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  1. Word out is that yes, TO will be using duel reg with Dragons
  2. try the link further down
  3. Try this http://cricfree.sc/watch/live/australia-vs-new-zealand-live-streaming
  4. Being a Toulouse supporter, it's taken me all week to get over the loss but well played to your boys who really took it to us & didn't let up. Like TS said in the previous post, I also thought Samir had a big game. All the best for next season, I hope we will be there with you!
  5. Could be on his way to Leigh
  6. Yet another example why Rugby League is the greatest game of all!
  7. I heard he was off to Hull KR, any news on this, Heavy?
  8. A bit of motivation for Sylvain & the boys! http://theseladscanrunfor80mins.blogspot.fr/
  9. Toulouse voted club of the year, Sylvain coach of the year & Johno player of the year at last nights awards!