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  1. As another poster has said, in terms of participation it is hard for all sports apart from football to attract kids to play. I have been involved in local cricket for 15 years since i was 12 and the change in our sport is remarkable. 10 years ago clubs could get 3/4 senior sides out at a weekend along with U11,13,15,18's throughout the week. Now you see so many clubs struggling, cancelling matches because they cant even raise 2 sides on a Saturday etc. I think that this is the same case with RL, kids have so many options now in terms of how they get their entertainment. It seems that U11/13's is an age that kids are most likely to play but as soon as they hit 15/16 they are just not interested. Im not sure how that can be changed
  2. I would hope with there being no Premier League Football this week and the England Internationals being one of the only sporting events on we should be able to get a good coverage this week. Really looking forward to the game now, my office at work is mainly a football office but there has been a lot of talk about the Grand Final this week!
  3. If you are on LinkedIn at all a link to his page is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jon-dutton-29a5121a?authType=NAME_SEARCH&authToken=EacA&locale=en_US&trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Amynetwork%2CclickedEntityId%3A66960406%2CauthType%3ANAME_SEARCH%2Cidx%3A1-1-1%2CtarId%3A1475159903140%2Ctas%3Ajohn%20dutton Ask to connect with him, once you have done so you can send him a message
  4. We seem to have been advertising this game a lot, I have seen a good bit of advertisement around the town. Last Friday night when I was walking the dog I actually saw a plane fly over advertising the game with a banner out of the back. Never seen that one before, not sure if it will work thought if im honest. For all of the other ‘Big Ones’ I feel like there has been much more talk in the pub, office etc. I for one will be there, hopefully we can see a crowd of £18,000 - £20,000. Looks like decent weather too which might get a few more through the door. Ill go with Wigan by 12
  5. If we win the League Leaders Shield and Grand Final i dont know what it says about the quality of the league because we are bloody awful!
  6. Anyone know how close the game is to selling out? Me and the wife are on our way over, would love to see a full stadium. Not sure how many we have sold though, someone told me only 2,000 but surely that cant be right?
  7. In the box for this one as a birthday treat off the missus so hopefully it'll be a good one. Still feel like our attack isn't quite sharp enough but our defense has been pretty good so not quite sure what to expect. Anyone know if Gidley is back this week? That could be the key. Really looking forward to it though, should be a good game under the lights!
  8. Really do hope Sam has a full recovery with this operation. I also hope Wigan/Super League fans aren’t expecting the same player who went to the NRL. After watching more or less every game he played for NZ Warriors I feel he has lost at least a yard of pace with all of his injuries and won’t be dancing around defenders like he used to. However, I do feel that there are not many better fullbacks with ball in hand and he will create so many tries for our outside backs. Cant wait to see him up and running again!
  9. People on Twitter saying they are still outside queuing for their tickets. Hope they all get in on time
  10. Was really looking forward to this but its been disappointing. I think the crowd being so quiet is a big factor, no atmosphere at all. We dont seem to have any intensity or line speed either. NZ look like they could score anytime they get close to our line. Here's hoping for a better 2nd half!!
  11. Very true, i am just hoping with this game being an international and perhaps a bigger audience viewing the game we really put on a show. Im sure it will be a great series!
  12. England RL just tweeted that 20,000 have been sold for the game at DW so they seem to be going well and 40,000 have been sold for The Olympic Park, also tweeted that tickets are going fast for the OP game. I cant get to London but i am going to Hull and Wigan, cant wait. I am hoping for a really good test series really showing what our sport is all about!
  13. I am only 25 so didn't really see the likes of Edwards, Kenny, Gregory, Lewis but for me Thurston is the best i have ever seen. I just love watching him play, he has dragged The Cowboys, Queensland and Australia to so many wins. I really hope he plays well on Sunday and the Cowboys get over the line.
  14. http://talksport.com/rugby-union/exclusive-ford-reveals-burgess-has-taken-pay-cut-join-bath-14021880263 I think this article may prove that you are talking absolute rubbish. Burgess wants to play for England, if our international game didnt fall so far behind Union's then i don't think we would have this problem in the first place.
  15. Not sure if anyone is following this at the moment but the NW English Lionhearts are on tour in Serbia at the moment. 3 of my good mates are playing in it so im keeping up to date. Last week they won 52-0 against a Serbia Select XIII. Today they play another game against the Serbian National team. Highlights from the first game are on YouTube and this game is being streamed live today with ko at 4pm. Thought i would put it on here, maybe few people would like to see it. http://www.sportuzivo.tv/v2/stream/index.php?channel=sportuzivo7