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  1. what as betting odds to do with this site scrub them now
  2. yes callum and carl could be in the same team if callum moves to town??
  3. donald comes on this forum trying to sound good at times? but he hates town just as much as the other marrs that come on here/ up the town.
  4. i dont think he is a donald a salterbeck lad i think as well?
  5. mind be a wee bit carefull im a alan and sit behind the old dugout ?
  6. is the game on today dose anybody know yet?
  7. yes getting on for 86 no goal posts then just a couple of jackets boots and clogs 15 a side played all day rain snow blow great days.
  8. have you never said i think its going to rain i a while? genteman jim
  9. now but have been on it a lot to make that call at this time of day? but the game is of so i willgo out and paint my wooden arch in the garden
  10. still think it was to easy for the ref to call it of i would have a bet on that pitch will be playable at 3 oclock
  11. well all i can say it doesent take a lot to call games of these days? just a wee bit of snow played in worse on the cricket field at salterbeck.
  12. kiln7

    19 man Squad

    just the kind of post we expect from you ? now wot will be your next rumour,
  13. i will ask a question of you why did he sign for town and not haven , come on let us know.
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