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    Home of the first official World Club Champions.
  1. Barrow v Eagles

    But they cant. At present, only Widnes and theoretically Halifax will be allowed to apply. The RFL's application criteria prevent any others applying and I am only assuming Fax might be allowed because I dont know their turnover figures. It may well just be Widnes that are even eligible to put a bid in, as they are the only team to be acknowledged as meeting the RFL rules on SL applications.
  2. Vikings announce financial figures

    Well, having been at the meeting where it was announced a council member would take a place on our board, and having listened to that councilor, I can tell you EXACTLY the motivation behind it. It is well documented that a 'marquee' sports organisation in any given district of the UK has a dramatic effect on the health of the district's inhabitants. In a nutshell, more young people want to play rugby, and old people want to get up from their chair and walk to the ground. Proven fact that the burden on health resources is lighter when the town's sporting heroes are doing well. The investment of Halton BC in the Vikings and the success of the Vikings DIRECTLY supports government driven health (and particularly obesity) directives in this respect. It is also a documented fact that small businesses in a given town in the UK (especially those in the food/drink/retail/entertainment sectors) also do better when the marquee sporting club are successful, again supporting a key aim of the borough council to help small business. Halton BC are helping the Vikings by addressing THEIR OWN targets handed down by Downing Street. Its a win-win for them and us. Coupled with the fact that Stobart in partnership with the council have just created a major transport hub for the town, earning 25 million-per-year contracts from the likes of Tesco and creating 5000 jobs, you soon see why HBC and Stobart together works so well for the Vikings and the town as a whole. The wider activity of the two partners is plentiful. 'Widnes Sport Ltd' has announced which im sure reflect a LOT more activity than just rugby on a Sunday, and it's quite frankly fantastic to see it.
  3. Ritchie Myler

    It's his way of 'contributing'. Halfwits do that when they have nothing to offer in terms of real discussion. Back OT, Myler's a good little player (with the emphasis on little), and another off the Widnes conveyor belt which will soon hopefully be supplying our own team rather than SL vultures. There's 4 or 5 absolute diamonds in our setup right now, just waiting to be announced to the world, mark my words...
  4. Widnes Vs Canberra

    Ok, so i wasnt including touring australians, and was talking about english club rugby. My bad. However my statement stands and the rugby we played in the time we are talking about has drawn a number of respected people in the game to state that it is some of the best theyve seen. I agree with them. I could also go on and on, but the tone of your response tells me you have an intelligence rating of zero.
  5. Widnes Vs Canberra

    Well, as someone who DID watch the team from 1984, home and away without fail, I can say without a moment's hesitation that I wouldnt swap our achievements for financial security. Never ever ever. We had the best attacking team EVER to grace this sport of ours in the UK, and it will be something that will be with the people that saw it for the rest of our lives. 87/88 and 88/89 were 2 years of sheer bliss on a rugby league pitch. Im convinced it is one reason why we get so much negativity aimed at us on these sorts of forums (we made a lot of fans suffer for a couple of years), and also contributes to us finding it tough to get to a championship grand final. People and players from opposition teams still see us as real scalp, due to our glorious past and standing in the game, and raise their game accordingly. If you ask people from other clubs, players and fans alike, I'd bet you a large wedge that the one team they like beating is us.
  6. Some Widnes fans being called on here for gloating over Salford, Wakey and Cas's stadium issues, and quite rightly so - it is totally out of order. FWIW, i have no reason to gloat about that. I KNOW how lucky we are to have SOC, with Halton BC and Stobart's joint venture behind him, and I sympathise with the fans of those three clubs who have such great histories in our game. What i DO have an issue with though, is the cynical calculated way that the above clubs over the last 3 years have kept trotting out these plans, drawings, sketches, pseudo project documents and throw away promises which were SOLELY designed to fool the RFL and score ticks in the last license process which ultimately cost other clubs a place at the top table. In fact, you can trace this kind of behaviour all the way back to the RFL's Framing The Future incentive which Widnes (at least of the less rich clubs in the league at the time) were virtually alone in following. The above 3 clubs, and some others, simply ignored the directions from the RFL and spent all their income on players rather than improving facilities in order to try and get an advantage on the field. For these reason only, I will be glad when the day comes that we replace one or more of them. I look forward to seeing the look on their arrogant chairmen's faces as the truth finally comes home to roost. They did not do their best by their clubs and fans, they cheated the system and they will now pay for it.
  7. Favourite RL experience

    1. Becoming the first official World Champions in 1989, in front of 30,000 fans at Old Trafford. 2. Even though we didnt win, watching my team play at Sydney Football Ground against some of the NRL's finest in the World Sevens. 3. Being the first team to beat Warrington in their new tinpot B&Q stadium.
  8. 15 years on

    Feelings run too high in most cases to permit a merger. Fans just wouldnt swallow it. Realistically, mergers would only happen where two clubs were literally on their knees, getting pitiful attendances in the hundreds and probably on the verge of liquidation. Both would also have to bring something to the party. Suggestions like KR + FC, Widnes +Wire etc are just pipe dreams as the clubs involved are just too big, and the fans too numerous and hostile to each other.
  9. Wigan sign 8 academy graduates

    Good news mate. Hopefully sometime soon the RFL will come down hard on clubs like Hull KR for their approach of trying to shoehorn as many pseudo-brits into their side as possible. When my own club get to SL, hopefully our awesome u16 and u18 sides will provide us with a nice backbone too. Both are in the upper echelons of leagues where it is us against the SL clubs youth setups. Yet another result against the best SL has to offer this weekend. Widnes 27 Saints 26 in the u18 academy. Widnes are killing it at youth level just now. Link :
  10. Mine's bigger than yours!

    Read my post again and tell me where i said i was either proud of or looking forward to my next Widnes v Wire game.
  11. Mine's bigger than yours!

    For sheer venom between the two sets of players and supporters, both inside the ground and out, I dont reckon any Saints/Wigan or FC/Rovers comes even close to a Widnes/Dire, having attended all of the above.
  12. Under 18's Academy

    Ok, lets include u16 academies as well. Most championship clubs dont even have one. Ours is merrily beating the SL teams it plays against. But seriously, how can the SL make a judgment on outside organisations? Theyd be here till doomsday with clubs claiming all sorts of feeder teams and streams of potential players and income. There has to be a cutoff somewhere and the logical place is the actual applicant club itself? In any case, as a side note, I'd say there is very little to choose between the amateur talent in Leigh, Widnes or for that matter, Barrow, Featherstone etc, so theres no real gain to be made by including it, except where there blatantly is LESS, like Sheffield for example.
  13. Under 18's Academy

    Shhh BJ! They will ALL want one!
  14. Under 18's Academy

    The table is now split into three based on points difference, and the teams play home and away against the other members of their group: Group A St Helens +200 Wigan Warriors +168 Widnes Vikings +74 Leeds Rhinos +72 Hull Kingston Rovers +20 _______________ Group B Warrington Wolves +6 Wakefield T Wildcats +2 Castleford Tigers -18 Harlequins RL -36 Bradford Bulls -40 _______________ Group C Hull FC -115 Salford -139 Huddersfield -234 Catalans Crusaders I look forward to seeing Widnes' top quality u18s come through into our first team, and hopefully play SL rugby in our 'adequate' stadium sometime after 2012.