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  1. From the Canada restructure article, suggests the whole tournament is there - Rugby League World Cup Qualifying tournament, scheduled for November/December in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Mascord Brownz are also getting those in. Makes sense, I've just seen who their sponsor is!
  3. I was hoping to pop along for a day as I'll be in Bulgaria during the tournament, but flight times and prices rule it out unfortunately
  4. Heathrow to Toronto is 3,550 mi Heathrow to Vancouver is 4,714 mi
  5. Is the breakdown the ruck?
  6. RT @Uni_Lincoln_RL: The club has released a statement with regards to the upcoming season. @TheRFL @MidsRugbyLeague

  7. @IcelandFoods

  8. RT @Polly_Gall: @b3ta As a young, newly qualified nurse I had to catheterise an 18 year old young man. He was obviously nervous. As I was a…

  9. @ThaBearded1 @FoxandGrapesCRB @LincolnGBrewing What do you prefer? Bitter? Stout? IPA? etc

  10. @ThaBearded1 @FoxandGrapesCRB No idea what all those letters mean, but I'll try to pop out Thursday

  11. @MattyJudge @moneydashboard Any joy with this?

  12. @MoneySavingExp I logged in, clicked to view my transactions and it logged me back out. Now I can't log back in

  13. @TomCrook_ @markill @emllever As long as you don't mind me not drinking as I'll be driving home in the early aftern…

  14. @TSB Tuesday last week

  15. @TSB It's working now. On another note, how long does it take to change my address if I posted the form?