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  1. He is telling the truth though. Fed up hearing about their new grounds that never happen. Genuine question has a sod of earth been turned at Castleford ?
  2. Loiner

    Elstone speaks!

    Just look at that smile,just waiting to sell you a second hand car.
  3. Why do you increasingly act like a **** on the field,did you feel hard when you pulled Sims' hair ?
  4. Loiner

    London Broncos Announcement

    Looks like Ryan Morgan from Saints.
  5. Loiner

    Golden Point

    Golden point is a rubbish idea. What's wrong with a draw ? All you get is a farse at the end of 80 minutes.
  6. R. I. P to big John Mantle a great forward for Saints when I was a kid. Sadly missed.
  7. Loiner

    Fixtures 2019

    Are these fixtures correct ? They show Leeds Rhinos away to Wire, Wigan, Saints and Salford in first 4 rounds.
  8. Loiner

    furner speculation

    Thanks for the heads-up on that will make a b-line to there next time I'm in Blackpool.
  9. Loiner

    furner speculation

    £1.60 can't believe it ?
  10. Loiner

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    I think Wigan have to be given a slap on the back for trying to get him back on track. If his head is in its right position you will have a great player. Best of luck.
  11. Loiner

    Leeds New Signing

    I apologize if you think I've taken offence I haven't. I was mearly alluding to the fact I thought Coote was just average as well. Sorry if I've caused any offence.
  12. Loiner

    Leeds New Signing

    A bit like Lachlan Coote I suppose ? He was a waste of space at NQC.
  13. Loiner

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    I must admit I thought he was great for St Helens, don't know how he faired at the Gold coast but must be doing something right.
  14. Loiner

    England Squad to Face New Zealand

    But he hasn't actually stood out for Wigan has he ?