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  1. I too expect Wigan to go well but wouldn't pin my hopes on the likes of Joel Tomkins he's a waste of salary cap money.
  2. Rangi Chase

    Are you right in the head ? Only a complete idiot would think that way. Who told you it was non addictive,and addict. He and the rest of them should be banned for life.
  3. Is Geoff Toovey still the coach or has he thrown the towel in ????
  4. Was thinking much the same,Hall in for Ratchford. Can even see Percival and Currie in the centres.
  5. Totally agree with that statement. I'm mean Ratchford on the wing. I suppose Wayne knows best.
  6. Ben Murdoch-Masila

    Only plays limited minutes,scores some tries granted but usually from 5 yards out doesn't do many lung busting runs. Looks 3 stone over weight in fact he could be feka paaliasena. I think you've been had.
  7. England Squad Named

    Would have loved to see Tommy makinson in that line up always impressive when I see him play. Thing point about Ryan Hall his record for England is second to none. Not had a great season but will never let anyone down.
  8. Would you have said that if saints had beaten them in the semi ? Thought not utterly pathetic comment.
  9. Great news for Leeds mega moron Hardacker up to his old tricks.
  10. Great game could have gone against us and I would have had no complaints. Thought Gareth Ellis was awesome for Hull, on the other hand Watts is a liability.
  11. Got a sneaky feeling for the Saints tonight. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. Leigh to win and macbanana to get the sack straight after.
  13. Peta Hiku

    Been on holiday did I miss something ? Why has he quit so soon ? Can't have played many games ?
  14. Dead rubber really. Either team to win depends who turns up. Personally think rhinos will have loads of injuries ( cough).
  15. I thought you ate that in a Mexican restaurant 😂😂😂