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  1. I've yet to meet a Cas fan who doesn't want Leeds to lose, and that includes members of my own family. So getting upset doesn't come into it.
  2. Why would I be upset ? It's just the predictability I was alluding to.
  3. Watch the HKR game back and see if you think Thaler (think it was him) was in our pocket. Gifted Rovers two tries.
  4. Ha ha ha, spot on.
  5. Sorry wrong topic, should have been cats v saints.
  6. This ref not fit to run a NCL third division game. Pub team referee. Diabolical.
  7. This ref not fit to ref an NCL third division game. Pub team referee.
  8. This ref doing his best for St Helens, must have a bet on em.
  9. Probably the same basis you thought Powell was a great appointment.
  10. Please please please let Hull win.
  11. Can anybody tell me how many teams are relegated this season from this division, thanks.
  12. After a slow start comfortable victory for the wire +14
  13. 3 great try saving tackles by Ashton Golding.