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  1. Why there are no London Scottish, London Irish and London Welsh in Football?
  2. RLIF - Rugby League International Federation
  3. There is no major 7s tounament, and no possibility of the future development of 7s. 13s and 9s are enough for RL. There should be 9s World Cup.
  4. Yes, Samoa were not good enough for QF. Scotland should have beaten Samoa. Scotland had 3 chances (PG, 2 FGs) after being equalised.
  5. Why did Samoa not try to score by kicking a PG in the closing minutes, instead of finishing without a point?
  6. Very heartbreaking late 3 miss-kicks in a row for the Bravehearts... Could you tell me any online video of the 1st half?
  7. No problem as a start for domestic RL. Players who have not played for other countries can become Scotland international after several years, right? (Could anyone tell me RLIF's regulation? In RU, it's 3 years.)
  8. Yes, Scotland needs a professional team competitive in the Super League.
  9. In the last 4 Nations, Scotland got a first-ever valuable draw point from the Kiwis. So what was the reason for the disappointing performance against Tonga?
  10. I want to get an Indigenous All Stars jersey, but it is sold out at NRLShop.com. Could you tell me when it would become available?
  11. In RL, DG (Drop Goal) is often called "FG (Field Goal)" like Gridiron Football. Could anyone tell me the reason?
  12. I want to attend Auckland 9s next year. Is there any website about cheapest flight & accommodation, ticket etc?
  13. I saw RU's Brisbane Global Tens. There were 2 matches between Queensland and New South Wales. Queensland's colour is red, and the TV commentator said that red jersey is the tradition of Queensland. So why the colours of Queensland are different in RU (red) and RL (maroon)?
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