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  1. In RL, DG (Drop Goal) is often called "FG (Field Goal)" like Gridiron Football. Could anyone tell me the reason?
  2. Auckland Nines

    I want to attend Auckland 9s next year. Is there any website about cheapest flight & accommodation, ticket etc?
  3. I saw RU's Brisbane Global Tens. There were 2 matches between Queensland and New South Wales. Queensland's colour is red, and the TV commentator said that red jersey is the tradition of Queensland. So why the colours of Queensland are different in RU (red) and RL (maroon)?
  4. There are no All Stars jerseys at yet. And there are "Indigenous All Stars" and "World All Stars". What is the World All Stars?
  5. Now NRL All Stars and Indigenous All Stars jerseys are sold out at NRL shop. When will they be available?
  6. Could anyone tell me "Dragons Catalans" in català?
  7. And 4 Nations should be annual (except World Cup years), because RU has European 6 Nations and The Rugby Championship. Top 3 automatically qualify for the next year 4 Nations, and bottom team must play qualifiers. (In the case of World Cup year, World Cup top 3 automatically qualify for the next year 4 Nations.)
  8. Yes Scotland needs RL culture. After the election of Trump, many Americans seek to move to Canada. Could the same thing happen in Britain? (Many English/Welsh move to independent Scotland) If many Scottish-origin RL players came to Scotland, a professional team could be established...
  9. According to Mannin government, RL is not popular and there is no club in Mannin (Ellan Vannin, Isle of Man). Has there been any professional player from that island? Is there any effort of expansion of RL to that island?
  10. The Bravehearts got a valuable point from the Kiwis. Scotland are making progress. But Scotland needs a professional team playing in the Super League to reach the level of top 3.
  11. Could you tell me what "Country vs City" and "City Origin Indigenous / County Origin Indigenous"?
  12. 4 Nations at Anfield

    88m minimum? Isn't it too short? Would shorter field of play significantly influence tactics? Then, 105.6m (88m plus 8.8m ingoals) pitch would be nice for high-level competitions?
  13. Could you tell me why 3 games are played? I think 2 H&A games are enough. Where is the venue of the 3rd game? Canberra? And if RL became more popular in other countries and top 3 countries lost their dominance, would the significance of SoO be lost?
  14. 4 Nations at Anfield

    Anfield must not used for RL. Even Old Trafford, whose Football pitch length is standard 105m, does not have enough length for RL. Anfield is shorter than Old Trafford (only 101m). How to solve this problem? How about reducing the length of field of play from 100m to 94m?
  15. 4 Nations at Anfield

    Yes, at least 1 Scotland game should be held at Murrayfield.