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  1. Are you a season ticket holder? Do you volunteer or try to help Skolars in any way at all? My questions are not criticisms of you, however it might be that you are under appreciating just how difficult it is for Skolars to keep things going, let alone progress each year without somehow finding a source of significant funding that crowds of around 200 are never going to achieve. The costs of hiring New River stadium (or any stadium in London) must be very high. Any players that are willing to relocate to London will if they start to stand out in league 1 easily catch the eye of Broncos. They incur the cost of mini and junior teams only to see (quite understandably as far as the players are concerned) the best Skolars juniors being attracted by unions higher pay (e.g. Joel Kpoku) or taken under Broncos academy system (e.g Dan Hindmarsh.) Broncos reserves must also have made it even harder to recruit players - a number of Skolars juniors are in it who would certainly be good additions to Skolars 1st team. I’m not an apologist for Skolars, far from it - For the last 4 seasons they hit a plateau, or even dipped. Last season being the 1st that things have shown signs of changing recently - competing and challenging the top half teams (even if the losses by a few close points in some games saw them finish in a low position in the table.) Seeing the pre season friendlies, cup exit & 1st league game loss do not give me confidence that this will be the year that Skolars turn the corner, but reading a piece in ‘League weekly’ does give me an insight that perhaps the club are at least honest and realistic about their current position...
  2. My post was trying to give Fev credit & said it was not just London playing awful! I said Fev are a very good team. I did not say they only won because of the DR/loan guys!
  3. London were very poor today, but Fev are are very good team and will be in the mix at the end - they did not win just because London had a nightmare. The Leeds players McLelland, Sutcliffe, Holroyd & Albert are also very good and would raise the performance of any team in the championship who were lucky enough to have them. (e.g. I’m sure 4 SL players on loan/DR to London would improve their squad.) Most of the London players who left at the end of last year had signed contracts with other teams before London had been relegated. It looks like London’s owner has reduced funding this year (maybe he’s deciding to fund at a lower level for good, maybe he wants to bring more London based players through even if this means a few years in the championship - no idea of his reasons. He has kept the club going for a long time putting his own cash in so deserves credit for that! I’m pretty certain he’s not making any money.
  4. How did you rate Coventry? I saw them at a pre season game & thought they looked noticeably better than previous years.
  5. Hope they can keep this effort up for the full 80. Was concerned after watching the pre season games, but so far the team are competing well
  6. Is there any communication/relationship between Skolars & Broncos these days? Broncos reserves didn’t have a game this week... would it be possible for some of them to be DR with Skolars if Skolars ever need numbers? Some of the Broncos reserves have come through Skolars junior ranks, so would probably be glad to pull on the shirt if needed.
  7. ‘For the club’s 25th Anniversary, London Skolars are thrilled to unveil their brand-new 2020 ‘Heritage’ Alternative Kit. The jersey has been designed as part of the club’s 25th anniversary celebrations. The away kit is a throwback – a reference to 2003, when the Skolars entered the professional league and donned this classic sky-blue uniform throughout the 2003 season. The crest features white lettering denoting the Club’s 25 years while the collar features numbers denoting the season the kit was inspired from.’
  8. The season started with 14 teams, there are only 14 teams in the reserves league.
  9. Originally the RFL launched the Reserve Grade 2020 as a 15 team competition: Bradford, Castleford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Hull FC, Hull KR, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Salford, St Helens, Wakefield, Warrington, Widnes, Wigan. Then Halifax withdrew leaving a 14 team reserve league. Unfortunately, the format is not as simple as it should have been (i.e. each team plays each other once home & away.) From RFL website... ’Each of the 14 teams will play 18 matches, with the last round of fixtures on the weekend of August 30 - and no play-offs, meaning the team finishing top will be crowned champions.’ https://www.rugby-league.com/article/56084/reserves-and-academy-fixtures-released-for-
  10. I don’t know who is going to sign again, or even if new signings are being targeted by the Skolars. My post was just trying to show the number of players missing from last years set up and give some background to the experience level of the team yesterday and the score compared to previous HAC games. I would think the Broncos lads mentioned are very likely to figure in their own 1st team. Skolars in my opinion deserve a lot of credit for their community work & I hope that they can get the necessary investment into the club to help them grow and succeed further.
  11. I keep an eye out on their results & go to some games, but I am not an expert and their season ticket holders will know far more than me. From what I could make out yesterday, the players who represented Skolars last season regularly, but did not play against Wigan included:- Omari Caro, Eddie Mbaraga, Michael Sykes, One of the Greenhalgh twins, Lamont Bryan, Liam Scott, Jerome Williams, Jymel Coleman, Jermaine Coleman (I think I can recall the coach Jermaine playing a bit last year, but not certain). Jacob Ogden, James Meadows, Daniel Hindmarsh (London Broncos duel reg) Craig Mullen, Joe Brown (Wigan loans) The above list may not be a complete list & I could have got a couple of players confused.
  12. The Skolars team today was noticeably missing their big pack from previous seasons & some of their more experienced players were injured or absent (possibly unable to get time off work/may not have signed up again for another season.) They used quite a lot of players that had been in their u20 reserves last season (who played in the 2nd tier of the london amateur leagues). In the past 5 years I have attended the HAC Wigan event these younger players would definitely not have made the squad and they are not at league 1 standard yet. It is good that Skolars have these players involved with the club for the future, but if they are needed to be used this season then Skolars are going to struggle. (The Coventry team I saw last week looked to be significantly fitter/stronger/more organised.) Adding in a couple of very recent signings, it was clear the team had not played/trained together for any significant amount of time. I’m not trying to be negative, just give an accurate representation of the reason for the dominance of Wigan’s reserves/academy team. Finally, it should be noted a number of Skolars promising youth products are in the Broncos reserves & academy currently. The event today will have raised much needed funds for the club & helped raise awareness of Skolars & rugby league ’down south’.
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