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  1. Heathrow to Toronto is 3,550 mi Heathrow to Vancouver is 4,714 mi
  2. Is the breakdown the ruck?
  3. RT @Uni_Lincoln_RL: The club has released a statement with regards to the upcoming season. @TheRFL @MidsRugbyLeague

  4. @IcelandFoods

  5. RT @Polly_Gall: @b3ta As a young, newly qualified nurse I had to catheterise an 18 year old young man. He was obviously nervous. As I was a…

  6. @ThaBearded1 @FoxandGrapesCRB @LincolnGBrewing What do you prefer? Bitter? Stout? IPA? etc

  7. @ThaBearded1 @FoxandGrapesCRB No idea what all those letters mean, but I'll try to pop out Thursday

  8. @MattyJudge @moneydashboard Any joy with this?

  9. @MoneySavingExp I logged in, clicked to view my transactions and it logged me back out. Now I can't log back in

  10. @TomCrook_ @markill @emllever As long as you don't mind me not drinking as I'll be driving home in the early aftern…

  11. @TSB Tuesday last week

  12. @TSB It's working now. On another note, how long does it take to change my address if I posted the form?

  13. RT @TheHeckleBros: The Undertaker unretired. John Cena and Nikki Bella have broken up. Was WrestleMania 33 a lie? Have Kevin Owens and Chri…

  14. I just supported Steve Prescott Foundation by shopping on #YouShopAmazonGives

  15. RT @jadeherrin1: Im just gunna leave this here with @AH_Michael @GeoffLRamsey ...