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  1. never broke sweat

    Halifax can still reach 50points and would win the league should Fev lose all their matches by more than twelve points.
  2. Featherstone V Widnes

    Featherstone Rovers 30 Widnes Vikings 30 Half time 24 -12 Attendance 1653 mom Hardman
  3. Has JJP signed for Wakey next season ?

    I totally agree with you here. JJP will be making a huge mistake here though I do hope not. These players get their heads turned by over zealous agents. They see them having one or two good games in the championship and they are on the band wagon. Its only my opinion but I think JJP is a quality championship player and that is all. But if the rumours are true and if he wants this for himself and not just for a jack the lad agent I will be the first to wish him well. But my advice to him would be to think hard before making the step up.
  4. Has JJP signed for Wakey next season ?

    Does anyone really think that a club for instance say Salford have enjoyed their time in super league as much as we have this season in the championship. Stuff SUPER DOOPER. Controversial I know. And Ive heard all this about we must aspire to be at the top. Yes but only on a level playing field.Fev are Fev to me I.ll watch them in any division but I aint obsessed with SUPER DOOPER. What thrills they have given us at Leigh Barrow Halifax and Widnes this season. Im not bothered about Rugby League and who runs it but I am bothered about Featherstone Rovers
  5. Opposition coaches

    Like all coaches and this includes Jowitt more than any. They have got to TALK a job as well as do a job just to be able to keep their job
  6. Grand Final

    Its possible that you might not want to watch it Sidnee if you get my gist!!!
  7. Were top on 37 Points

    What gets up my nose is "second stanza"used consistently by the great man Stevo. Think he means "second half"
  8. Mom

    What about the club making everyone go into the stands for one match only at p.o road to see if we can generate the away atmosphere. Only a silly suggestion but I do think everyone together under a stand creates a better atmosphere. Roll on the plans for a stand at the railway end
  9. Our defence has gone haywire recently... but hey we are the league leaders and we would all have taken this scenario at the beginning of the season. This could be our little slump. We have got away with ugly wins recently and I do fear a defeat looming. But I 'm still proud. FAX 46 FEATHERSTONE ROVERS 30 HALF TIME 22-12 ATTENDANCE 2133
  10. N R C - so miserable

    Im with you distantdog we weren't good enough to progress, Next season we might be more careful. Im going for a Batley v Leigh final though Leigh will have to be on their mettle to beat a rampant Hunslet.Fev can concentrate on the business in hand
  11. today.

    You said "NOT BEING FUNNY" then you said "MAN UNITED"
  12. today.

    WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE,,,SAY WE'RE TOP OF THE LEAGUE; Good post Genesis we're never satisfied.
  13. today.

    I don't think any sides are very beatable ala Dewsbury
  14. Rovers - What is the real potential?

    Why all the hullabaloo about new grounds anyway? Did anyone see the SheffieldvKeighley match last night? I can tell you that Bramall Lane is a top ground but 1272 in that stadium does no justice to a televised Rugby League game at all. There seemed little or no atmosphere generated from the stand occupied by the fans. Grounds like Widnes and Leigh where you have to plead to stand or sit where you want to are nice stadia but NOT what a RL fan wants. They are souless and clinical to the extreme. How many clubs actually need a 12000 stadia? I can only think of two at the moment. Heres hoping that Fev can maintain its atmospheric element when the alterations to the ground are completed.