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  1. It also showed Gareth O'Briens drop goal in the million pound game and 5/6 shots of Eddie Izzard.The drop goal was miles better than the shots of Izzard though!
  2. Looks like a large Wales squad if all the Sheffield team are due to take part.
  3. All the family went yesterday and I would like to say that the Batley Club,its fans,players and everyone connected with the club were magnificent from start to finish. Some of our family were behind the goals at the dressing room end whilst my wife and I sat in the stand to the left of the dressing room entrance and once we had sat down and started talking, a Batley fan whose family were sat in front of us turned round and said,are you from Salford? yes I replied and he then said how long have you been watching them for? 70 years I replied,he then produced a plastic folder containing Batley programmes,one of which was Batley v Salford in 1967 and all throughout the game we were swapping tales of different players,coaches etc. If that person is on this board,I have checked my programmes and was at the match in question. The Batley fans are obviously steeped in Rugby League and are very fair and knowlegeable in all aspects of the game and they do their club proud.
  4. David,the West Stand clock just told the time of day,and no one could see one on the scoreboard.
  5. Best team on the day won,just a couple of points though,no one at the South Stand end could see a time clock with minutes left and what happened to the big screen?
  6. Danny Brough showed what a nasty piece of work he is several times this afternoon and at one stage it looked as if his team mates were telling him to stop his antics,behind posts after Massilla Murdochs try in the second half and just how he gets away with these antics is beyond myself. With regards to Mr Child I hope that the referees head reviews his performance today,as if the players or coaches were as inconsistent as he was they would quickly be out of work. Huddersfields approach play at times appeared to be very quick it was just a shame that the passes were going into touch on too many occasions.
  7. All people want from the Disciplinary Panel is consistency,which unfortunately we are not getting at present,in fact we haven't had any for some considerable time. We have all seen incidents where players have been punished for bad tackles etc and have been banned,other players have committed the same offence and received either less matches or no matches whilst other players haven't even been charged. The RFL seem to allow this inconsistency to carry on and they cant be bothered to update the actual group of people who form the independent review panel,perhaps they(the RFL)aren't sure who are on the panel themselves. I haven't spoken to one person who agree's that the panel have got the Sean O'Loughlin case right in the reading of the judgement or the number of matches that he has been banned for.
  8. If there any planks around they are the ones involved in the disciplinary panel.
  9. Did anyone else notice that at one point Castleford appeared to have 15 players on the pitch during one of their double substitutions?
  10. According to Marwans twitter account someone mentioned that the date had been set and Marwan asked what the date was.It appears that League Express possibly knew the details before the club did and if that is the case then it is wrong.
  11. How is it that the press were informed of the appeal before the club?
  12. There have been improvements off the field already for all to see if some people would only take time to study them.The Red Devils Foundation are very active all over the local area and beyond and the clubs involvement with all the local clubs has reached a level not seen before in my years at the club but this will take time to come to fruition. The academy set up has improved immensely in the last twelve/eighteen months with Garreth Carvell and his team reorganising almost everything that has put the academy players on a much better footing than ever before with improved facilities,kit,training facilities and procedures in place as never before,again this will take time but the club is going in the right direction. In my opinion even though I am unsure what Marwan has planned on the marketing front improvements are a top priority and publicity around a widest possible area is a must at whatever cost that it takes,but there again we should have a separate Match Day marketer apart from the normal commercial people who do the lottery and hospitality and sponsorships,and I feel that these departments have performed well in difficult circumstances over the last two or three years. The media department again could improve things with press releases etc but due to the local press being in such a dire state sport wise this is a difficult one and hence The Game Caller and Mario Rugby etc trying to get their points of view over with mainly negative comments with snippets that they have picked up at matches and on social media. Finally on the stadium access and transport issues,Marwan has tried everything on the transport side but the key factor,in my opinion is two fold in that until we get the new bridge sorted out from the Trafford Centre side which would give us an extra route in and out of the site the public transport side will not be sorted out.