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  1. WSCR

    Ian Lenagan on the attack

    Irrespective of what people think of how Ian Lenegan has run the Wigan club his article over this stupid decision is spot on and the RFL have embarrassed our game and the person/people responsible should be asked to vacate their positions as soon as possible.
  2. Bleep do you run a tripe shop in East Sussex or are you on something? You clearly have no idea of what you are talking about.
  3. WSCR

    swinton v salford

    The chap used to do the Willows on alternate weeks,always had a good rapport with the fans.
  4. As I understand the situation Salford have survived in SL for another year just as Leeds,HKR and other clubs are hoping to do in the Qualifiers. The present board,albeit a small one,are working very hard to improve attendances,re-introduce academy and reserve teams,we already have an academy set up but are hoping improve the situation sooner rather than later. The present board are now working closely with the Salford RLFC supporters trust so that both know and discuss what items need attention and what are the best ways to improve things. The clubs involvement around the schools and other education establishments has increased through Salford Reds Foundation and they are trying to expand things further as soon as they can,finances permitting. The involvement of the playing and coaching staff with the local community and the amateur clubs has increased and is possibly better than it has ever been. Has the issue of the crowds at London Broncos been addressed? Another poster has posted about Salford having fickle fans,they must be joking as we might not have as many fans as other clubs but to be a proper Salford fan you cannot be fickle. The points mentioned will not be sorted out overnight,improvements will come in time and hopefully a few more people will be a little happier as I don’t know what would have been posted if we had lost last night,but I had already ordered our season tickets before the game anyway.
  5. I thought that Toulouse gave everything that they had and they were applauded off at the end,did their lap of honour,signed lots off autographs,had pictures taken,took pictures for fans and overall were excellent ambassadors for their club and the French league set up. In my opinion they deserve to progress and I hope that they carry on doing so.
  6. Has John Wells got a job lined up with Toronto?His comments are pathetic.
  7. Nigel Wood has overseen a bad period in the history of our game in my opinion and may be happy what he has taken away with him but should be far from happy with what he has left behind. The RFL has been poorly run,hasn’t communicated with the fans,has allowed major problems, such has referees leaving in mysterious circumstances,officials leaving very quickly, hardly any development officers in positions where they are needed, a shambles of the end of season fixtures,poor promotion of the sport in any format etc. The challenge cup has been devalued,season ticket holders are missing matches to late changes and Sky is running the show for most of the time, TV games now last ages longer than necessary and at some TV games the paying public can see a screen but not see anything on it yet can see the referee taking instructions from above, its either that or they are taking a phone call from someone. All in all his legacy is not a good one.
  8. Not sure there were two or three players in the area.
  9. It was Bussey,he is remembered by a lot of people from the challenge cup match in 2017. The biting incident was clearly shown on TV. The penalty should have given but wasn’t,what rubbed it in was that Bussey was immediately substituted and when he came back on the the second half he complained to the referee the someone had bit his finger.
  10. I wonder what Kayakman’s view of Bussey’s disgraceful act is now?and let’s see what the Match Review Panel makes of it.
  11. I cannot see anywhere that Hastings has had a ten match ban, there was an incident with Dale Cherry Evans at training at Manley Sea Eagles. I think that a previous poster was inferring that Jamie Acton of Leigh hadn’t learnt from previous bans,he got a four month ban this year.
  12. Where did you here that Jackson Hastings had previosly had a ten game ban? I think that a previous poster may have been referring to Jamie Acton.
  13. They also out bid Salford for Matty Russell a few weeks earlier.
  14. The Salford fans certainly hope so.😀
  15. Well, from the minute he arrived at the club he has shown 100% loyalty to the club and it’s fans and on occasions to fans of other clubs,you may or may not have seen the quote from a Halifax fan for Jackon Hastings conduct in the recent qualifier there. The lad committed a foul he has been punished for it and he and the club will have carry on until the Toulouse game regardless.