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  1. Monkeymagic22

    2019 Squad

    All depends what signings Leeds make as to the situation with Newman. As mentioned Newman is progressing so fast that he’s s potential squad member for Leeds next year, whilst it’s unlikely that the 2 weve signed are anywhere near that level as yet.
  2. Monkeymagic22

    2019 Squad

    Seems able to play in a few positions, full back, centre and winger. Certainly can’t complain about the other 2 youngsters we have had in the team from Leeds, so hopefully he’s the same.
  3. Monkeymagic22


    I’d be happy with the new proposals if it had been 1 definite relegation plus 1 potential via a playoff.
  4. Monkeymagic22

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    Is it really worth risking him for the remainder of this season?.
  5. Given Leeds are likely to want to keep him, can’t see any prospect of him playing for Fax. If he was to leave, it would be to another SL club not Fax.
  6. Dakota Whylie conformed on a seasons loan for 18/19.
  7. Heard Fax were interested, but Fev offered more money 😉
  8. On the other side of the coin, it takes time for half backs to develop, and given his experience in Australian he may well have improved. Let’s see how he goes on the field, and then we can properly judge him.
  9. Given we’ve already got Ridyard and the Boas brothers, it’s hard to see Punchard breaking into the first team.
  10. This season has shown, that you can never have enough half backs.
  11. Monkeymagic22

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    Not seen much of them, are they decent quality?
  12. Monkeymagic22

    Season tickets 2019

    Seems a great deal. I don’t make many matches these days, but will continue to support the club by renewing my season ticket.
  13. Monkeymagic22

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    Maybe for whatever reason the club didn’t want to re-sign him.
  14. Monkeymagic22

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    Not trying to have ago at the kid, but if he’s that good, how come it’s Sheffield he’s signed for, rather than one of the bigger clubs in the division?.
  15. Monkeymagic22

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    No doubt he’s an improving young player who always give his best, but money is tight and for me, we need to use what we have to retain the better players such as Ridyard and Davies. I wish the lad good luck at the Eagles.