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  1. Drinking a Premium Cider with Strawberry & Lime by Kopparbergs Bryggeri @ Harpsfield Hall (Wetherspoon) —

  2. RT @robmanuel: But anyway it was a good bit of button pressing. “Dad, about your website bay-tah” “it’s beater!” “you’re wrong Dad, it’s ba…

  3. I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Track 01 - THUNDER FORCE IV『Lightning Strikes Again - Metal Squad』

  4. @FlirteeGirl Amazing. I didn't have to immediately close my browser! ;p

  5. @LydiaBurrell @TillDef @flophousecat @MrsHousecat Wow, you guys didn't get "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again"! Tha…

  6. Drinking a Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry-Lime Cider by bro Bryggeri @ Millstream Pub —

  7. RT @YouHadOneJ0B: This rubbish bin looks like Donald Trump.

  8. @robmanuel Ask me again in a month when I know how much hassle it will have been to get my deposit back

  9. RT @TrueAchievement: #Giveaway: Win an #XboxOne code for recently released ID@Xbox game #Vesta from @GamesFinalboss. Follow and RT before 8…

  10. Only an hour in and the #RoyalRumble is starting... Not keen on the match not being the last one

  11. New favourite: Prepare to be Tuned by Anyone for Tennis? @DeezerUK

  12. Draper also leaving the RFL

    They declined my application for the Data Analyst role they had advertised. I see they were just wanting to keep me available for an executive role
  13. That's not necessarily a good thing...
  14. RT @zxltar_speaks: I would definitely go to Alton towers just to ride the new rollercoaster. I loved the wicker man film, just hope the rol…

  15. I'm watching A Date to Die For (2015) #trakt