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  1. Is it their age , the lack of comfortable seating or just the fact that everyone is tightly packed in?
  2. Quality of Rugby League

    Well, this thread has cheered me up no end. Here's me watching all the RL I can find on the TV/net... I must be a mug. Cheer up! I'm sure there'll be a cracker along soon.
  3. Cosa Nostra

    If I've got this right you're looking for translations of "Trece es nuestra cosa", which I guess is "Thirteen is our thing". Broadening this out would be translations of "Rugby League", e.g. Rugby à XIII (France)
  4. More games for Wollongong?

    I'm already looking back at that period with nostalgia. That said, like milk bottle deliveries, it might return as a regular part of everyday life.
  5. A taste of things to come

    Just a teeny bit...?
  6. If today's fixtures are a sign of things to come, then I think there is room for optimism. (is that allowed?) On TV today, we had the breaking of new ground with Wigan v Hull from Australia, followed by the Featherstone Lions v Thatto Heath in the CC, and on to the south of France for Catalans v Saints. The CC fixtures were largely traditional clashes, interspersed with the likes of the Army v London Chargers. The point being, there is the opportunity and time to support expansion and growth of the game whilst acknowledging historical roots and strengthening the grass roots game, in or out of the heartlands. In their own context, the internationalism of Wigan v Hull and the archetypal grass roots clash of Featherstone v Thatto Heath games, were similarly enjoyable . And I wouldn't like to lose either.
  7. Toronto (Merged threads)

    That's fair enough. And by the way, I note that your troll spray appears to be in Leeds Rhino colours, I suppose other teams/colours are available.
  8. Toronto (Merged threads)

    I must admit, I didn't have the stamina to respond to these points last night. But it's great to read a measured and reasonable reply like this, without there being the need to resort to multiple rhetorical questions or the reliance on emotive language. More of this quality and we'd have some cracking threads.
  9. Toronto (Merged threads)

    It's all too late... It's time to chill out, have a good night's sleep and look forward to tomorrow's live streaming. The new season's under way - what's not to like.
  10. This thread is becoming like a review of the past year. Maybe it should have had a tag..."THE place to recycle old arguments" Probably eco-friendly, too.
  11. Success in North America

    Yeah...what's with the strange username?
  12. New name/ number font expected, reverting to type.
  13. Andy Burnham

    Yes, it's the easiest thing in the world to be a cynical keyboard warrior. If you want an example of Andy Burnham's contributions, watch his speech at Anfield on the 20th Anniversary of Hillsborough - an uncomfortable watch. Then watch and listen to his Anfield speech on the 25th Anniversary, after he had delivered on his promise to support the 'Justice for the '96'. It may bring a tear, but I would challenge anyone to suggest that this politician didn't care. No complaints from me with Andy Burnham as a figurehead for the game.
  14. If the Super League does become more international, then teams representing half of Wales might actually have the potential to get a boost; in the same way (though perhaps not to the same extent) that London could benefit from an a competition involving other major world cities.
  15. Polarisation

    I don't know whether it's just me, but a lot of recent topics see to have provoked very polarised standpoints,, with very little tolerance of opposing views displayed. And when the views expressed represent opinion only in many cases, the threads don't seem to go anywhere, And I've not even emphasised the duplication... Others may not of course agree, but I'm finding that I'm becoming loathe to participate in many threads. Put me out of my misery; is it just me or there others sharing a similar view?