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  1. Loiner

    Where do Leeds go now?

    Down unfortunately.
  2. Nice one Harry, firmly nailed your colours to the mast lol.
  3. Eden comes out for second half wearing a big red nose and big floppy shoes.
  4. Sat on the fence with this one. Could be golden point either way.
  5. Hull by 12+. Broncos have done very well so far but let's be honest they have beaten two very poor teams in Leeds and Wigan.
  6. Trinity to pull this one off in a tight low scoring game +6.
  7. Nasty ? The post above mine compares him to a North Korean despot and you criticized me, some logic that John. Maybe it was a bit harsh maybe I should have just said boring.
  8. I used to like this show,but now it seems to be recorded in someones garden shed and hosted by a man who has as much charisma as a used tea bag. Come back Dave Woods.
  9. Sad for Ward again but it's not just him, Hall ,Watkins,Gale,Ellis, Farrell and poor Manfredi and many more.
  10. Loiner

    Are Wigan in crisis?

    I'm also sure 100% Wogan is dead and buried. Lol
  11. What is Lenegans approach ?
  12. I'm with you on that. Canberra and NZW most be really hard up in the halves.