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  1. As good as Tomkins has been I think Bateman has been excellent in this game
  2. http://mailchi.mp/wiganwarriors/1w6ldnl13y-320829?e=d82b61a0be It is true we need some help with goalkicking.
  3. I have also been with them since they became sponsors and also told them it was because of RL I was switching to them. I haven't had issues with them but haven't had any cause to contact them with a problem so can't comment on their customer service. Not the cheapest I can get now but will wait to see what they offer me when my deal expires in December
  4. From an email I got from him today Mark Foster RFL Director of Marketing & Communications
  5. Marie isn't back on the ward yet, no beds free so had to visit her in the birthing suite, not had any jackbit yet either
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