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  1. Is there any actual evidence that 9 applied? (I’m not having a go at you - I am just very curious about which teams really did want to take part & if a lot did, how did the RFL select the ones that were included.)
  2. London Scottish were leaving Richmond as their home stadium anyway after this season - they released this statement back in July 2020... ‘London Scottish to leave Richmond Athletic Ground after 127 years London Scottish announces today it is to move on from the home it has shared with Richmond FC since 1894. The two clubs this week agreed an amicable parting of the ways after four years of negotiations over their future together. The decision was driven by the operational difficulties of the Richmond Athletic Ground hosting two competing Championship clubs on the same groun
  3. £240,000 is a significant amount of public money. However, the average funding per 16-19 student in general further education colleges in 2019/20 academic year allocations was £4,677. So assuming each student completes a 2 year course, Hull College Group would only need to recruit an extra 26 students over the 3 year period to break even on their £240,000 sponsorship outlay. It might be difficult for them to prove that the extra 26 students were recruited purely from the advertising/raised profile with Hull KR. From Hull KR’s point of view £240,000 is a lot of money, but the ne
  4. London Skolars couldn’t celebrate their 25th anniversary at the start of 2020, but they have over the last few months been putting out a series of articles detailing the clubs transition from The Student Rugby League Old Boys to becoming London Skolars and their progression from the London League, the Southern Conference, the National Conference, National League 2/Championship 1/ League one. This months article is all about the 1998/99 Challenge Cup competition, and has a video of Highlights from the game against Thatto Heath which featured on BBC’s Grandstand. https://www.skolarsrl.
  5. One thing that would really benefit Skolars is if the majority of young Broncos reserves/Academy lads that just don’t make it with Broncos would actually sign for Skolars. A few do, and with SL stopping 2021 reserves a few of them have signed this year - just not sure their is a big enough critical mass of them to push Skolars onto the next level of playing performance to genuinely target the league 1 play off positions yet. Hiwever more often than not when the lads are cut from Broncos Academy/reserves a significant amount of them give up the ghost & are lost to the game (i’m sure th
  6. I think one of the real problems for a number of years now is that on the non playing staff side Broncos have had a very very small ‘band thing’ going on with nowhere near enough staff to actually grow their own presence, let alone raise the general awareness of RL in the capital.
  7. On the non playing side, the club seem to be run on a very very low budget with hardly any back room staff. Just seen they have made the ‘media manager’ role redundant as well. David Hughes has kept the club going & invested millions - the costs of running scholarship/academy/reserves must be significant & unsustainable on a very small fan base without Hughes investments. The 1st team are no longer training at Trailfinders could this be due to cutbacks and the reason for the new training facilities/potential Wimbledon game day stadium a cheaper option? (or could it be that Tr
  8. The issue to me is not that the best academy products get picked off by the best SL teams (i agree with you the players ambition has to be at the top level) it’s the financial cost the host team has put into the player, to recurve minimal (if any) financial fee when they get cherry picked off,
  9. The light blue is a 25th anniversary throwback to their original 1995 kit. They released a very similar one last year, but for obvious reasons that hardly got worn.
  10. I’ve seen a few structure images online with 12 clubs/22 games... are these mistakes/misprints as they contradict the 10 team online images, or are the RFL actively looking for a way to have 12 teams in league 1 for 2021?
  11. Congratulations to Leigh & what a competition the championship will be next year Fantastic analysis/summary guys, both hitting the nail right on the head For me the following 2 of your snippets sum up how I feel about the process : “...It's a sensible decision, if that's all that the criteria was. The problem is they built it up to be more than that...” ”...Although I cant shake off that genuine feeling of disappointment. That feeling of losing ground. Losing momentum...” Think the whole way the process was publicised/promoted shows a real lack of clarit
  12. Glad to see any person try to overcome their demons & start to turn things around - i really hope he can learn from his previous mistakes and redeem himself off the field. Do any Cas fans regret the club dropping & dismissing him?
  13. I’ve enjoyed watching Salford the last couple of years - on the pitch they have played some very exciting rugby and the team spirit they have shown is admirable. However a financial **** show (at any club) that leaves creditors getting little/nothing is just appalling & should deserve a much more significant punishment. (a punishment that should be consistently applied to all clubs.) It’s really interesting to read the news link you provided... ‘In a statement Conservative leader Karen Garrido said: “A child born today will be 25 years old before this debt is cleared, they will h
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