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    RL (duh) physio at amateur club<br />Military history<br />loud rock music (but have an ear problem)<br />motorcycle racing (but can no longer ride, ear problem makes me fall off!)
  1. maroonandgold

    The Golden Point

    It should be the first to be 4 points clear.....and a minimum of 10 minutes played.
  2. maroonandgold

    Rewarding Volunteers

    Young Achievers Awards Free money for deserving rugby league volunteers...... Basically there are 4 types of volunteering and 2 age groups, so there are sport categories for 16-19 year olds and for 20-25 year olds. The site it mentions a winner in each getting
  3. maroonandgold

    Leroy Cudjoe

    Morley Borough vs Newsome Panthers 1sts
  4. maroonandgold

    Leroy Cudjoe

    Phil Joseph was at Newsome last season. My lad will be pleased to hear he's not there this time around, he's playing Newsome this weekend and Mr Joseph ran over, through and round every one of them last season!!
  5. maroonandgold

    Today's RFL Disciplinary Hearing.

    I don't see the need for the appeals process in its current guise. If all things are properly considered at the original hearing there should be no appeal. If something is missed or comes to light afterward then fair enough, appeal. It would stop initial sentences being too high just so they can be reduced by subsequent appeals....
  6. maroonandgold

    Wigan, the play-offs

    But you aren't League champions yet....that's what the OP was asking.
  7. maroonandgold


    ...or for the land of his birth. To me I'm more concerned that he played for somewhere else less than 12 months ago. Is he actually resident here at all or does he go "home" off season. Has he got a UK passport.....has he even applied>
  8. maroonandgold

    Ben Cockayne's two match ban...

    I suppose it just confirms what many suspected.....he's no idea what he's doing.
  9. maroonandgold

    Castleford hit with pretty big fine

    I think you're on your own with that one, yes.