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  1. Not sure why people get so hung up on what has been said in the past. I couldn't careless if he's going to come in and help us achieve a Grand Final win. My issue would be, is McDermott past his best as a coach, and we won't know that until and if he takes charge.
  2. We still seem to be investing heavily in players, so for me too 5 would be poor. Not saying that we should win it, but should be top 3 for me.
  3. Isn't it likely to be one of those Cas players we are rumoured to have been interested in?.
  4. Good signing. Just the kind of player we can develop to the next level.
  5. Dual reg has its advantages, but I'd prefer us not to use it. Build a strong squad like last season and go with that.
  6. Alex Walker seems a steady enough player, but doesn't seem to add to much attack wise. And didn't Pickersgill finish the season with a bad injury?. I guess it will all come out in the wash.
  7. Very sad news, my thoughts are with the family. RIP.
  8. Personally I thought all the decisions made looked correct, but irrespective of that I think that Toulouse had more to give if we'd got closer. They had a far superior kicking game and their pack largely dominated ours. Injuries to the likes of Day, Moores and Springer haven't helped, but it's something we need to address for next season. Travelling on the day was also a massive disadvantage. Anyway, onwards and upwards.
  9. All the decision looked right to me. Clearly not fair that the team had to travel on the day of the game.
  10. Disagree, travelling on the day, must have taken it out of the players. Might not have won, but it would have surely been closer if we had gone over the day before. Can't understand why we didn't, with so much at stake.
  11. I just can't see either of the outsiders winning, Toulouse and Fev are a distance clear of any of the other teams.
  12. It would be very disappointing to me if we don't beat Fax fairly comfortably. Unless we badly underperform I'd have us winning by 16 to 30 points.
  13. I think our match should be relatively close, but can't see any way that Batley get within 20-30 of Toulouse.
  14. I just remember when we brought Andy Kain on as an impact player. Caused havoc against tiring defences. I'd do the same with Parata.
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