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  1. in any league some clubs have to be the dross - sometimes for very long periods of time, some for a few years. In RL unfortunately any club that's in wooden spoon territory is immediately called upon for execution. Booting a club out for the crime of having two abysmal seasons would seem to satisfy many but that club has it's own ground, it's own non matchday revenue streams, it's own youth setup. Hemel have to go back to a southern based side but if they do and they still have a rough season then the clamour for their ejection will still ramp up - but once you've booted them out, another team will fall into the bottom two for a few years and then they'll have to go because apparently all clubs must be of an equal standard. It'll be a crying shame if Hemel get ejected, or chose to knock it on the head themselves. I got the very strong impression at the end of last season that it was Dewsbury or bust - in which case it's very much bust BUT on my visits this season I have not been given any indication that they want to drop out. I have in fact heard many encouraging noises about a return to Hemel based training though. So if they aren't in the league next season I'd say it'd have to be the RFLs doing rather than anything voluntary. Save the Stags!
  2. I'm an expansionist and a big fan of this whole Toronto thing but a split must never happen. It'd be catastrophic. Over my dead body etc etc
  3. looks like they're biting off more than they can chew! choke away ;-)
  4. some good news on Pro12 - I see they're going to invite the two SA teams booted out of the southern hemisphere thing. I cant see them doing any North American expansion, stepping on our toes, anytime soon
  5. anyone have a link as to where I can find the fixtures? For whatever they call the 'you're not very good' half of League 1. I'm not a complete internet feeb but can find nowt. Hemel's website makes me laugh - has the league table on the front page which cuts off at position 14. You'd think someone would have noticed this season as they've lived in 16th all year.
  6. ok cheers. If that is the case at least one of the financially bigger fish are against it
  7. so who are the 6 clubs? I'm absolutely certain Salford & Leigh are against. Then presumably other smaller clubs such as Wakefield & Widnes? Huddersfield? Cas??
  8. if Super League clubs cant market a game against Toronto to bring in a bigger crowd (and let's face it with the money Toronto have behind them they WILL have two genuine marquee players) then there's absolutely nothing 'Super' about them and perhaps they should rightfully make way for clubs that can make the effort and can see past the end of their nose.
  9. I think he gets a nose bleed if he leaves Yorkshire - I remember his bleating about Toulouse last year. He was also quite vocal last year about the stupidity of having Toronto in the league and was suggesting (or making threats) that they might not fulfil the fixture as not all his lads could take time off etc etc, it all sounded very similar to some of the posters on here at the time. So the hotel might well have been rubbish, and to be fair they're not the first club to say it, but he certainly wasn't not going to mention it. I've blocked a certain poster quite a while ago as I got tired of the same posts, reworded, in every thread but from people quoting them I see the bitterness seems to have gone even higher! Roll onto Super League Wolfpack and watch his head pop
  10. as a complete neutral when it comes to Super League teams I have to say I am rooting for Cas to win it this year with every fibre of my being. Come on lads!
  11. it was 19-18 and then with a couple of minutes to go the Welsh lads got a penalty in front of the sticks - I think that was it as far as everyone was concerned, a real kick in the guts. But the bloke missed it - high drama! Then the Stags scored and converted in the very last action of the game to calm everyone's battered nerves. A very enjoyable afternoon. Fair play to the hardy few who travelled from Wales. I also overheard someone who seemed to be on his first visit say to the lady with him - "this is better than Union". God bless you sir, come again.
  12. "voluntarily rescued a pension scheme" - LOL
  13. Stags will win, which will be known in future years as 'the result heard around the world'
  14. Watford Met Line for me, bit of an inconvenience but a doddle compared to 99% of others affected You doing the game this Sunday? If they don't win this one then........
  15. I'm a fan of the round ball code but can live without it on Sky, the only reason at all that I feel compelled to subscribe to Sky Sports is the RL - if I can just subscribe to whatever channel that's on then lovely stuff