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  1. England Team To Face Cumbria

    Five Leeds juniors in England squad none of them at leeds now! Can any other club beat that?
  2. Sad news - Terry Newton

    One of the saddest days i've ever known following RL. Sad Sad news for everyone family, friends and fans of all clubs. Good night God bless Terry RIP
  3. Salary Cap

    The one problem for me is that it isnt index linked or linked to a percentage of your income (as leeds's crowds have gone down over the last couple of years and their cap would be lower now.) Over the years that the cap's been in place its never risen so in theory they havent given anyone a pay rise ! Index link with extra's for homegrown players is the way i would go.
  4. 2010 MofS

    Dont know the stats but when did a player from the west side of the penines last win MOS? Leeds have one the last 3 grand finals but been nowhere near with the individual awards. Sinfield has for that period played at a consistantly high standard (club rugby not internationals as they are very different things) but never gets a mention in MOS. However Roby was the most bizarre choice. Fine player but the best in the league? Peacock turns in very damaging performances week in week out for both club and country but nothing in MOS for Leeds and 3 grand final rings. A pal of mine says they are biased against Yorkshie clubs and I'm finding it hard to disagree.
  5. 2010 MofS

    Danny Mcquire for mine! Been top class all season
  6. Richie mathers

    I think Tony Smith has made a very big mistake. Richie is one of the most enthusiastic and positive players in Super League. He was always very good at Leeds until his knee injuries and didnt settle in a very poor Wigan side. The fans didnt take to him and was probably the hardest worked FB in the league at the time. He would probably been very good again working with the current Wigan Coach. I Know its ifs and buts but I hope he stays injury free and Cas see the best of him as he reads the game very well and could play at 6 for them if Richard Owens comes back at his best. Good luck Ritchie make TS sorry he let you go again!
  7. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................can't even be bothered
  8. This one's certainly captured the public's imagination........................
  9. Leeds to win by 20+ because they need to! no Wembleyitus here! Hopefully. These game are always close tough games and amongst the best of the season, not for quality rugby but for hard fought hard tackling emotional rugby. one of my favourite matches of the season. Taking my son this time for his first taste of Wheldon road/jungle friendly hatered! hope he enjoys it as much as me!!!!