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  1. Manxmanc

    Jamaica v USA live now

    I remember watching Lancashire at Old Trafford in the days of Clive Lloyd. There were large numbers from the Caribbean, seeming to have a great time (I also recall the Colt 45 cans!) and contributing greatly to the atmosphere. In this case, they were behind a multi-cultural Lancashire team , so there was perhaps not the same association with the English establishment.
  2. Manxmanc

    Jamaica v USA live now

    That was an unexpected treat on a Saturday night. Good stuff, and hopefully will generate some interest in the RLWC.
  3. Manxmanc

    New York RL - The Full 80 Minutes

    Toronto started off in a not dissimilar fashion.
  4. Manxmanc

    was rugby league ever patented?

    I don't know about game procedures, but RU always seems to be keen on trademarking the use of certain words. The RFU has registered 'England Rugby' and the RFU Rose, which they use on their Sky Sports advertising. They've even registered 'England Rugby Hospitality'. I'd like to think that the RFL has a level of expertise in this area, but who knows?
  5. Manxmanc

    Is Elland Road Sold Out Yet?

    Mmm...I'll have to take a look at this - that seems far too easy. Proper counting requires hours of effort, re-counting where necessary and keeping an eagle eye open for blocks opening and closing.
  6. Manxmanc

    PLease sign this petition

    That's fair enough.( I did qualify my post by saying it was tempting to respond, but in a suitably reasonable manner. That's perhaps asking/risking too much!)
  7. Manxmanc

    Tag rugby world cup

    Yes, the TTR website bears the words 'In partnership with the RFL'
  8. Manxmanc

    PLease sign this petition

    I'm just wondering how recently this move to RU was made, just because the Physical Education part of the website still refers specifically to Rugby League, and to the relationship with Featherstone Rovers. Is there any documentary evidence available of the RU take up?
  9. All this is really pushing the bounds of credibility. 'TWP have already been on TV in big games in the cup at Warrington and in the league at Leeds and they raised zero extra profile.' You may of course have been otherwise occupied but, in addition to the TV game and bulletin footage, there were numerous write ups in major newspapers and on websites in the UK and Canada. Similarly, there was a great deal of publicity about the Warrington game, much of it about TWP's discipline, but publicity all the same. There were numerous articles about TWP beating the current champions and references to the potentially seismic consequences of TWP in super league. Whether you like TWP or not, I don't see how it can possibly argued that there has been no raised profile. I've not even started on TWP's profile in Toronto and their presence on many TV platforms and 27,000 Twitter followers. A specific response would be appreciated; ideally not a regurgitation of the usual Eric Perez and gridiron players diatribes, as a deflective tactic. Edit: Actually an apology is in order; this is a topic about London and, having noted the anti-TWP onslaught, I momentarily thought I was on a thread about TWP.
  10. Manxmanc

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    · TWP is a brand new club (2 years old) that has brought RL to a completely new region. · Despite a lot of scepticism, TWP pulled off the logistics of participating transatlantically. · TWP has attracted a great deal of interest and publicity, both within Canada and the UK. · Excellent enthusiastic crowds have followed them as they win League 1 and then head the Championship. · In many cases, TWP have attracted increased crowds to many clubs. · Visiting fans, many from the heartlands, have remarked on the refreshing experience of their clubs playing at Lamport. · Robert Elstone, the head of Super League, has commented most favourably on what TWP bring to the game, including a youthful vitality and vibrancy that is otherwise lacking in UK RL. · TWP are engaging with developing grass roots interest, but to suggest the development of a locally produced SL player within 2 years is the height of niaivety. · As Eric Perez has emphasised, there is not a simplistic choice between TWP and the heartland clubs; the challenge is to raise the whole game. Ultimately the success of TWP and other NA, European clubs will boost the whole game, the level of interest, the monies available, player participation - and thus the prospects for heartlands clubs. · To say that TWP have brought nothing, zilch, a big zero, undermines the credibility of these regurgitated ‘arguments’. It’s an insult to all those new followers of RL, many Canadian, and to the heartlanders who have had wonderful experiences involving TWP. - I wonder whether the shadow of RU hangs over these ever more frantic rejections of TWP's place in the world.
  11. Manxmanc

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    This takes a very reasonable view of the current position. It's seems far too early to be making damning judgements on player development at TWP/in Canada at this stage in TWP's existence.
  12. On reflection, he'd probably be very good at that.
  13. Mmmm...a cross-code risk perhaps.
  14. Manxmanc

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Yes, rightly indignant - I used to do the first and last if you allow me to exchange the former for bus-spotting. ...and all these hobbies are precursors to seat counting anyway.
  15. As I understand, it's just for 1 day a week, presumably leaving him some time to do something he enjoys.