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  1. Not sure it’s as simple as that (unfortunately.) Reading through the RFL website... https://www.rugby-league.com/championship__league_1/article/56084/reserves-and-academy-fixtures-released-for- It appears the 14 reserve teams will only play 18 games, not 26 required for straight h/a.
  2. Makes sense to reference the original Fulham kit 40 years after their inception - they have been using the #LB4020 on their social media.
  3. I agree - prefer last years, but another stylish shirt
  4. Reserve Grade 2020: Bradford, Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull FC, Hull KR, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Salford, St Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan. A few questions about how the reserve competition Is likely to be used by the clubs... What level/standard are the reserves likely to be? Could Bradford/Halifax/London/Newcastle/Widnes reserve team players be competing against a higher quality of opponent when they play a SL reserve team than their 1st team counterparts in the championship/L1? Are SL fringe players likely to learn/improve/benefit more from being DR/loaned out to a championship/L1 team or playing in the reserve grade?
  5. ‘If’ the underground has no delays & doesn't scupper the whole trip before it starts, I should get to Kirkgate station 6.26 pm so should be able to squeeze a couple of beers in on way to ground.
  6. Cheers, train booked (£ouch!) To kirkgate - any recommended pubs on way to ground?
  7. Have tickets & going up to the game, but can’t leave London until 3.30pm so it will be tight - fingers crossed for traffic. Is there parking near the ground? If the gods of traffic play silly buggers & I try the train instead - what are transport links from the 2 Wakefield stations to the ground? (Or are cabs the best & in good supply on a game night?) Cheers
  8. Skolars hit a plateau 3 years ago & then had 2 poor seasons where they did not grow on the pitch, however this year has in all honesty seen a significant improvement in competitiveness and 80 min effort. The league table position is disappointing, but any regular viewer must acknowledge their has been progress in performance & attitude in most of the games this year.
  9. London u19s winning yesterday will put them up to 5th A genuine question ... I have read on this forum relatively often, complaints that Radford doesn’t promote/give a chance to the City of Hull academy lads a look in - do Rovers take many City of Hull lads on? Is there any specific reason why the City of Hull academy are doing poorly atm?
  10. Very interesting whole post Tex On the section above - A genuine question from a southern RL fan who does not know about NCL or the current reserve teams quality... what standard are the current reserve teams at & how would they compare to the top NCL/league 1/Championship teams? Would we ‘expect’ the new SL reserve teams (made up for example of 1st team players not in the main SL 17 man squad & the 19/20 yr old ex academy lads kept on to develop) to be playing at a higher level than the top championship teams? Would the reserve team players generally be on less money or more than the championship/league 1 players?
  11. This year, when Skolars have been poor they have been awful. However, when they have played well they have won & competed in some very close games against the stronger heartland teams. They have made good use of DR and I like the fact they ‘keep in the spirit’ of DR using the younger Broncos/Wigan lads. Their league table position is disappointing, however regular Skolars viewers must admit this year has been much improved on the previous 2 seasons and turned a corner on what was starting to become a worrying plateau/decline in progress. Hopefully they can finish the season strongly & next year find some much needed consistency.
  12. ‘Reserve Grade, 2020: Bradford Bulls, Castleford Tigers, Halifax, Huddersfield Giants, Hull FC, Hull KR, Leeds Rhinos, London Broncos, Newcastle Thunder, Salford Red Devils, St Helens, Wakefield Trinity, Warrington Wolves, Widnes Vikings, Wigan Warriors.’ It will be interesting to see how/where Salford recruit for an academy from scratch & the two Hull teams increase the numbers on their separate ventures. If Leigh got promoted through the play offs ... what would happen to the super league mantra about ‘reserves being compulsory’?
  13. Catalan are not in the 2019 Academy league.
  14. Sunday 4th Aug is also the Prudential Ride London cycle event - main roads and most bridges in London will be closed for the majority of the day. https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/info-hub/road-closures/
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