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  1. Hands up. There's no excuse, I wasn't even drunk... Can you get suspended for appalling jokes?
  2. Mmm. A Wiganer would seek out a hell of a a pie and a Catalan a pie ella. (I know it's not as good as yours)
  3. Manxmanc

    Magic weekend set to stay in Toon

    RU will be piling on the promotion for their European competitions finals in May. Another reason to stick with Newcastle and remind the populace that there is a better game in town.
  4. That would take the fun out of seat counting.
  5. Marvellous. If there's the right kind of ticketing system , there should be lots of opportunities for seat counting once the fixture is confirmed.
  6. Is that on the pitch or the picture? Thanks for the reminder.
  7. Manxmanc

    Our League - More live streaming

    There's even Wheelchair RL on at the moment - Leeds v Halifax.
  8. Manxmanc

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Nice to see a reliable table. The 'up to date' one on the BBC website was throwing me.
  9. Mixed sentiments really. Pleased to see TWP go a bit closer to SL; thinking long term this is probably the best result for the game overall. At the same time, It's not easy to watch one of our famous names struggling, but Widnes will regroup and return one day, maybe as a better supported team in a competition with a higher profile
  10. I've just watched the end of an excellent Yorkshire Men's League Division 2 Grand Final on Our League. There's no commentary, but the pictures are good and the atmosphere comes across well. To follow, at 2pm and 4pm respectively, are the Division 1 and Premier Grand Finals. Clearly, Our League is expanding their streaming service so, for once, I think they deserve some credit for this.
  11. Manxmanc

    Eric Perez

    Perhaps a new topic for 'Eric Perez' is needed.
  12. Manxmanc

    Golden Point ?

    A draw acknowledges the efforts of both sides over 80 minutes and I think most UK audiences, in particular, see 1point each as a fair reward. If it was decided that a Golden Point be introduced, then each side should perhaps receive a point each after 80 minutes, with an additional point for the final victor.
  13. Checking again, Andrew Chalmers stated that "Those qualifiers are an RFL property...". "They're a valuable property to the RFL".
  14. I am not sure why I've caused confusion Rupert Prince; but thanks for the feedback. I'll try and be clearer. The first sentence brings in Andrew Chalmers' contribution that the rights to the 8s were a valuable asset. With this mind, the second sentence adds speculation that the format could return at some point in the future. Clearly, the format is done for now and circumstances would have to be very different for there to be any prospect of a return.
  15. There was some discussion of the 8s on Backchat. Andrew Chalmers mentioned that the RFL owned the 8s format and that it was a valuable property. That seemed to surprise the others. It may be that the 8s could resurface in the future when the makeup of the league is markedly different to now.