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  1. Very interesting whole post Tex On the section above - A genuine question from a southern RL fan who does not know about NCL or the current reserve teams quality... what standard are the current reserve teams at & how would they compare to the top NCL/league 1/Championship teams? Would we ‘expect’ the new SL reserve teams (made up for example of 1st team players not in the main SL 17 man squad & the 19/20 yr old ex academy lads kept on to develop) to be playing at a higher level than the top championship teams? Would the reserve team players generally be on less money or more than the championship/league 1 players?
  2. This year, when Skolars have been poor they have been awful. However, when they have played well they have won & competed in some very close games against the stronger heartland teams. They have made good use of DR and I like the fact they ‘keep in the spirit’ of DR using the younger Broncos/Wigan lads. Their league table position is disappointing, however regular Skolars viewers must admit this year has been much improved on the previous 2 seasons and turned a corner on what was starting to become a worrying plateau/decline in progress. Hopefully they can finish the season strongly & next year find some much needed consistency.
  3. ‘Reserve Grade, 2020: Bradford Bulls, Castleford Tigers, Halifax, Huddersfield Giants, Hull FC, Hull KR, Leeds Rhinos, London Broncos, Newcastle Thunder, Salford Red Devils, St Helens, Wakefield Trinity, Warrington Wolves, Widnes Vikings, Wigan Warriors.’ It will be interesting to see how/where Salford recruit for an academy from scratch & the two Hull teams increase the numbers on their separate ventures. If Leigh got promoted through the play offs ... what would happen to the super league mantra about ‘reserves being compulsory’?
  4. Catalan are not in the 2019 Academy league.
  5. Sunday 4th Aug is also the Prudential Ride London cycle event - main roads and most bridges in London will be closed for the majority of the day. https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/info-hub/road-closures/
  6. London were written off last year when senior players left & they got promotion with a number of Academy products coming through. They were written off this year as no hopers, but are still in the fight. The 1st team squad is full time & rumours are the reserves are being set up along with adapting to the changes to the new academy/scholarship requirements of SL. So whatever happens this year the long term stability & growth of the club will continue, funded by the owner (to a similar level I guess ) based on his stated aim of bringing local london lads through. I don’t know if they would get straight back up 1st time, but I believe the club would survive and continue to establish itself & grow. (It’s not as quick as many fans would like, but without a new mega rich owner willing to take over & willing spend a lot more, I am very satisfied with David Hughes significant financial backing to keeping RL alive down south.) Realistically, if we exclude Torontos funding stream, how many current championship teams would be able to finance a full time 1st team squad? (Widnes have already said they are going part time.) It will be interesting to see what SL do about ‘reserves/academy/scholarship’ being compulsory in regards to Salford & Toronto - not a pop at either of those teams as on the pitch they have both had a great year and deserve their current success. However can both put in place the necessary structures for reserves/academy/scholarship in time for next year? And can Salford fund it without Marwan? Its imperative SL make a statement about the reserves/academy/scholarship changes ASAP.
  7. Only 1 Bronco today, Jacob Ogden. With Broncos relatively small squad & injuries starting to take their toll the younger Broncos players that had been getting a run out with Skolars/Coventry have been called up to the Broncos1st team - 7 Broncos academy converts have made SL debuts so far.
  8. Will be interesting to see how Skolars perform without the Broncos DR players - it looks like the younger Broncos players will be unavailable as they are in the Warrington squad or on DR with Sheffield this weekend.
