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  1. I quite fancy buying one myself but as per Copa cannot see where you say what size
  2. to be sure to be sure
  3. I worry about Hemel at Toronto - going to be a horror show. I also worry a little bit about Toronto's overkill approach this season - I was there against Skolars and three of them I think ended up having a bit of hospital time - not through dirty play but just through coming up against seriously powerful professional athletes. I am a big fan of this latest expansion attempt and hope they plough straight on through to Super League but at this level they're definitely overcooking it. Do us all a favour and put a fair few North American lads in for the home games against the weaker clubs - I cant see too many people being over enthused by watching their new team absolutely annihilate everyone they face. I know some people like it but I'd say the majority would find utterly one sided rugby a bit of a chore (I should know I've seen enough of it over the past couple of years - although admittedly on the receiving end) As for the poor old Stags. Something has to be done and done quick. They've got to surely accept they took the wrong path. Bob is exceptionally loyal to Troy but this surely cant continue? Can anyone - Bob & Troy included, see things turning around? If I was in charge I'd appoint an interim coach up north to manage that lot, bring in a southern one and get as many southern players as possible - be they ex Stags who walked away and don't have a club or whoever cant get a game at Skolars/Oxford or any young lads let go by Broncos. For every southern based lad you get you chop one of the Yorkshire Stags - and let's face it, that should be easy as it would seem many of them just aren't up to it. Then play as a split squad until the end of the season, pray to jeebus that they get at least 1 win and then if they're still in League 1 next season you go full southern again (and if that's not feasible keep a small amount of lads training up north until things pick up) and try to take lessons from what the likes of All Golds & Oxford are currently doing (I never thought I'd say that about Oxford & Hemel but there you go, it's a funny old world). I know Skolars have more spending clout than Hemel but there's no reason why they cant challenge them for some players, they used to do so quite successfully - especially if there's a welcoming setup for them. I'll be there on Friday for the now rather diminished El Classico praying for a miracle. New River is holy ground for me being the place I last saw the Stags win - April 3rd 2015!!! Ah, how good life felt back in those sun kissed halcyon days ;-) It's sad to see on twitter the amount of scorn many Skolars fans now feel towards the Stags and it no longer being a real derby but hey ho, I guess they have a point.
  4. I believe they converted to Northern Union,then converted back. I suspect this will have all been airbrushed out of any club history
  5. just out of interest I went on their site the other day and went through the motions of buying a ticket for their first home game v Oxford - one stand had limited availability and the other one had none, it wasn't clear if the non available section was sold out or not opened up for sale yet. I think probably the latter but we're a long way off from that game so I'd take half the seating coming close to selling out as a very good sign. My completely stab in the dark guess (possibly way off) is around 4000 sold Although they may be below that figure with seats set aside for hoped for future ST sales
  6. 23-22 with last second 1 pointer from you know who
  7. I'll be giving it a swerve. My daughter's birthday that day and no child deserves the 2017 Hemel Stags as a present. The Good Friday El Classico still very much on the cards though - we'll give them Skolars one hellllllll of a beating (or not). Broncos playing earlier versus Toulouse also a tempter
  8. there's been quite a lot of chatter recently about promotion to League 1 and I can only assume it is something being considered. I cant see the reasoning behind it though. How many NCL clubs actually want to go semi pro? Who are these clubs? I vaguely remember someone saying Mayfield a while back - my memory may be playing tricks on me or it might have been someone talking rot so forgive me if so.....but if that is the case is two semi pro teams with poor gates in Rochdale (for example) really pushing the game forward? The NCL clubs are a vital part of our sport in this country and fantastic work is done. Does it improve the sport to have some of them go semi pro? Is the game geographically spread or are more players produced if so? How many clubs actually have the faintest desire to go semi pro? If they want it so badly have any of them actually applied to join League 1 over recent years? There is nothing stopping them doing so. On the League 1 podcast there was an NCL bod who using Coventry as an example said it was unfair how they leapfrogged all the other NCL clubs and got a league place and all that lovely lolly - 75k a year of it or whatever it is now. Are Coventry Bears a better bet than an NCL Premier club?I'd say yes, they are. Have they contributed as much to the sport so far - no they haven't but they have vastly bigger potential, open up the sport to new spectators and will eventually grow the player pool. If you did bring in promotion from the NCL to League 1 are you then effectively washing your hands of any expansion attempts? Would any southern team, ever, be able as amateurs to climb up through the NCL - very very doubtful. Are Manchester Rangers supposed to work there way up through the NW Men's League and then up through the NCL before they're allowed into League 1? How long would that take them? 20 years? