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  1. tell me donald what player do they target in the haven side?
  2. yes LATU as had a 2 year holiday, with pay also a car, I thought only MP,S got that, time we said goodbye mr latu he wont be getting any more of my cash.
  3. ye we could do with LUCOCK back would have been very use full for us of late,allways a good trainer ,and I thought a very good player
  4. WHAT a load of #### comes on this forum now.
  6. some great news CALLUM will be playing sunday,UP THE TOWN
  8. see in srar no matty his shoulder again.
  9. I would like to see stack at centre to give us a mutch more solid middle ,also good on the high kick, play olstrum second row ????
  10. well lets hope samutt can bring a wee bit of sparkle to our play ,watching our games so far you can almost predict what move is coming next so boring to watch, I no the coach dosent like the players not going to his game plan,but at this time we see the same moves time and again,
  11. yes seaton sandy both Elliot and brett would take the ball from play the ball make good ground and give the forwards a break,and as you say Elliot would come inside looking for work,and I think he is a big miss,would love to still see him in our side .
  12. game on
  13. well billy bob if that is true, I should have thought it would have been thing that your business friend should learn to keep is mouth closed about, it not some thing that he should be telling anybody in my opinion, ok he could say I am paying his wages but to tell the amount is not on .
  14. I beleave there could be some good news for the weekend looks like brett phillips could be fit, and shacks.
  15. how as this thread turned about players wages ,now I don,t know were these people get there information from about players wages, pure guess work and rumour, because no one knows fact,about town players that is.