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  1. It's not just a question of the number of players, it's also whether we can improve the quality. Isn't Walker off to Wire?.
  2. MC mentioned about bringing people in, but it's kind of gone quiet, especially with the change of coach. Let's hope so though...
  3. Halfbacks, although admittedly there aren't many options about.
  4. Knowles appearances were sparodic. His loss is hardly a cause of doom and despondency. We could however do with some strengthening before the deadline.
  5. At the end of the day, MC is the majority shareholder and hence he makes the decision's. Some have been great and some not so great. Hopefully this one will pay off.
  6. I agree, the matches I have seen, it's been very poor entertainment. I don't often agree with MC, but do on this occasion.
  7. Does seem a bit crazy that the players were given a holiday before the playoffs. They might be part time, but they are still earning decent money. Plenty of time for holidays when the season ends.
  8. Hopefully JD will get the team playing a bit more expansive rugby.
  9. Hey Oxy, didn't Mr Duffy manage 2 wins against Fax?.
  10. Agreed, wonder if he'll be bringing in any players before the deadline?
  11. Let's not forget that this year we've had extra funding than the vast majority of teams in the Championship plus the benefit of the Leeds dual reg players.
  12. Exciting young coach, think Duffers will do a good job. Made some good signings at Swinton as well.
  13. No one will care if the new man gets the team playing well.
  14. 3 potential coaches, Agar, John Duffy, or Burrow?. Personally I'd have Duffy, whose done a great job at Swinton. Anyone heard of any others?
  15. That's sport, it's a ruthless business. There's no loyalty these days.