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  1. And I noticed that the non-UK teams were getting a share of airtime on sports bulletins, yesterday. In contrast, the RFL is effectively discouraging the involvement of Catalans, Toulouse and Toronto in a European (plus) competition.
  2. I try to take a reasonable approach, but wonder how it is possible for an organisation to respond to the fantastic publicity of Catalans Dragon's victory in the Challenge Cup, followed by the amazing Nou Camo initiative, by adopting a policy which is universally (or near as dammit) slated.
  3. If this is correct, the RFL are potentially ceding the top-level European rugby (& beyond) scene to RU. It may reflect prudent financial management on the part of the RFL. Actually, it demonstrates a lack of confidence and ambition; if anything, the competition will attract less publicity, with the absence of two European teams (one of which will be attracting publicity at the Nou Camp) and a Canadian team. I really don't get it.
  4. Manxmanc

    Have we given up on Russia

    'Soccer' has its roots in the name 'Association Football', which actually reinforces your point.
  5. Nollick Ghennal erriu as Blein Vie Noa!
  6. Manxmanc

    RL Programmes Collection Website

    These entries look great, and each appears to have an historic angle, to boot. I note that many of the programmes relate to new or defunct clubs, or unusual locations. I'll see if I can dig out some of my older programmes over the Christmas period.
  7. Manxmanc

    RL Programmes Collection Website

    Cheers, I look forward to that! (In passing, the sister site 45worlds has a magazine section, where I've posted 100+ magazines.)
  8. I don't know whether there are many websites which catalogue/record Rugby League programmes. I am aware that there a number which have lists of programmes for sale. I've entered about 40 programmes on the 45spaces site, which is for the purposes of listing collections of similar items, rather than trading. The (Association) Football Programmes site on 45spaces,, as a comparison is coming along nicely, not unexpectedly, with around 6,500 programmes. I was wondering whether anyone might be interesting in adding any programmes, with a view to creating a sizeable record of as many RL programmes as possible. If so, here is the link: Edit: It also allows you to keep a record of your own collection.
  9. Manxmanc

    Elstone speaks!

    Coach 1,374 13,530 posts Gender:Male Report post Posted 8 hours ago (edited) The forum IS a “same old arguments” forum. RFL.v.SL, Tradition.v.Expansion, League structure “A”.v.League structure “B”, Superleague.v.Championship, licensing.v.P&R etc. etc. Why do you not want those who go on about these things ad nauseum year after year indeed decade after decade to be censored? Why just me? As for the “same old argument” just yesterday this new one was put to me “Why don't you actually listen to the contributors on here that LIVE IN Canada who have all been saying that rugby union is so far down the scale in the sporting conscious of Canadians that it doesn't pose a threat” (to TWP). Union in the USA and Canada has 3,000 clubs and 155,000 players and League is virtually non-existent. I think this desperate new argument is worth discussion? Your thoughts?? - If you would re-read the original post, you will see that the intention was to be even-handed. The post is relevant to the thread, in referring to the new "Elstone" era. With that in mind, the invitation was for you to take the opportunity to offer your hopes and aspirations for the game, and indicate what you would like to see. You raise various other matters, probably more relevant to other threads, and for this reason I have declined to be deflected from the central theme of the thread. As to what you would like to see in the Elstone era, I am sure posters of all viewpoints would be happy to engage.
  10. Manxmanc

    Elstone speaks!

    I think most people are familiar with your general gripes about the world of RL. As we seem to be approaching a new era, It would be refreshing to hear about your own hopes and aspirations for the game; what you would you like to happen. It might be an opportunity to approach discussions from a different viewpoint. I would think that a significant numbers of posters have become rather tired of the same old arguments; that is not intended as a personal dig, and those familiar arguments would include those holding opposing views to your own.
  11. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Toronto v Salford in Canada, come 2020.
  12. Manxmanc


    As you say, that seems fair enough.
  13. Manxmanc


    Why is this figure of 3,500 (well below the official figure) being taken as read; is there a credible source to support its acceptance? If so, that's fine.
  14. If they haven't thought about it, they should go for it - as should Toulouse.