  9. Ealing is NOT the problem in relation to the above 2 posts... Amateur RU clubs are all over London, wherever you picked a place to move the Broncos to there would be numerous long and established amatuer RU clubs nearby. There is a growing mini/junior london based rugby league structure & competition, but realistically & honestly it is played by hundreds of kids (the majority/many in their union off season) compared to the thousands playing union. Financially the really good London based youth players will make significantly more money at union - Broncos cannot compete with the salary of the RU premiership teams e.g. England RU u20 has 2 players who started in the london rugby league structure at Skolars, both however followed the AASE college route with RU premiership teams rather than the Broncos academy. In London we are spoilt by good public transport options, however this means we are not used to any end point being more than a 5-10 minute walk max from a tube stop! Having to get a bus after a tube is for many a hassle/mission that probably does affect casual new people attending games at trailfinders. Based on the current financial expenditure at the club, I believe Trailfinders works as a good base for the Broncos - having the 1st team, academy & scholarship based at the same place is really important and until the crowds are stating to show signs of exceeding trailfinders limits I think they should keep an established base there. I do not believe just moving to a ‘bigger better stadium’ in a ‘better location’would increase attendances - let alone be financially possible.
  10. The Broncos deliver rugby coaching & learning mentoring sessions in a ‘few’ primary schools in Ealing & surrounding area - it gets very positive feedback from the kids & schools, undoubtably making a difference to the young kids life outcomes - however is not publicised anywhere enough on their own social media platforms to get noticed by anyone outside of the individual schools involved, let alone the printed press metro/local newspapers. In terms of increasing Broncos game day attendance figures it is not delivered by a big enough team of coaches to make any real impact - one of the academy players is regularly in schools 3/4 times a week & some 1st team players drop in to schools/junior clubs for odd sessions. Realistically it is really all down to money. Without a massive injection of funds from the RFL (which probably can’t afford it) to put development officers in school partnerships for the long term, rugby league for london juniors is going to remain a niche sport, mainly played in their union off season.
  11. Have heard 1st hand from the schools involved that the kids are really enjoying the rugby sessions and the literacy work is helping. Broncos should be publicising the community work in schools a lot more.
  12. Bienek got injured at Hull, after rehab/recovery he went on loan to Batley. From what I saw of him at London in the academy he will be a success.
  13. This is a pretty fair assessment of where Skolars are at currently. I really rate the Broncos youngsters Hindmarsh, Meadows, Boafo as great prospects, but they are on the way up at the beginning of their professional careers. The Broncos u19s with ~5 Broncos u20/21 1st teamers hammered Skolars in the 1st half of a pre season friendly . It was only in 2nd half of the friendly when the Broncos largely put on the younger 17yr olds that Skolars had their fight back. The supporters frustration is two part. Skolars again were good in the 1st half today and I thought they were going to win comfortably, but it fell apart completely in the 2nd half a trend that was common last season. Secondly a couple of seasons ago, Skolars finished in the top half of table and were starting to really threaten and beat some of the heartland teams - I don’t see any real progression. Undoubtably league 1 has got stronger in this time and it is starting to be perhaps generous to say Skolars have hit a plateau, when realistically they may have fallen further behind and the gap is widening. I really hope Skolars can turn it around. They do a great job to raise the profile of rugby league in North/East London at school, community and open age level on a very limited budget and the club seems to be run on a sensible financial plan that puts the long term future of the club at its heart.
  14. I don’t know much about Thunder although they seem to be doing great things off the field to raise participation & have heavily invested in a promotion push. However, Mr Payne has been there a long time through the hard times in the past & his Northumbria university team seem to have won pretty much almost everything going consistently for the last 3 years - getting the sack after 2 games seems to show a real lack of loyalty. There are comments on the thread about Newcastle’s ex superleague players/championship level players should be beating the likes of ‘Coventry’ - perhaps there is more a case for the younger Coventry team (& the Broncos dual reg players like James Meadows, Rob Butler, Sam Davis) being ‘on the way up/improving’ where the ex superleague players/championship level players are winding down their careers?
  15. From Twitter...7 former and current Broncos in today's Coventry winning team: Sam, James, Rob, Kam PP, Ollie, Ben Gray & Jacob Jones... Kudos to the Broncos academy production line - really pleasing to see southern players who are staying in the game even if they don’t quite make it with the Broncos.
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