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  1. Your points with regards the referee,Child are correct,he was as inconsistent as ever and in the first half Wigan got away with lots of things that many other teams do not.
  2. The Independant Match Review Panel never cease to amaze myself and most like minded RL fans. What an example McGuires action and the IMRPanels response to it gives to players,fans and youngsters who are setting off in the game. What an example it gives to the referee's and other officials who have a difficult enough job as it is without these nonsensical decisions which always appear to favour players of certain clubs.
  3. They won't go bust but their reputation and Diamonds standing is in tatters even amongst some of the Sale supporters. Diamond was never the sharpest brush in the set but he has exceeded himself over this as himself and the Sale club are the ones who should have a good hard look at themselves over this matter and how they handled it.
  4. Hudson Smith used the same ploy/trick against Salford a few years ago when he was allowed to leave on the "homesick"grounds and promptly moved to Bradford to be nearer to Australia. I am still of the opinion though that a Sale and Diamond deserve each other and should not be trusted and the same supplies to Solomona and his agent.
  5. I have been to the AJBell stadium and it is not miles from anywhere and it is close to several large housing estates including Eccles,Winton,Irlam,Cadishead and it is in Salford,albeit not in the centre it is also handy for areas of Trafford,Urmston,Davyhulme etc. Where I sit there are some fans who had never been regulars at the Willows and ex Willows regulars like my family,none dislike the stadium and are currently enjoying the rugby especially this season. There are buses but not enough at the times that matches are on,the fact that we have played matches on several different days at various times has not helped. It takes us less time for us to get there than it did to the Willows but longer to get home as we park away from the ground and have ten minute walk to the car. i think that the ground is very good,it's got brilliant views in comfortable seats,the playing surface is excellent as are the other facilities,according to some people the beer could be better though. The hospitality arrangements are also very good and even the Stadium Company have improved recently and both the club and stadium company appear to be working closely together to try and improve things even further. I suspect that if Castleford Tigers moved out of the town their support would hold up,knowing the attitude of their supporters as it is at present.
  6. Your comment on the Tierney incident is a perfect example of the just how inconsistent the disciplinary process is,it appeared to me that he looked at the Hull player and put his boot exactly where he intended it go go.
  7. Excellent post Middleman
  8. It should read - Some of the things posted on Twitter by some Salford fans were an embarrassment to their club and the game. I wasn't at the game as I am away on holiday but five of my family were and they saw and heard nothing. The four in balaclavas posing on twitter are a total embarrassment and no one with a modicum of common sense would pull such a stunt.
  9. If you checked out the work that the club/staff/players are doing in the community you will see that they are doing everything that you are suggesting in your post.
  10. And so do I hope that the club helps in to rehabilitate.
  11. How do you know that the club wants to unload him?
  12. I forgot to mention in the earlier post Ref Jack Smith's performance, after the violent high tackle on Greg Johnson he put Toronto on another team warning is that correct as I have never seen that happen previously?for a high dangerous tackle. Toronto had two definitely team warnings possibly three and on one occasion committed a professional foul on Micheal Dobson just afterwards and were just penalised again surely a sin bin offence?
  13. Red Willow I normally sit close to you on match days and yesterday the hit on O'Brien and the later one on Johnson were more or less directly in front of us O'Briens slightly to the left in centre field and Johnson's was in the corner just to our right. How all the officials could miss both these incidents is a mystery to myself and both tackles should have punished severely, yet the referee seemed unconcerned about both, with the one on Johnson being as you rightly say, the cause of the verbals that were taking place immediately afterwards. The officials yesterday gave possibly the worst display of any that I have seen in almost 70 years of watching Rugby League and I have never seen as many supporters up on their feet voicing their opinions over the lack of any action over the foul play that was on show from Toronto especially by their Number 13 Bushey? who was a complete and utter disgrace. The referee is obviously completely out of his depth at Superleague level,but I don't blame the officials as it is the system of training and recruitment that is not fit for purpose and that is the fault of the RFL as people are being promoted way in advance of how they should be. I also expect players to be role models and thankfully Rugby League has many that are but what I fear is that as has happened in the past once the disciplinary process starts people will be punished in an inconsistent manner which will inflame and spoil the game once more. On this weeks disciplinary I fully expect that both the incidents that are mentioned are brought up plus the knee in the head of Adam Walne late in the game,but there again it could be similar to Krisnan Inu on Easter Monday, no action taken. Lastly Toronto played some excellent rugby at times and there was no need for for the thuggery that they showed throughout the game and if they do progress through the system into Superleague lets hope that their actions are treated in the same way that other clubs are.