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  1. Central park was a fantastic ground and had the pleasure of going there a lot of times in the 60s,70s and 80s.
  2. That's quite correct M.O.K . I said many years ago Leeds should have bought up the houses there then there would be no issue with objections with planning permission to erect a roof on the western terrace. The houses could have players or students as occupants.
  3. You are quite correct in saying that sir or madam delete as appropriate.
  4. Do you really mean that ? That was a very good line up from Wigan last playing like they didn't know eachother. Totally un Wigan like. They beat a very poor clueless Leeds at times by a few points ( the last try was a joke). The consolation for me is Wigan are going to win as much as Leeds this season **** all, although we could get the wooden spoon lol.
  5. Too close to call for me this game. Both teams not playing great (understatement I know) but both teams have the ability to thrash the other. 6 points either way.
  6. Ah right, I thought it was a straight promotion and relegation.
  7. As I understand it this season one team from Super League will go down ( pick any one from 6) and one team probably Toronto will be promoted. So what are the other four teams in the championship playing off for ?
  8. I wasn't moaning about anything, obviously the irony is lost on you. I was mearly mimicking Powell after Leeds game.
  9. You would have thought Castleford had won the cup by there celebrations at the end.
  10. Now Bradford are out can we dispatch this boring myth of John Kear being some sort of challenge cup super coach.
  11. On current form not a snowball in hell's chance of getting a game down under, or with Great Britain either.
  12. I'm sure Danny Ward can do it again with the London Broncos.
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