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  1. Possibly, but there's no harm giving the benefit of the doubt on occasion
  2. Have you seen a rugby league match before? The season starts next month, and you can find details of all the televised fixtures here:
  3. Considering this is a rugby league forum, I'm not sure how much luck you will have finding rugby union clubs. However, check out Edingburgh Eagles rugby league club ( or
  4. Didn't you already post this?
  5. According to Wikipedia (so taken with a bucket of salt) "Russia played some brilliant attacking rugby in their games in the Churchill Cup, coming close against Italy A and the United States. Henry took the side to the 2011 Rugby World Cup with Kingsley Jones as head coach. Russia's results did not provide a fair reflection of some of the rugby they produced. The ITV coverage stated that Russia produced two of the best tries of the weekend against Ireland, attributing to Henry's impressive coaching skills." So, fingers crossed...
  6. Just beat me to it. It's a vague tweet that could be read a couple of ways, but it would appear that he's leaving
  7. Or "Wigan can't play at home because the football team are playing within 2 days"
  8. One thing that struck me was Marwan's quote (from 2015): I would find that very annoying, being unable to predict when my wages were being paid, and getting into the habit of being paid early means that when you're actually paid on time, it seems like you're being paid late
  9. Potentially (and hopefully), they want to have discussions with a few players/coaching staff before making their announcement
  10. Maybe they were going to ring him before it was announced but it got leaked before they had chance
  11. Best to think of those 12 points as being the entrance fee for Newco playing in the Championship
  12. That's what he did with Koukash and Salford, and look how well that turned out for him.
  13. Invite a team from outside the league and have the games that day played as friendlies for no points. Maybe as a 9's competition
  14. Who's in charge of setting up the bingo cards?