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  1. Yes, what's a sandwich? Is it something like a butty?
  2. 2018 Series v NZ

    Yes, we need consistency...they need to rally together with their peers.
  3. Where's the Kman?

    Well, you've been saving that up...and I'll have a pint/litre of the same. ...and welcome back.
  4. That's the clincher. If it's half as successful as the KFC promotion, the next WC is a guaranteed success.
  5. Media Watch World Cup

    Yes, the usual problem. Having said that, Tanya Arnold mentioned the Women's RLWC on the highlights programme and there was some discussion with video footage. It isn't actually too late to do something in the UK and I would hope the RFL etc were pressing the BBC for coverage - and the angle should be promoting women's sport.
  6. At half-time, the announcer goes to meet the players and asks where they’re from. Most of the Thai team are from Thailand and in the main from the north-eastern provinces. There were a couple of players identifying themselves as from Australia and South Africa. (Sometime later in the video, the announcer mentions that several players were of mixed parentage - I seem to remember Australia-Thai). The announcer doesn't get a chance to meet the ASEAN team as they were already entering the field. Where the video ends, the score is 28-26 in favour of ASEAN. If I get the chance, I'll search out videos from the other games and hopefully confirm the various scores, or otherwise.
  7. Well, no thanks to Premier, it turned out alright in the end. Having avoided meeting too many people, foregone the internet and not turned on the TV until 11.30, I was able to witness a truly remarkable match. After the first half, I really didn't see Tonga coming through. Praise be to International RL.
  8. premier sports infected

    I noticed that 'Rugby Union' now appears on the banner, actually before 'Rugby League' and these other Autumn Internationals seem to have equal prominence with the RLWC. Perhaps this is the first step in Premier trying to replace lost RL content and RU wouldn't do it for me. If the RL content becomes minimal, I would have no reason to continue with my subscription
  9. It looks like there are rumours around that the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey club are looking at creating a multi-sports empire that would include a professional rugby team. The Province has the story, but there are message boards also taking up the discussion. Tantalisingly, it's not clear whether this could refer to RL or union, but the story is linked to Eric Perez's talk of a second Canadian team.
  10. I Am Happy....

    Highly controversial, but spot on!
  11. Just watched a bit more. The announcer has referred to the ASEAN team being made of a number countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Laos. At half-time he explains the rules and scoring. Several times, he mentions five tackles/plays have to be followed by a kick rather than referring to a six-tackle rule. He adds that players have to be tough! To be continued...
  12. I've now watched until half-time with the score at Thailand 16- "ASEAN" 12 and the ambulance having been called twice. I would go along with the suggestion that the ASEAN team was put together at the last minute from available players due to the late withdrawal of South Africa. No reference has been made so far to the make up of the ASEAN team. To be continued...
  13. It looks like a long video but, listening to the start, the Thai announcer is introducing international Rugby League, before referring to teams from Thailand, the Philippines, Hungary and a mixed ASEAN team (it sounds to me a though he is referring to the block of Asian countries, rather than the continent.) Interestingly, a lady asks the announcer whether he speaks Laotian, to which he answers affirmatively in that language. This is relevant because the game seems to be particularly strong in the north eastern region of of Thailand where a Lao dialect is used and where the Isaan Federation of Clubs XIII has been formed. Also there appears to be some evidence of RL activity on the Laotian side of the border. If I get some time, I'll give this a further listen to see if I can pick up any more titbits.
  14. The WC performances must have confirmed the potential of a Fiji team in an Australian competition - if the sponsors were in any doubt.
  15. Obviously there are pros and cons, but as far as I am concerned its a big thumbs up.