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  1. From a Leeds point of view, F/b. B Webb W. E. Grothe C. G Schofield C. K Senior W. R Hall S/o. I Harris S/h C Lyons P. A. Morley H. D. Buderus P. J. Peacock S/r. A. Lauitiiti S/r. D Furner L/f E Hanley Subs. K Sinfield T Carroll A Cuthbertson M Adamson.
  2. Sadly no but I think they could go close,semi final maybe ?
  3. Steady on, please quote Leeds game when someone did that ?
  4. Quality absolute quality ###### myself laughing at that.
  5. Thanks for those links paulwalker and Dave T.
  6. What was the outcome of last night's meeting,who received what. Can't seem to find the results anywhere ?
  7. What ? Can't understand Scouse.
  8. No it has to be cherry b. Even a die hard tiger has to admit Hull had a perfectly good try chalked off.
  9. Let's all get real Hull were robbed at the end, absolute disgusting decision by the ref and video ref.
  10. They might even show championship matches as well. Hopefully.
  11. See quote by fieldofclothofgold. Kermit.
  12. All players from any sport including rugby league should be banned for life if they are caught taking any form of performance enhancing or recreational drugs. Set an example to the thousands of kids and young adults take drugs and you are finished.
  13. After last nights result "swallows hard" come on you tigers. Think I feel sick now.