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  1. Obviously a poor attempt at sarcasm. After last weeks game at Leeds the Hull fans around me and on here plus the players were constantly complaining about no 50-50 calls and the referee being bent. (I must try harder). Anyway Hull by 20.
  2. Liam Watts

    Not surprised about a falling out, nothing but empty space between his ears.
  3. Plus just for OF Salford to get all the 50-50 calls, because the ref is biased.
  4. Being a realist Saints by 12. Saints playing very good rugby Rhinos not.
  5. It's taken me 20 minutes lol
  6. I set my planner to record it and all I got was ice hockey.
  7. Excuse me part ownership with Wigan.
  8. Having watched all the live sky games so far the motm has been decided by the public through the new sky app, fair enough, but the nominees are put forward by 4 greats of the game so says Eddie Hemmings. Who are these mysterious 4 does anybody know ???
  9. RIP Geoff Pimblett

    Sad to hear that news. Great player for Saints back in the day.
  10. Hardaker Sacked

    Good riddance LOSER.