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  1. So Toulouse will get in at the expense of traditional clubs like fev,halifax, sheff etc. Its a joke and a real shame that clubs spend money improveing there grounds and building foundations to get in super league and the powers that be have no intentions of letting them go up. Makes me laugh that Toulouse think there going to get thousands of fans at every home game just because Catalan played a game there and they got 14,000 fans or whatever the number was. Was proved a couple of years ago that that was not the case in the championship. About time the rugby league bit the bullet and brought back promotion and relegationso that every game played is as important at the bottom of the league than it is at the top.
  2. Featherstone Rovers book

    I saw the cas one in the bargain bin at the same shop! :-p
  3. Fan assaulted - Fev or Fax fan?

    Well said mate! Been at every game home and away for the last few seasons and enjoyed everyone of them.Had a laugh with the opositions fans before and after games no matter what the result,and thats the way it should be!
  4. Why Kick to Halifax

    In Evening post Powell says he chose to kick off to get them deep into there half,because of the risk of their short kick off and winning the ball straight back.Makes sense to me!
  5. Gentle Reminder

    Great picture! Fans old and new,thats what this great club is about!!!
  6. It's Market Day

    There any special offers on the sheffield tickets?
  7. Cassidy

    Fair do's.
  8. Cassidy

    Just thought a coach wasn't allowed to be on the pitch while a game is playing,might be wrong though!
  9. Cassidy

    Watching match on sky and it said Cassidy is stand in coach for Cullen. If thats the case am i right in thinking he shouldn't be on the pitch? cos he's doing his usual water carrying routine!!
  10. Stewards

    Yeah,a whitehaven fan was telling us that he was exactly the same with the leigh fans.
  11. Mathers wins an award

    He did have a nightmare of a game.The thing with mathers is,he thinks he's better than he actually is!!
  12. leigh fev score updates

    Come on Rovers!!
  13. Toulouse away

    How's everyone getting to toulouse and where abouts u stopping. Ive asked in the club shop and theres no trip from the club. Cheers
  14. You're all in trouble!

    I never saw any trouble. Just fev fans enjoying the day out.
  15. Proud

    Played well today,if it wasnt for the first 10 minutes it could of been a differnet game. Great fev following too ,flat caps everywhere!