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  1. Totally Wicked @ The Saints is a brand pairing some may consider braver than Juventus.
  2. Good luck to Watson, who seems a good coach. Living in Huddersfield, if work-life balance is important I'd advise him to steer well clear of commuting by Trans Pennine Express or Northern Rail. Any gridlocked-M62 drive will still be better, quicker and cheaper than travelling by train.
  3. Liam Farrell's acting needs work. He's no Adam Fogerty. And... if Wigan must persist with the Warriors branding and this badge revamp, I'd recommend getting hornier. Gets coat.
  4. Yes please to big games in Bristol. Great city for a weekend.
  5. Well done Leeds from a Wigan fan. A very smart performance. Good luck in the final. I would hope this is the signal for Wigan to move on from Lam, O'Loughlin, Leuluai, Flower, etc. If realistic, Clubb, Burgess (prop), Isa and Clark can also go in the hope of recruiting big, powerful forwards and the odd dynamic back.
  6. Done and signed up for updates. Have friends who lived close to Camborne, so know a bit about the stadium story and how there's far more rugby pitches compared to football in Cornwall. Good luck.
  7. I agree with this and OldBear's earlier comment regards presenting the Grand Final trophy. Mose seems to match up to the definition Man Of Steel. Good luck big fella.
  8. Not everyone. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/wigan-athletic-make-75-members-18556444 Maybe the town needs both clubs doing as well as they can? I guess one Wigan club can't afford to independently run a 25,000 capacity stadium.
  9. This will be unpopular among many fans, both RL and football, but I agree. The borough's economy isn't big enough for the DW, Robin Park and LSV grounds. Leigh seems the best fit if it can accommodate three clubs. That, however, may drop to two temporarily: the Latics need a sound buyer fast or risk following Bury. Being a Wigan supporter of both clubs, the situation is grim.
  10. This Tony Adams Q+A in The Guardian is a great read, not only for the interviewee's (erm) tone but how clearly he relishes RL in the way he portrays it. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2020/jul/14/tony-adams-hopefully-people-have-had-periods-of-reflection-in-lockdown?
  11. This is a very good post and the closing part of the first paragraph is the bit I too am surprised at.
  12. ^^Wigan fan, obviously. Favourite player?/ Harry Sith. Lord Hoyle, meanwhile, comes across as very able and likeable wherever your vote goes. Great for RL.
  13. Absolutely. Ditto Steve Renouf at Wigan. I remember them both, after initial adjustment, being class to watch. Good luck, maybe, to Warrington. Inglis in Super League adds excitement.
  14. Hello Allora, I've been stood behind Andy Gregory drinking at the bar and I hear what you are saying about him being no athlete. Except... when Wigan finished the 1990/91 with eight games in 19 days, Gregory seemingly played seven full matches in 17 days (missing the final clash). For my own self-worth, I hope that is considered athletic. One thing to add... my rotten memory is no match for Bilko's ace statistics. See for yourself at http://wigan.rlfans.com/fusion_pages/index.php?page_id=410.
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