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  1. Hemel may well finish bottom but it wont be due to travelling far for training - they'll be a team of Yorkshiremen. I personally reckon they'll finish a fair way higher up - the worry is how many people will turn up to watch them with a lot of the already small core support disillusioned with the Dewsbury thing
  2. obviously it'd be a massive challenge but if Wimbledon can do it then the Bulls can do it to an extent - well enough to overpower any League 1 club (barring Toronto) and well enough to challenge at the top of the Championship. Beyond that would probably be a stretch but presumably they'd be a saleable asset again if they reached that stage. You cant compare members clubs like the big German football clubs or AFL teams true but are AFC Wimbledon bigger than the Bradford Bulls? Do they have a bigger fanbase? I'd say no to both of those. Plus the structure of our sport means any new club is only two seasons away from the big time, unlike football where you have to start a long long way down. Obviously it'd be a disaster if Bradford did go under but it so it needn't be the end of the story
  3. as the defeats started racking up last season a certain amount of fatalism set in but this year that's been replaced by depression. It's ok supporting a team who you never see win a game if you recognise that you have to take the rough with the smooth and things will eventually turn around but jeez, I cant see where the smooth is going to come from. Our first two seasons in the league were very enjoyable, last year something to be endured and this one is the seventh circle of hell. Due to the way the fixtures have fallen the only game I think I can get to for the rest of this season is Coventry at home in September - by that point I'll be at 25 months since last witnessing a home win and 17 months without a victory. Please Rugby Gods help me in my hour of need ;-) The turnover in players has been astounding, I rarely recognise anyone from game to game it seems. We often put up a fight a little in the first half but then the other team normally pulls away at an alarming rate. If I win the eurolottery then we'll be laughing but until then I shall continue rocking back and forth in my armchair in the darkness. Cmon you Staaaaaaags
  4. great signing by the Broncos. I was there at the Stoop for his debut and he was just magnificent that day - literally a few hours after getting off the plane at Heathrow. Obviously he's longer in the tooth now but it's a much lower level of opposition. Hope to get down there to see him in action. Think they should DR him to the Stags while he gets up to speed ;-)
  5. a predictable result for the 2016 Stags, let us move on to the next game with a fresh slate. Who have we got again? Ah, Hornets :-( As for the salary cap and people complaining about TO and Toronto - are there any clubs in League 1 who are currently paying the full allowable salary cap? Seems doubtful and if there is are those clubs itching to spend more, and have the money to do so? If not then the whole argument seems a tad redundant
  6. If I dont see the Stags win soon I swear Im going to start taking hostages Too many errors & penalties coughed up.Too many hail mary passes.Too many...ahhh,who cares Aaaanyway - nice facility there in Abingdon.Having a running track isnt ideal but it's a nice spot on a summer's day to watch TGG. Bring on the All Golds next week! ;-)
  7. As I dont support any SL team & dont care who's fallen off a perch or what team is unravelling I think this season has been great.Loving it in fact.
  8. North Wales,Keighley,Toulouse,HEMEL!HEMEL!HEMEL! Hunslet,Barrow,York All banged on,get thi sen to the bookies
  9. I turned off at half time - there's only a finite amount of time I can spend gawping at the tv and I figured I had better things to do. That rarely happens when I'm watching Super League on TV - so what if their teams would grind ours into the dirt, our brand of the sport is good fun,let's cherish that.
  10. think she was angling for 17 results,fair play :-)
  11. Ah well,maybe I'll never see us win again.Coventry well deserved winners,Stags simply not good enough.Hope that Coventry lad is ok,injury looked & sounded serious
  12. I wonder if they got themselves through the first game back at New River on emotion & adrenaline but then things hit home yesterday. Still,great stuff from Skolars.Congrats!
  13. York coach worried about player availability for Toronto,bet he's fine with this one
  14. Fantastic result for Skolars!LOL @ March,hee hee
  15. there should be a couple of chances after the split but with Coventry & All Golds at home & Oxford away in next three I'm hoping for at least 1 win from those,2 not totally impossible & 3 would be lovely