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  1. Sounds about reet
  2. I have also been with them since they became sponsors and also told them it was because of RL I was switching to them. I haven't had issues with them but haven't had any cause to contact them with a problem so can't comment on their customer service. Not the cheapest I can get now but will wait to see what they offer me when my deal expires in December
  3. Clark actually talking sense in front of the 2 clowns,whatever next
  4. From an email I got from him today Mark Foster RFL Director of Marketing & Communications
  5. I have some Gay rum, might be time to try a drop
  6. The pics need an airing or the kilt
  7. Who's having what then I am celebrating? Brains SA Gold for me atm
  8. Marie isn't back on the ward yet, no beds free so had to visit her in the birthing suite, not had any jackbit yet either
  9. You need to cross the road?
  10. Apologies for being late just been visiting the latest baby pie, welcome Alfie
  11. Welcome to the madhouse, glad to hear you have discovered tgg, better late than never.
  12. Salford v Widnes Hull FC v HKR Leeds v Wigan Cats v Giants Saints v Wire Cas v Wakey For each game predict the winners (10 points) and the winning margin (-1 point for each point you are away from the actual) and as a final points gainer/loser... The league table at the end of the weekend: 2 points for each team in the correct position 1 point off for each team wrong multiplied by how far out you are... (eg if you predicted Catalans in 10th but they ended the weekend in 8th 2 points off) Good luck everyone