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  1. And you no doubt was one of the milner for England brigade.
  2. What do you mean can he read, he's a Cas supporter.
  3. Super league Rhinos v Dragons,what does everyone think ?
  4. And here's me thinking the giants were in business to make money. Won't make much giving away free lollipops either. As for meargers what was your reaction to joining up with Sheffield ?
  5. Brett Ferres to **** off more like.
  6. Actually was not having a pop,just can't understand bragging about a large crowd when half of them haven't coughed up. Plus if I was a giants season ticket holder I would be pretty peed off the guy sat next to me paid nothing. Anyway I'm only 11.
  7. Don't know where the bookies get odds like -8. Do they know something that we don't ? Think -20 is more realistic.
  8. Hull to win this one, Wigan seem to be in a bit of disarray, tight though.
  9. What's the point of saying you are going to get a crowd of 7500 if most of them are free tickets ?
  10. That's the spirit get the excuses in before 7.45.
  11. A far comment you see him more than me.
  12. A right royal bumming for the Rhinos I'm afraid.
  13. A good line up apart from McGilvary who's not playing very well and looks totally disinterested.