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  1. Guest Speakers Ex Rugby League professionals Danny Sculthorpe and Phil Veivers For any colleagues who did not get an opportunity in 2019 Danny and Phil use their own personal experiences in the world of sport and life to deliver a powerful message around maintaining well-being and good mental health (please note the subject of suicide is covered). What makes their presentation stand out from other mental health talks is the way in which they deliver their message in an entertaining, dramatic and incredibly down to earth way! Come and join us in the ‘Assembly area Mezzanine Floor Canteen’ No need to book in advance Session 1. 9.00am to 10.15am Session 2. 11.00am to 12.15pm Session 3. 2.00 pm to 3.15pm To minimise business disruption and spread attendance as evenly as possible, please co-ordinate your attendance with your relevant management team
  2. Got this invite at work today, having chatted to some people who attended this last year I am told Danny and Phil gave a thought provoking powerful message. This is also being offered to other groups/sites in our organisation. Good stuff Wellbeing and Mental Fitness Presentations.docx
  3. Was really surprised when I came across this article on the BBC, fantastic read more please
  4. As good as Tomkins has been I think Bateman has been excellent in this game
  5. http://mailchi.mp/wiganwarriors/1w6ldnl13y-320829?e=d82b61a0be It is true we need some help with goalkicking.
  6. I have also been with them since they became sponsors and also told them it was because of RL I was switching to them. I haven't had issues with them but haven't had any cause to contact them with a problem so can't comment on their customer service. Not the cheapest I can get now but will wait to see what they offer me when my deal expires in December
  7. From an email I got from him today Mark Foster RFL Director of Marketing & Communications
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