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  1. Would it not be a bit ironic to have amateur teams in a competition named after a split over broken-time payments?
  2. The perfect Nigel Wright bingo card game: Scores a try Looks really promising Gets injured
  3. Think Jon Clarke played against New Zealand in 2007 for GB.
  4. Think I've watched the 1992 Test more often than I've watched any other game, but what's once more.
  5. https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12236961/sky-sports-rugby-league-takeover-what-classic-matches-are-on List of classic matches being shown. Some of which actually are classic.
  6. Speaking of Eric Rush, I think he could have been an excellent league player.
  7. I remember Jim Fallon. Played for England A before he went to Leeds, in hindsight was a bit of a "Tesco Value Lomu" in Union. Stuart Barnes said something along the lines of if you gave him a clear run in he'd cut inside and look for someone to run over.
  8. Agree on Carling, not on Guscott. Quick, evasive, good hands, and a lot better at the physical side of things than he ever got credit for-showed up really well in New Zealand in 93 for the Lions, and again in South Africa in 97. Very good game sense as well. Not the Cullen level of lock, but I'd have been more surprised if he'd failed than if he'd succeeded.
  9. I could be misrembering this (at least in part because its before 0900 on a Sunday morning and I'm being sung at by a 2 year old) but I'm pretty sure in Dean Bell's autobiography he mentions that when he's discussing the Leeds caching job Leeds are very confident that they'll be signing Lomu. Always thought Cullen would've been a sensation.
  10. Agree it'll be tight, but I couldn't see it being a deal breaker. If he didn't play, I'd more assume it was out of his choice, rather than him not having a choice.
  11. I would assume that shouldn't be an issue, because if he's wanting to play for New Zealand rugby union he'd have to play in Super Rugby, and their competition should be over well in advance of the World Cup.
  12. It's a different kind of horrible to a lot of them, which are gutwrenching late losses which give you yet another reminder of the importance of playing for 80 minutes (OT 1990, every test in 2003,the first game in 2004) whereas with this one I felt like I'd been run over by a bus.
  13. Not learning from Old Trafford in 1990 that, ultimately, Great Britain/England vs Australia will end up disappointing me. Special mention to the 2004 Tri Nations final, which led to a massive row with my ex for going to the pub to watch it whilst her family were there, stomping off out of the house in righteous indignation, and then slinking back in about an hour later.
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