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  1. Hope the lad makes a speedy recovery heard he's had to have a kidney removed.
  2. Well Garry Schofield got it bang right, Widnes are rubbish saints are rubbish and the ref well he was terrible. Wilkin showed what I've always thought a dirty cheating so and so. Middle eights for Widnes where they lose mpg to the robins.
  3. Widnes handling is appalling, Betts must be pulling his hair out.
  4. Ha ha ha I obviously missed out s**t.
  5. What this again there was no truth in the last allegation nothing in this one either. He who stirs the pot should be made to lick the spoon.
  6. To cap it all Frank showed some real quality giving V sign to Leeds fans when he was dragged off.
  7. When are Wigan going to wake up and realise that j tomkins is living on the back of his brothers name, him and Frank-paul bagofshite are not up to Wigan standard.
  8. The Leeds ones or the Wigan ones ???
  9. By two points at best,what kind of logic is that ? Out scored 5 tries to 2 sounds like a poor excuse for dog s**t defence. (Or you can blame the ref as per)
  10. So so sad a Leeds legend. The comments of his wife brought tears to my eyes.
  11. Is it coincidence Wigan switch from Friday to Sunday as Wigan athletic are at home on Saturday,is it deja vu again ????
  12. I take it you have not watched Leeds this season.
  13. Ha ha I like that one.