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  1. Manxmanc

    Couple of old Rugby League fanzines

    This is all very fascinating. I wasn't sure about the number of RL fanzines floating about, so I recently set up a Sports Fanzines page on 45spaces. It's still in beta mode, so can't be added to just yet, and still open to tweaks. I'm in two minds whether to leave it as it, or have an RL page only. This would be a little sister to the RL Programmes page, which currently has 382 entries, posted by members of this site, and one avid collector in particular. Perhaps it be a good idea to move this thread (renamed?) at some point to the RL Collectors Forum.
  2. Manxmanc

    Hemel and New York

    This section from the Mail Online article, with the reference to Bob Brown, makes me feel a bit happier about the Hemel situation. Bob Brown, Hemel's founder and chairman, confirmed that ownership of Hemel Stags (2016) Ltd , the company that operates the Betfred League One team, has been acquired by a Canadian consortium but will not impact on the Stags community club at Pennine Way.
  3. Manxmanc

    Asian Rugby League

    It all looks very promising. What I do like is that, in many cases, development seems to be very much linked with empowering some of the less prosperous communities; notably so with the women's initiatives.
  4. Manxmanc

    Asian Rugby League

    Thanks for the update. I am particularly interested to note two more team from Laos. I was aware that the Mekong Fireballs were playing teams from over the border in the north-eastern region of Thailand, but three teams suggest there is some real development going on within Laos itself.
  5. Manxmanc

    Tired and bored

    I can see why you have this perception. I've noticed that there are a number of posters who seem to churn out repeated arguments in a very black and white manner, and the result is often confrontation rather than proper debate. There are many reasonable posters on this site, too. I may be wrong, but when some threads degenerate into the way you describe, many will either avoid the topic or withdraw from the debate. I've done this myself, but there are usually enough other thread options to keep me returning.
  6. That's good news. I don't know if it was the case last season, but I thought that South Wales Scorpions/Ironmen had gone the way of issuing a digital programme only.
  7. I couldn't help feeling I was looking into the future. That's a taste of Super League as it could be and it's compelling. As a heartlander, I can see that by carefully managing this, there is a chance to lift up traditional clubs in the process.
  8. Having watched the show, I would have to conclude that Maurice Lindsay was the one urging people not to dwell on the past. Quite surprising, but refreshing to note that he wasn't placing too much emphasis on past glories.
  9. Manxmanc

    band at leeds

    Now you're talking. (Though it's John rather than Ken, the excellent Lancashire bowler) I've also got a soft spot for 'Pigeons in Flight' and 'I Can't Go Back to Savoury Now'
  10. I found it irritating to have to subject myself to that, not knowing when the switch over to RL would occur. They seem to use really slow clocks
  11. Manxmanc

    SBW to Toronto??

    I've heard of Dan Carter, but don't know about Jonny Sexton and Ritchie McCaw (presumably they are All Blacks). I know I could google their names, but don't have any intention of researching RU players.
  12. Manxmanc

    Irish Rugby League

    That was a refreshing interview, with both interviewer and interviewee coming across really well. The interviewer seemed to have a positive view on Rugby League and references to other sports were made in relation to cross-fertilisation of sporting skills rather than the usual black and white comparisons of individual sports. The overall impression I get is that there is much potential for RL in Ireland, not least because of the readiness of RL clubs/personnel to welcome players from other sports.
  13. Manxmanc

    Balkan Super League 2019.

    Manchester should be fine. Turkish Airlines & Air Serbia?
  14. Manxmanc


    Agreed. I've just started a Programme Watch thread on the Collectors Forum, so that members have a place to add updates.
  15. Noting some interest in the traditional programme, this might be a good spot to note which clubs are issuing them this year. Perhaps, building up a list by league might be the best way forward, but any suggestions would be appreciated.