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  1. He was great at Coventry last season, outstanding in the 2 games i watched him play, although will be a massive loss for them - will be interesting who Coventry can get to replace him if they are to continue their impressive upwards push next season
  2. It’s wierd, i can completely understand why the younger ex full time Broncos players would easily choose a full time SL team, but my worry is the ones that seem to be on their way out currently are going to other part time championship teams, rather than staying part time at Broncos - must be more behind it than just salary
  3. Scrums are back now in the dark code at all levels.
  4. is this on radio anywhere? Stuck at the gym & can’t find a live commentary.
  5. Skolars did win 26-22 at the HAC against Wigan in 2017. Skolars beat London Broncos 32-30 in the ‘London Bash’ at New River in 2018. (The Wigan/Broncos teams were mainly academy & fringe 1st team players.)
  6. Really disappointing to see Wigan are not supporting the HAC event this year. I have been a regular for a number of years & they pretty much bring their academy team with a couple of 1st team fringe players, so I don’t see the word cup schedule as being the reason I just hope it’s not a example of the game actively making a choice to retreat/contract back to the heartlands in a bid to keep more money. Fingers crossed the regular high end city companies & sponsors will still be involved as the event normally brings in significant financial support for Skolars.
  7. Might be difficult to judge this as now Broncos are part time they may be more reliant on drawing from the same pool of players. If Skolars lose a few of their better/key players (to Broncos or Coventry) it could have a dramatic effect on their squad which seemed to lack depth once out of the main/regular 17.
  8. if this is true? Keighley give Cannibal’s a good name! Shocking! and a new low in a sport that seems to self inflict at every opportunity. So disappointed ... again
  9. If this is true, 99% of me is disgusted & appalled - the sport is desperate to grow & get new fans, but kills off areas that could with the right investment add significant new numbers. 1% of me just thinks if it is true, then f@@k it! - have the balls to tell Coventry/Skolars/WWR so their directors/sponsors can stop throwing away cash, volunteers can stop waisting their time & players will have to play union (a far inferior game - yesterday watched probably the worst game of RU in my life) where they will earn more money at nat 1 level anyway.
  10. ‘Next season could be an existential threat or completely irrelevant depending on the direction chosen.’ really does sum it up! It’s not just teams that will be making decisions without knowing what’s going on - players are going to be in the same boat!
  11. Has anything come out from the bears from what this actually is/what is likely to change/come out of it? Im a big fan of the bears progress, but just like the silence and ambiguity about next year from RFL l, i find it frustrating to not hear about the individual clubs plans themselves.
  12. I’ve been against dual reg & I oppose the loan system for same reason - If you claim to be a serious candidate for a Super League/Championship place you have to be able to play your own players not someone else’s! It does distort the league table. Clubs need to make their case for promotion to Super League/Championship on their own players merits not by fielding up to 5 players in their match day squad from a team a division higher than them. However, from a different perspective - that of a young player as an individual... would a 20/21/22 year old who is not quite ready for SL make more individual progress playing in the reserves competition or playing in Champ/L1?
  13. I’m afraid in my opinion the SL clubs (& majority of their fans ) just don’t care enough/at all about L1 or the longer term future of the game in some of the northern lower team towns, yet alone in the expansion areas! (Honesty is my only excuse) They will end up taking the ‘relatively minimum’ funding from L1 and use it to play about half a players wages. The Keighley/Skolars game was not a classic, but Keighley brought a decent away contingent down & it was clear to see how much the club meant to them & the community. It also gave a Skolars team now consistently made up of a majority of London grown/based players an opportunity to test them self & develop. Cutting funding to L1 will probably cull the expansion teams in exactly the areas the sport needs to develop new fan bases which would be bad enough, but it is also likely to snuff out some heartland teams with histories of over 100 years - the impact of losing the teams in these communities will be massive & have a longer and bigger negative effect than just not having a rugby team. Do any/the funding/structure changes happens at the end of this season, or next? My limited understanding is that next season L1 will be funded the same, but it’s the season after they are likely to get next to nothing?
  14. unfortunately i don’t have any confidence that the SL teams care - I really fear for the expansion teams future
  15. I posted this on a L1 game thread, but thought it would get a few more people thinking about the knock on effect of any restructuring if it was in this thread as well (not that any of the SL clubs/rfl/people who will end up calling the shots will read this forum ) 10 clubs @ £75K = £750,000 ... 3% of the supposed new £25 million tv deal. By the time the £750,000 has been split between the 10/12/14 SL clubs & the remaining champ/SL2 (or whatever the new structure might be) is the amount really going to make much difference other than half an aged aussie player wage per team - is that amount really going to make the difference and save/reinvigorate the SL brand or individual team. Culling the league 1 current teams & the devastating effect it would have on their community work/youth development etc is just short sighted madness, let alone the indignity of the possibility of completely removing some clubs with a rich history of RL. I could be even raise a few eyebrows by commenting that £750,000 is significantly less than some of the SL/champ clubs have failed to pay back to investors/creditors/council when they have gone into administration or chosen to default on repayment terms (don’t know why the font keeps changing size - it’s my lack of IT skills)
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