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  1. Potentially (and hopefully), they want to have discussions with a few players/coaching staff before making their announcement
  2. Maybe they were going to ring him before it was announced but it got leaked before they had chance
  3. Best to think of those 12 points as being the entrance fee for Newco playing in the Championship
  4. That's what he did with Koukash and Salford, and look how well that turned out for him.
  5. Invite a team from outside the league and have the games that day played as friendlies for no points. Maybe as a 9's competition
  6. Who's in charge of setting up the bingo cards?
  7. Would you prefer the former Bulls players stay unemployed and unpaid for even longer while this is all being sorted?
  8. As would any form of P&R
  9. Because at the time Toronto applied to join the leagues, there wasn't an extra space in the Championship that needed filling.
  10. When is the congress?
  11. I just tend to listen to Super League Pod and LeagueCulture nowadays, but I used to get my NRL knowledge from Fire Up! (Dig a fair way through the back catalogue and you should find the episode where they were short of decent guests and had me on instead!)
  12. Top right corner of any page is an option for "Make site read", just below the search bar. That's on the full site, anyway, not sure about mobile Just tried on my mobile (Microsoft Edge on Windows 10) and if you click the hamburger menu at the top right, there should be an option to mark all as read just below the "sign out" button
  13. I think I've lost about 1500 posts and 300 rep points. I may have made those numbers up though as I didn't pay too much attention to them...
  14. I hated that 10 per day limit, particularly as it was 10 per 24 hours. Which meant if I looked on the forum in the afternoon and liked posts, I couldn't like any posts the following morning
  15. What browser are you using?