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  1. It depends on what the criteria for franchising would be used if/when it comes in as on the last couple of franchising arrangements Salford were accepted in. It is common knowledge that Salford took on board what the hierarchy in the RFL and Superleague were saying was required and have paid a heavy price financially and in other areas. If one came in now Salford should not qualify due to crowds,financial situation etc, but equally if the state of the stadiums etc were to be included the at least a couple of clubs should not qualify.
  2. WSCR

    Hardaker 14 months ban

    The bill for that legal team must be very expensive.
  3. WSCR

    Evalds to Cas

    Parksider,I don’t particularly care if you don’t buy my idea of lazy journalists as I can remember in the Manchester/Salford area proper rugby league journalists like Tom Bergin,Jack Bentley,Jack McNamara and others who really attended games and reported the facts and figures concerning matches,they never cut and pasted as it wasn’t around at the time. The club have said publicly that they will have to run within a budget which we can afford and all the fans that I have spoken to are happy with that scenario and I do find it irritating when news,genuine or not,is regurgitated on a regular basis by very lazy journalists,working for previously good newspapers who now,certainly in our area have to give papers away free a couple of days a week due to their poor and in some cases copy and pasted articles.
  4. WSCR

    Evalds to Cas

    Apart from some unsubstantiated rumours that several people and lazy journalists have decided to copy and paste,BMM and GOB are the only players that have been sold by Salford Red Devil’s. The new board at Salford have taken on a difficult task but they are making moves in the right direction and having met them at various meetings and at matches I am prepared to give them all the support that I can as are lots of other fans. Where is the evidence that the club are offering players to anyone who wants them?apart from these rubbish journalists who in the main are stealing a living especially compared with some of the old time genuine ones.
  5. Well we, my wife and,I voted to remain after a long period of discussion,but due to the conduct of the remainers in the UK led by the likes of Tony Blair and various other celebrities followed by the conduct of some of the EU top dogs we would vote leave if we were to have another referendum forced on us. The conduct of these people,many who have made a fortune out of the EU,plus some major media organisations,with their utter bias in favour of the EU ,have made us realise that the sooner we are out of this organisation the better. None of my friends who voted to leave have changed their minds,several who voted remain would vote to leave,we all feel that the result should stand and people should accept the referendum result. As someone has already commented when the likes of Bob Geldorf want to remain I think we should leave.
  6. WSCR

    Playing in the snow

    In the mid eighties our family plus our future Australian son-in-law made our way to Watersheddings to watch Salford play Oldham,possibly around Christmas time. We parked up and started making our way to the ground and he could not believe how in a few miles we could have gone from no snow in Walkden to several inches,on the streets leading up to the Watersheddings. He then asked if we play, how will anyone be able to see the touch lines etc,he wouldn’t believe us when we said that they will be painted red or any other that Oldham would have available. We still follow Salford and so does my son-in-law and he still says that he has never been as cold before or after that game.
  7. WSCR

    New Badge

    The complaints are about almost everything on the logo, I personally think that it is fine others don’t and if you read the information regarding how the various pieces on the logo relate to Salford one should be able to understand how the final design was arrived at. I would have preferred the devil being on the crest but it wasn’t to be. The above logo was brought in when Maurice Lindsay wanted every SL team to be in a city,which Salford were and the club came up with this one,without any consultation with the fans I might add and I cannot recall the mass hysteria as this time. I won’t lose any sleep over it,and who knows it could well be changed again in the future.
  8. WSCR

    New Badge

    There was no social media then.
  9. WSCR

    New Badge

    Hard to say a couple of teenage supporters that I know(grandchildren) are happy with it but obviously some people are not. What cannot understand is that when the crest/badge has been changed before no one seemed bothered.
  10. WSCR

    New Badge

    If you check the City of Salford coat of arms or crest there are bees to be seen and if you go onto the council website it explains all about its origins. I like the club crest by the way.
  11. If there is a Salford Red Devil's team out there our family will be there.
  12. The vast majority of the Salford fans that I know are pro Marwan Koukash and will be forever grateful for his support even though some of his twitter posts were a bit silly. Quite a number of fans of other clubs like Marwan as well and I have seen these fans shaking him by the hand on many occasions both home and away. Anyone involved with the club over recent years ,who were at Pendleton Church on that December evening came away completely desolate after hearing what a critical state the club was in,then along came Marwan to save the day. The advice he was given,the people who were recommended to him and the people who these people advised him to sign have let Marwan down in my opinion. He was a completely different chairman/owner than any other that I have known and even though I didn't agree with all his views I give him credit for what he has given us since 2013. I will be at Eccles Roosters next Monday to see what is said and hopefully things will become clearer sooner than later.
  13. I also watch the matches with both eyes open and last Thursday Saints were the better team by far but the officials,who are RFL employees used a different set of rules for each team and Saints did not require any assistance,could this not be the agenda that people are referring to? Apart from Walmsley getting off scot free over his incidents with Jordan Walne,yes there were two where the elbow was used,the offsides,play the balls,and other aspects of the game were not controlled fairly for both sides in my and many other people's opinions.
  14. Why shouldn't the panel say a referee has got it wrong? I am presuming that the panel actually watch the incidents?