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  1. Might work, but I'd prefer a proper No.7 and keep Jones at Hooker. Perhaps we can get Longy to lace up his boots for one last season
  2. Wasn’t there a rumour that we were in for Luke Gale?. Personally though, I’d look to Australia.
  3. Happy with that, Sean Long has some great experience, and will bring loads more positivity than BM.
  4. If you email the club they are always very helpful. Posted mine to me last season.
  5. Some talk that it's Sean Long. I'd be happy with Long, but some people really don't rate him.
  6. Might be a chance for the club to potentially scout some players for next season. Looking forward to the comp, the usual suspects strong, but now you've got the likes of Samoa and Tonga, who have some quality NRL class players.
  7. Sooner we can get a new coach sorted the better really. It seems to have gone a bit quiet at the moment.
  8. Totally agree, Sky didn't tell the clubs how to distribute the money or how to spend it.
  9. Not sure about Ford, personally I'd prefer Orr or Ward.
  10. Not sure that there's much of a slope these days. When we built the new stand it was lengthened. Doesn't seem that noticeable to me these days.
  11. It's happening, so the clubs got to make the best of it. Promotion next year and improvements to the ground and infrastructure. Let's make it hard for them to keep us out. At first I was dubious and I am still not a fan of licensing, but I'll be renewing my season ticket this week. Up the Rovers.
  12. Danny Orr might be an interesting contender. Assistant at Salford, who have been superb, and apparently left due to the commute. Think he'd be a good appointment.
  13. Club don't seem too concerned with the new structure and say that there will be promotion and relegation in 2023 and 2024. So maybe it's not as bad as we think.
  14. I'd agree, and if you look at Leigh, many of their good signings were made late, so enough time for the new coach to add players.
  15. It's more of an issue of Hardman being the son in law of the clubs owner in my view. It's a conflict of interest between family and the club.
  16. I'd agree, the family links between Hardman and Campbell, make this a really bad idea.
  17. He's been decent but would need to improve loads to be of SL quality. However, its possible and I wish the lad well at Trin.
  18. I'd be amazed if he'd leave a job as an assistant in the NRL to coach us.
  19. Played 16 times for Newcastle this season, which isn't bad.
  20. Personally I'd look for an Aussie, they are well ahead of us in coaching.
  21. True, it's a totally different job when there's expectation and pressure.
  22. Did ok at Workington and speaks well on Premier Sport.
  23. Think that he only had a contract for this season, so surely, it's just a matter of time before he leaves, as it's hard to believe Campbell would give him an extension.
  24. People pay their money and are entitled to their opinions.
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