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  1. If he signed, hopefully he'll go well. Just hope he's improved his discipline.
  2. What's Marks involvement with York?
  3. Would it make more sense to play Misi on the bench, given his age. Might also been that he can sustain his form over the full season. Walton's a certain starter for me.
  4. Played 18 times for Wakey last season.
  5. To be honest I'd agree with Oxy, Walton is better than the centres we already have. He's recently played Super League, couldn't see our other centres being up to that standard.
  6. These Friendlies have no bearing on the season, for instance we had a great set of results when Bastian was in charge. Main thing is that we don't pick up bad injuries.
  7. You can following the play on Fax's twitter feed. 4-4 at the moment.
  8. Pointless match, main thing being that we don't pick up any injuries.
  9. Good stuff Robin, and a good idea by the club...
  10. To be fair it's not just Sky, BT pump millions into Union. Not sure why either of the codes would want to combine to be honest.
  11. An option if he can bulk up in the off season. Would be good to have a local lad coming through.