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  1. One of the French posters suggested this week's ago. What A good call that was.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-trumps-afl-in-tv-ratings-war-20180910-p502u1.html Nrl has higher total ratings and excluding ratings in New Zealand And that's with aFl having 2 more teams 2019 was another win for league Pretty embarrassing for afl AFl tv ratings in Nsw and qld have collapsed. Their so called.expansion has been a major failure in terms of growing ratings I want Perth in but the nrl is doing fine without them
  3. Then the nrl might as well just have had another Queensland team.
  4. Those juniors come through the ranks in QLD Slater for example.was rejected by QLD clubs The Broncos missed Smith and ingliss too Parenting with a Queensland club isn't creating more players Storm should be focusing on Victoria but that's too hard And it's only.bc the Victorian govt put in millions to fund juniors that most of the stuff is happening
  5. Huh? The Nrl beats the afl per capita? What are you on about? So afl has more games on free to air and still gets beaten by nrl Oh this just gets better and better Nrl is.the number one sport on tv without Perth or Adelaide and without Melbourne contributing much Draw whatever conclusions you wish Me I say we don't need Perth or Adelaide. Perth would be nice buts its not crucial. You think most afl clubs are profitable do you ???
  6. I did You said they produced juniors in QLD They didn't. The storm haven't produced any juniors at all.
  7. Nrl gets around the same tv money as afl yet afl has two more teams than nrl Nrl doesn't have a team in Perth or Adelaide and still matches afl In the past two years nrl has beaten afl on tv despite having 50 less games Storm currently get poor tv ratings on channel nine and I doubt they add much to tv rights either If the nrl didn't add a team in Perth or Adelaide it could still be the number one sport if it isn't already It doenst need those teams at all.
  8. The storm just linked up with QLD cup teams and spotted good juniors better than anyone else They didn't even produce any of those QLD juniors They'd have just gone to the.broncos or another QLD.club
  9. Regional nsw and qld have higher populations than adelaide or perth Adleisde is worth nothing for rugby league broadcasters now They are small markets Australia has loads of cities that don't have an afl team so how are they national Canberra is the nation's capital with no afl team League should put in teams where they are needed. Not copy afl and put in teams where nobody is interested ie Adelaide
  10. Increasing playing numbers is a minor concern And storm have had 500 million for maybe one nrl player from Vic. Growing tv revenues strong crowds and strong finances are more important And Perth would add way more juniors than Melbourne ever will If we look critically at the storm many other clubs would've added more to the game than they have People just want teams in these places so we can say we are national like afl
  11. One team in Brisbane isn't enough. Especially with population growth over 25 years. There are basically no negatives for more Brisbane teams Crowds tv money would all be good
  12. I'd put Adelaide way down the list Ita just ticking a box there are so many better places
  13. Perth has always had decent juniors Before the super league war it was the third rugby league state Way ahead of Victoria
  14. Imo get the proper Jersey. Hoodies are 45 jerseys are 110 in our peso dollars lol
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