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  1. Best bet would be to contact the club.
  2. What's the Captains run?, never heard of such a thing.
  3. Most likely that he'll return to the Bulls. Another situation, although unlikely could be Chis to Fev, Briggs to the Bulls.
  4. Our players need to show better discipline .
  5. In tight games, goal kicking is absolutely vital. For instance Aston may well have brought us back to level in the Toulouse match.
  6. Sounds like the lad is doing ok today
  7. Best team won, but some poor decision making especially in the first 20 mins. Thought that the ref was ok to be honest.
  8. The problem with bringing your own players through at our and lower levels, is that any decent players will be quickly snapped up by other clubs. Dual Reg isn't great but it's a necessary evil if we wish to survive and play at Championship level.
  9. Anyone know if Misi is likely to be playing any time soon?. Always seems to be us who have problems obtaining visas.
  10. It's a long hard season, so we need all the players we can get. Given Leeds signed Aston, he must have some level of ability.
  11. Happy to be proved wrong. What a great win by the lads.
  12. Not too optimistic about this match to be honest. Would have Batley as favourites.
  13. Don't care whose picked as long as we win...
  14. Depends how they play away from home. But poor from Batley.
  15. Ash Handley would be in for me ahead of Briscoe. Hard to see who the other to miss out would be.