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  1. 2018 Admission prices

    Worked it out now. You have to click the "season tickets can be purchased online here" link in a busy body of copy. Absolutely incompetent, but they arent on their own with their website tbh.
  2. 2018 Admission prices

    Obviously your site is different to mine. Click on tickets all it offers is season tickets. Click on fixtures and then the Wigan game and it takes you to the season ticket page.
  3. 2018 Admission prices

    You need to look at cheapest and most expensive. This looks like Widnes and Salford are expensive and that isnt true.
  4. 2018 Admission prices

    I clicked on Salford and i cant even find out how to buy a match ticket!
  5. 2018 Admission prices

    Are those number accurate? If i go on Widnes site now im not offered a ticket for 36 quid.
  6. Bid to Bring WC 2021 to Cornwall

    The good thing about a warmup in a low key place like that is that you are not competing for ticket sales at all. If you want to watch England RL in the rest of the country you have to buy tickets to one of the big WC events.
  7. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    Over the years we have done those things. I recall the fan cam, can't remember whether it was used for a kiss or dancing or whatever. They also had the mascot games involving fans as a big part of the first few years. The last couple I have been to (and I have loved each one) - I have felt that it has been a little less interactive each time, and it has just been a procession of Rugby matches. The fanzones have become worse, little to no entertainment in the ground and tbh I think it has just led to people getting more and more wasted. I think things like the big screen have been under-utilised, there have been no features on who are the key players for the next game - highlights of super tries or owt like that. If anything, under the Hearns I would expect us to be more shouty about the event, which I don't think would be a bad thing.
  8. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    i'm a touch split on this one. I think it is one of the events where the RFL/SLE do ok - it is always built as a big event, and when it was in Edinburgh there was always plenty of presence around town. I do think posters at stations and bus advertising is often quoted but not always entirely effective on its own. Where I agree with you though is when you look at the 2013 World Cup. That Semi Final should have been a game changer. There is no reason why we went from 16k in 2000 to 67k in 2013 other than the investment and approach we took. We hired professionals and clearly spent a reasonable budget on it. That said, in that same tournament we did have more average results like 44k in Cardiff for the opener, so it doesn't always work. On one hand maybe 65-70k is the mark for Magic, but it doesn't feel like it, it feels like the vast vast majority of fans there are existing fans, and as you say, universities and businesses feel under-utilised. When they staged the last one in Edinburgh I lived up here and worked for HBOS - a company based in the heartlands and we had nothing around tickets for staff on our colleague sites. Things like this are just no-brainers and are purely lack of effort and/or brains.
  9. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    Where I would think they could be useful would be if they were given events like Magic Weekend or similar and tasked with growing them.
  10. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    People always use things like T20, Darts, Snooker, Boxing etc as evidence that SL is under-delivering, ignoring the growth that has been delivered since the advent of SL. Let's look at some of the things they have done: Create a league season. Yeah, we've had that for decades. Create events - again, we were one of the first major sports over here to adopt the 'razamatazz' - club nicknames, mascots, pre match entertainment etc. and we were (and still are) ripped by many people - despite the fact that it has created a real family environment. Magic Weekend has been a great addition to the calendar (loads of stick), and the Grand Final is an outstanding event. We are hosting great world cups and working towards new international events. New formats - this is something where there may be opportunity - but as has been discussed before, cricket fixed a problem that some fans could not (or didn't want to) commit to a full day (or 4/5) to watch a game of cricket and just wanted a night out. We already had a 2hr event. They wanted a slogfest for fun, we already have a game with loads of action. Personally, I think these sports have learnt a lot from RL.
  11. SL announce new commercial partner

    yep, i'm really surprised it has taken over 20 years to do this, particularly considering the fact that the Aussies have been doing it for yonks. As we saw at the RLWC the ad gets an awful lot of prominence! Agree with the others about not being a massive fan of ambulance chasers, but JohnM also makes a valid point. As long as our details are not passed to them by the RFL and we start getting early morning calls asking about an accident I haven't had!!!
  12. Old RL paper

    Wasnt it the friday sister version of LE?
  13. rfl block minga

    But this place isn't Twitter/Facebook. I'd like to think many of us prefer posting here for the difference to rlfans, twitter and facebook.
  14. rfl block minga

    jeez, there were probably two or three silly posts, the rest was an interesting discussion on the rules. Sometimes this place is .
  15. rfl block minga

    Apologies, having read it again, you are right in what you say. Basically, Minga managed to play in the competition because he was employed for a French club based on their employment laws, and he wouldn't have qualified to play over here at that time. So he cannot sign for an English club. According to the YEP the RFL have confirmed it was the initial application aspect that is the problem. Where I have an issue with this is that the RFL are discrediting their own competitions here, by not deeming them good enough to allow him to qualify after 2 years playing time in the Championship. Surely they should be looking at the last two years, where he has played in the comp and done well, rather than saying well he didn't play for an NRL club prior to that.
  16. rfl block minga

    Toulouse have played 51 league games over the last two seasons (assuming that Minga has been signed for this period). That assumes another 10 games for cup and whatever. It doesn't look like this total has been reduced for injuries - but again, that onus is on the player and Featherstone.
  17. rfl block minga

    It should be pointed out that it reads as though the onus is on the player/club to prove injury and provide evidence for these games to be removed from the total. Whether it has happened here is down to Fev and the player.
  18. rfl block minga

    They do have an appeals process which brings in subjectivity. And after further reading they do have injury dispensations which seemed to be something people wanted in this, so appears reasonable tbh.
  19. rfl block minga

    Injuries and international duty Exclusions from selection due to injury or international duty will be excluded from the assessment when applying the requirements both in initial applications and in extensions or changes of employer. Clubs should submit supporting evidence in such cases, stipulating the period of injury or international duty and a detailed record of the exact matches the player has missed due to injury or international duty. This evidence should be from the team doctor, or other official medical practitioner, or the team manager of the International Team (as applicable) on headed paper. For the avoidance of doubt the calculation will be that the number of matches missed by injury/international duty shall be deducted from the number of matches the player was available to play in. It will not be assumed that the player would have played in those matches if they had been fit. This could be if there are 20 matches in a season and the player plays in 10 and misses 5 through injury they will have played in 10 of the 15 available matches, a percentage of 66%.
  20. rfl block minga

    According to the regulation this happens. Possible games total can be reduced due to medical evidence
  21. rfl block minga

    Yes they are, if evidence provided, i suppose we dont know whether the 60odd possible games has factored this in.
  22. rfl block minga

    The bit in bold suggests the player must achieve at least one of the following. Doesn't that mean that if he can get injury evidence then he could meet the 75% (hypothetically as the 73.4% may already have included injury evidence)?
  23. rfl block minga

    So there is an injury dispensation. Ganes where he is injured are excluded - so was he just dropped for 26% of the games? Considering his try scoring record that appears unlikely.
  24. What seems to be clear from reading various articles is that they often refer to 'pennies' i expect they mean very low millions versus the multi billion dollar deals they have. So i expect that they do get paid, but are happy to accept next to no money for exposure. It is an interesting model and would be great if RL could get the BBC and Sky to agree to something similar, but tbh the BBC are not keen on pushing their existing SL highlights. If they could be given 5 games, similar to the RU deal ot could be great and they would complement cup coverage and highlights of SL - we could start to push a million viewers for the odd big game which has never been known for live SL.