the mark. 'LA'S' - scouse for lads.
  10. I think some balance is in order here. References have been made to Robert Elstone's favourable comments on his visit to Toulouse. That's absolutely fine, but many may recall these equally positive comments about his visit to Toronto: “They’ve created an environment and atmosphere we should capture and promote across the whole of Super League. “I’m certain we can all learn from how they’ve connected with a younger audience – the one so critical for Super League’s future. “It’s a vision created by owner David Argyle and it was good to spend time with him. “Repeating the attributes I think are really important for Super League, he’s certainly ambitious – for the Wolfpack and the sport; he’s confident – really believes he and his team can deliver; and it’s young – he’s talking with, and bringing into the club, a demographic the sport has to connect with. “Toronto is a fantastic city, and one that anyone would enjoy visiting. Encouraging the simplistic view that Robert Elstone clearly supports Toulouse and is anti-Toronto, is not based on a a measured assessment of the evidence available.
  11. Interesting to hear from Eric Perez himself in this article from the Times Colonist. The suggestion of a Canadian Cup type competition between TWP & Ottawa, regardless of division. Must have been reading this thread The expectation that RL will spread to other Canadian cities, mentioning that he has been contacted by groups in Montreal and Vancouver. Edit: Copa has picked up some of this in an earlier post referencing the cbc.ca website.
  12. I don't know if anyone managed to see any of these streams (nod to Tex for the post). It was admittedly a challenge, such was the sheer amount of RL broadcast yesterday. It was insightful to hear the views of North Americans, as they interspersed their commentary with their thoughts on RL. I picked out the following: They were eagerly awaiting confirmation of the NA teams in the RFL, but queried whether entry in 2020 was at all realistic. (I thought I heard mention of an announcement for Magic Weekend, so that could well be the last opportunity in time for 2020) Aside from New York and Ottawa, the cities of Boston, Philadelphia Detroit and Chicago were suggested as ideal locations for RL teams. There was mention of good things happening at Chicago Stockyarders and perhaps a linkup with Ontario RL. They clearly savoured the thought of the rivalries between these NA cities/clubs, and suggested that there would be significant numbers of fans ready to travel to away games. In the women's competition, there was a Jamaican 9s team, competing for the first time and, apart from the Canadian RL team, there was a newly created Ontario RL team. One of the commentators had only become involved with RL three years ago, and explained how welcoming the sport was to potential players, helpers or supporters. Overall, the commentators were really enthusiastic about this sport which existed in many parts of the world. They knew all about Red Star Belgrade, never mind the Australian and UK hotbeds. The lack of negativity can be quite disconcerting...
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