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  1. Tee Ritson

    what a load of #### you talk geordie townie, callum had nothing to do with them coaches leaving,you should have gone to the training sessions they where both rubbish, same old thing session after session,callum gave 1 hundred persent for town for start to finish,i know there are more sad to see im go than pleased thats for sure.
  2. 2018 Squad

    sorry tee ritson is the player.
  3. 2018 Squad

    there as been a lack of good man management for a long time at the club , star today telling us the offer they made him,well why did,ent he sign?
  4. Callum leaves

    well wonky i can tell you now that the same lad you seem to have your knife in could have left the club for more cash but stopped at the club that he loved as a player and supporter, just felt i had to reply to you
  5. Callum leaves

    i know i said that was my last post but barry my name is alan armstrong ok
  6. Callum leaves

    that is my last post on this forum as i think i am getting to involved that was just my opinion as i see things now,
  7. Callum leaves

    four lads at barrow 4 lads at haven pluse the lads that have just left for 1 thing or another ,as someone that as been to most training sescions ,i can see a difference in the playing staff and if you carnt barry every body else can
  8. Callum leaves

    so what about all the other lads that have gone, where the club glad to see the back of them , and i now whitehaven supporters will be more pleased about callums move than towns,
  9. Callum leaves

    all it wanted was the club to approach him? i think the club as to have a different approach to players,when you think of all the good lads that have gone or left us there as got to be something not right down there
  10. New signings

  11. New signings

    looks like we have lost callum to haven
  12. Keighley reaction

    every one says howorth is a good passer of the ball my be ,but how about trying to run from play the never saw him try it once,there hooker ran us raged with his darts from play the ball, in my opinion, howorth does nothing for the team nothing like i was expecting,callum should be number one in that place with more time on the field?
  13. Haven reaction

    tell me donald what player do they target in the haven side?
  14. Jamie Doran

    yes LATU as had a 2 year holiday, with pay also a car, I thought only MP,S got that, time we said goodbye mr latu he wont be getting any more of my cash.
  15. Ryan mcgoldrick

    ye we could do with LUCOCK back would have been very use full for us of late,allways a good trainer ,and I thought a very good player