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  1. Always said Elland Road was rubbish,unless you were watching the Rhinos win the world club challenge. Not that you would remember saints winning one lol
  2. See Shaun wane that's what his players do every week.
  3. Put it on Kallum Watkins shoulders jm does.
  4. Just get Shaun wane as coach and play the Wigan team,bound to win then.
  5. Ha ha ha it's usually Watkins.
  6. England lost let's blame Kallum Watkins. That what this forum seems to be about. Let's get real all the Burgess brothers were absolutely s...e. Hill,Graham,Hodgson didn't turn up,the half backs were none existent. The biggest disappointment was the god that was Wayne Bennett doesn't know his ###### from his elbow. Where do we go from here god knows ?
  7. I hope he does it's about time.
  8. Just a thought Watkins has come in for some stick lately somewhat justified but looking at the stats in the Rugby Leaguer in both games he's played he's made 28 tackles v New Zealand and 22 v Scotland,that's more than the fullback both wingers and the other centre combined in both games. Is this why his attack is stuttering? The
  9. Why do you know me? It's called free speech it's an opinion deal with it,unless you're a fascist.
  10. A legend in Huddersfield yes but one of the most underrated players, take your claret and gold glasses off mate you are making yourself sound silly. A plodder at best.
  11. Plus the NCL don't like the Hunslet warriors for past misdemeanours. Like foolishly trying to take them to court.
  12. Would have to be a long shot he's in Madeira.
  13. One for the Leigh fans on here,haven't seen his name for a few weeks is he out of favour,injured or not even there ?
  14. Better to be good loser than a sore one like Shaun Wane,he so reminds me of that scots bloke who managed Man U.