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  1. Obituary Corner

    That's no age.A bit of my youth has died there.
  2. Superleague feed in nz It looks like it's returning on Maori tv
  3. Obituary Corner

    the goodfella himself
  4. Random internet link of the day

    Went to see these last night. They are a very talented bunch and it was a very good show. I would have maybe preferred to have seen them in a more intimate venue but other than that it's a simple concept performed very well with great skill and humour. I would reccommend them to anyone.
  5. The Photography Thread

    is that a picture from the trl grand final meet up?
  6. Thank you

    aye congrats to halifax and cheers to rovers for a great season. I'm down for now but I'm sure we'll all get over it!!
  7. trippy ambient sounds courtesy of... ...Justin Beiber the internet is great
  8. England 4 Nations warm up game against the NZ Maori

    I wouldn't call the maori team a joke. it's just a rep team made up of maori. nothing more nothing less. I think they will all be of the required 1/16th maori descent. They will be more maori than the england team english, NZ team NZ and Australia team Australian when you think about it
  9. That's quite clearly the description of Post Office Road by a man who couldn't find it!
  10. Best moment of 2010

    I think anyone who's been a Fev fan for any length of time knows what you're saying there. this being the only way I can keep up with the Fev news the highlight of the year has been reading this forum and the Fev website on a monday morning. that's at leat until my dad posts some dvds to me (big hint if thas reading this fatha)
  11. how good is this

    I think during the shots of the crowd at the hunslet game I can see you having a cal with parksider
  12. Benifits of finishing first?

    Which ever way it works out it's going to be a tough one and I just hope that any complacancy (?) is drilled out of the lads by DP Barrow have already had a taste of the euphoria of digging deep and winning a knock out game this season when they beat C*s in the cup. I'm t'other side o' world and the playoffs are a feww weeks away but the excitment/nerves are building up already
  13. Garry Schofield to coach South Africa

    it does seem to be the default setting for some on here whenever Garry's name pops up. And everyone's always very quick to accuse the media of being lazy when it comes to RL So regardles of what I think on his views of the game I'd like to wish him luck
  14. you forgot to mention the slums
  15. Castleford Re-sign Richard Owen

    indeed! anyway good news for cas! keeping one their young 'uns! it's been a torrid time recently for cas so any good news should be welcome. being a fev fan i know all about torrid times