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  1. The clubs been fined for behaviour of supporters at the Rochdale match. Maybe now the message will get through.
  2. So the final isn’t at a neutral venue as per the previous method?.
  3. The main thing is that we don’t underestimate Sheffield and get the win on Sunday.
  4. The 1998 team was quality, dismantling Hull KR away, was a particular highlight.
  5. At this stage, in my opinion, this looks like the best team we’ve had for years. Reminds me of the side that lost to Wakefield in 1998 play off final at Huddersfield.
  6. Looking at how the play offs are organised it would be great if we could finish 3rd. That way you get 2 bites at the cherry. Whilst Toronto look a class apart, for me it’s not beyond any of the other teams reaching the final.
  7. The great thing at the moment, is that we’ve got plenty of players available and hence don’t have to play anyone carrying a knock. Towards the end of the season, it’s important to have fresh players.
  8. And as for the Sheffield match, we shouldn’t be complacent. They can produce performances against us.
  9. It’s hardly a big final, given that the best 2 teams in the Championship aren’t even in it. It’s after the main match and will likely be watched by a few thousand supporters. Despite what some people are saying, the extra matches that this competition would have resulted in, can only harm our league campaign. And yes, given league position results in how much funding is received, it is the only thing that really matters.
  10. Never good to lose, but I think it was the right decision to rest players for Sunday.
  11. I see that we are marginal favourites with the Bookies for this match. Personally I think with the changes and the extra motivation that Widnes have , that it’s a likely loss.
  12. With 2 games in a week it’s best to use the squad, and rest some for the more important match against Sheffield.
  13. I’m sure there will be plenty of mock outrage when the club gets a £50k fine.
  14. I’m not right on at all, just someone whose not totally influenced by the Daily Mail/Sun. let’s face it, idiots chanting offensive stuff are only going to lead to the club facing a big fine. Alas some people can’t understand this.
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