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  1. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is the possibility of two new teams, rather than one, being announced within the next 6 months. From the article, the following sentences have been extracted. Whichever one [is launched first] will be the one that benefits the game the most and has the strongest infrastructure." Asked if he was working on behalf of the RFL, Perez said: "I'm representing rugby league … Within six months we'll be announcing the first one – possibly two of them." The same article refers to a Ryan Burroughs interview in which he refers to a new team in Hamilton followed by New York in 2020. However, the article goes on to indicate that in the interview with Eric Perez, Hamilton was not included in the cities mentioned.
  2. Nigel wood on radio Yorkshire @6

    I too was wondering why his name keeps coming up. I would be interested (I think) to know what's he alleged to have said and done...and importantly, when.
  3. Nigel wood on radio Yorkshire @6

    In order to achieve balance, it would have been preferable that both charter objects referred to were quoted directly. As it is,(a) has been quoted, but (d) put into the writer's own words. The charter does not refer to "quests", which may give the impression that some teams hold a lower or less permanent status. See below. (d) to organise and administer competitions for the playing of the Game in Great Britain and Ireland by Clubs and those others invited to participate in such competitions; And of course, there is (f) to assist and co-operate with any organisation having similar objectives; In any respect, all this is a bit of a red herring; it would be unusual if the RFL was referring to organising and managing the game in other jurisdictions. That's the role of the RLIF, RLEF, APRLC etc
  4. Downbeat Tony Smith?

    Tony Smith needs a new challenge to rediscover his enthusiasm. I'm sure getting involved with the second Canadian team might do the trick.
  5. Wolfpacks new signings

    Great to see opinions being expressed, but particularly interested in views accompanied by some supporting reasons / explanations. Not wishing to appear confrontational, but wishing to engage in dialogue, could "...where are we now." be clarified. Similarly, the "failed organisation" and the relevance of the 21st millennium (century?) to failed organisations. By the way, the Hull v Wakefield match is worth watching - half-time at the moment.
  6. Wolfpacks new signings

    Maybe i could have been clearer. I'm sure many people appreciate that these developments could be ground-shaking, but I was trying to emphasise how groundbreaking; in other words the extent of the earthquake. Personally speaking, the news of these signings raised my expectations of a high Richter scale reading.
  7. Wolfpacks new signings

    This demonstrates serious intent. The prospect of a Canadian team in Super League is real and, in years to come, this era of Rugby League may be viewed as pivotal in the development of the sport. I'm not sure we all appreciate how ground-shaking this could all be,
  8. No Rugby League News

    Can't resist this, and it stopped me in my tracks, but the BBC have just mentioned that Apple have released "...three new flagship iPhones". Think I'll buy a lottery ticket this week.
  9. Whilst I'm not sure which book is referred to here, he does, to be fair, make several positive references to rugby league in his 'Pies & Prejudice: In Search of the North'.
  10. TWP Tonight

    Yes, there has been a match going on...although it seems some references have been made to crowd figures, and this has piqued some interest.
  11. TWP Tonight

    Surely, we could have some seriously negative posts on here ...although for the life of me, I'm struggling to find any.
  12. Meanwhile, across the pond

    To reinforce this have a read here. For those who have followed the game for years, who have always thought there were media and cultural barriers to the wider public appreciating RL, this should be a heartwarming read. There are an increasing number of Canadians who just get it, or willing to give the game a chance...they understand! I'm not making any comment about league restructuring and the like, but maybe you could hark back to how you felt when you first became enthusiastic about RL.
  13. Twp tonight

    When you see crowd shots like this from Lamport, it's difficult to be unduly negative.
  14. Twp tonight

    Forget the stands, I think most League 1 clubs would be more than happy with Toronto's beer garden crowds, game after game.
  15. Twp tonight

    And why not, indeed - it's a fabulous city, and gateway to the wonderful RL heartlands.