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  1. Dunno if you've worked out I was dally on here before lol I had major arguments with people pushing the idea of Celtic.crudaders and Doncaster in super league Oops lol.
  2. It will.be the same issue as.now. players won't be allowed to take risk on tackle.one for fear of losing the ball Though some.coaches may encourage it. Plus deciding where.the scrum.goes will also waste time as.the.defneding team won't know where to go at first
  3. the new rules are dumb and will slow the game down imo. just get rid of the scrum.
  4. https://www.sportingnews.com/au/mma/news/conor-mcgregor-ko-donald-cerrone-no-bad-blood/f8xec8k3izu51dzmuxd3xrus6?fbclid=IwAR2t2t2po0TyaUF9MpNimEHvS7VFHaMR3QaGBwUfHNvVL0CLfWsQUwVBTHY anybody interested in this? im a fan of this guy and would love to see him take out khabib
  5. ive known a few hot canadians. omg. and that accent "abooot" one was from that place that has 3 hours of sun. satchkawan ?
  6. kman before i die my dream is to start off in bulgaria with a lot of cash, a load of viagra and a compass that is fixed on north east. i see myself dieing somewhere in the siberian region with a massive smile on my face
  7. oh i some really hot cousins. being lebanese like 50 or so. i was at a club once and there was this hot girl i said to my mate id love to have her. she came up and said my name and it turned out to be my first cousin (unfortunately).
  8. you can almost hear the embarrasment in the refs voice as he tells them not to push.
  9. Doueihi johnson and gagai to leave so it's just swapping players?
  10. refs actually tell teams not to push or reset the scrum if they do.
  11. bit in bold is what you said. what is it supposed to imply ?
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