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  1. Shame it’s yet another loan signing. Only needs the Bulls to pick up some injuries and we are back at square one.
  2. Given the injury situation and that there’s no chance of getting beyond probably the next round, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we lost on Sunday.
  3. Cheers, we would prefer less travelling so are waiting a quote for Toronto only. Not a massive fan of flying, so not too keen on the extra NY flights.
  4. Cheers everyone, hopefully we will be there.
  5. Thanks Maureen, sounds like a great trip, just got to pursuade my wife ?
  6. I’m thinking of going to the away match against Toronto. Can anyone give me approximate costs?, and how last years trip was?.
  7. The lad seems to be a marked man. Hence he needs to make sure that he doesn’t do things which give the referee an excuse to penalise him.
  8. The problem with loan players in crucial positions is that we won’t get any consistency. Wakey are going well though, so fingers crossed that they don’t pick up any injuries.
  9. Was always going to be tough against a motivated Widnes team, who despite issues have kept a strong team.
  10. 22-0 after 20 mins.
  11. It’s great that despite their troubles that Widnes are able to retain the majority of their expensively assemble team.
  12. Carrying on as if nothing as happened, with the same expensive full time squad. No doubt they will give us a good beating.
  13. Wouldn’t it be funny if Leeds signed Wellington Albert and he dual regged for us. Widnes fans fuming at us again. ??????
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