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  1. Bus/taxi across to St Albans and get the train to St Pancras
  2. Pretty sure it's always Euston too. I've never had any problems coming into King's Cross
  3. I did think Custodions players were notable by their absence
  4. We find Raging Bull to be pretty good, quality and price-wise. Just tell them St Albans Centurions sent you
  5. As everybody except the dozen people on the Hemel board were saying would happen when it was announced
  6. As a fan of St Albans, I find it tempting to go watch a Hemel team that poor
  7. I hope Leeds v Doncaster gets shown as I'm coming up to Leeds with a mate on Saturday and that's the only way Leeds won't play it on Friday night
  8. (up to) 3 of those top 8 clubs have World Club Series matches to make up for the missing game
  9. That's what's confusing me! He says it's impossible to play the day after a rugby match after winning 2-1!
  10. I'd be happy to do this instead of the magic weekend (round 6 in particular)
  11. That's what I'm curious about. The £25k should still count towards the salary cap as a 3rd part payment
  12. He looks about 5 years older than Jordan Lilley though!
  13. I thought I'd heard about this being suggested a few years ago...