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  1. RT @robmanuel: I have but also can’t measure the invisible reverse - what jobs you were never offered because you shoot your mouth off on s…

  2. Do they have to be called Englad 'A'? Can't they just be called England?
  3. League boss says union is behind international snub via @smh #rugbyleague

  4. Then we wouldn't have ended up with Parcell. I'm happy with how it all worked out
  5. Well done to Colombia for thir win over Brazil. Any word on why they replaced Mexico? Was it just funding?
  6. Technically, no, but do issue their own passports
  7. @EnpassApp Will you be impacted by the crackdown on accessibility services on Android?

  8. @Widnes_ThreeUK @empiremagazine @ThreeUKSupport No worries. It's not a @ThreeUK issue, it's an @empiremagazine issu…

  9. Nice to see Krispy Kreme celebrating #WorldDiabetesDay by giving out 36,000 free doughnuts

  10. @dirty30m Doesn't mean anything, I don't think

  11. RT @DaveWoodsSport: BBC Sport - Rugby League World Cup: Does the sport have a behaviour problem?

  12. Is everyone in agreement about that?
  13. @DumDumClub @NickCarrComedy @capperflapper I'm a random person that got on an episode and it cost me over £1,000 (a…

  14. I'll try to watch the match over the next few days and keep track of the score, but I'm not sure the whole thing was filmed. It just seemed to be someone on their phone and the live video kept stopping/starting I think it was just whatever asian people were available due to South Africa dropping out. ASEAN just being the banner they played under. Hungary are playing them tomorrow too
  15. RT @mrtonymartin: Christopher Reeve was a great Superman, but surely the wrong gauge to make this work: