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  1. Futsal should leave FIFA to establish an independent organisation. I do not deny FIFA's contribution to Futsal (establishing the world rules), today there is no reason for Futsal to be under the control of FIFA. About Beach Soccer (Beach Football, Beasal), I am not sure.
  2. I have changed my opinion. My new suggestion is to merge RU 7s and RL 7s. New name should be simply "Sevens Rugby Football". A new international organisation "World Sevens Rugby Football Council", independent from World Rugby and International Rugby League, should be founded. Sevens Rugby Football will be used as development for both RL and RU.
  3. Why there are no London Scottish, London Irish and London Welsh in Football?
  4. RLIF - Rugby League International Federation
  5. There is no major 7s tounament, and no possibility of the future development of 7s. 13s and 9s are enough for RL. There should be 9s World Cup.
  6. "Jeu à Treize" means "13s game", right? However, how to say RL 9s and 7s in français?
  7. I met a French sport writer and asked about RL and RU in France. According to him, RL was more popular than RU until the 1960s in France. Is that true? And is RL still more popular than RU in French Catalunya?
  8. In the long run, I think that the popularity of Football will be replaced by Futsal, like 11-player Handball disappeared.
  9. To become more popular in North America, Soccer must increase the number of goals and decrease the number of draws drastically.
  10. I am a fan of Glasgow City Ladies, but they are amateur! Women's sports are not strong in Scotland.
  11. Please understand what we are discussing. We are not discussing "what tactic is better?", but "what rules are necessary?". Power-play tactic is used when a side desperately needs goals--like score is 1-3 and remaining time is 5:00. In such case, there is of course high risk of conceding goals. (The same can be said about the power-play tactic in Ice Hockey etc.)
  12. In Football, there is no such necessity. In Futsal, one player who can use hands is needed because of goal-throw, but this problem can easily be solved by allowing goal-kick like Football.
  13. Really I do not understand your point, but do you agree with me on the point that there is no necessity for the rule that "there must be a Goalie on the pitch"?
  14. There is a rule that "There must be a Goalkeeper on pitch" in both Football and Futsal. But I think that this rule should be abolished for the Ice-Hockey style power-play in the end of game.
  15. Futsal's rules are decided by FIFA. 11-player Football rules are decided by IFAB. This partially explains why Futsal rules are more logical than Football. And the number of a squad has been increased from 12 to 14. There is a problem in Futsal's rules. That is goal-throw. In Futsal, play is re-started by goal-throw unlike Football's goal-kick. So there must be a Goalie (Goalkeeper) who can use hands. For that reason, in the case of power-play (when goals are necessary, all 5 on-pitch players do offense like Ice Hockey's last minutes), there still must be a Goalie. Goal-kick should be allowed, and the rule that there always must be a Goalie must be abolished.
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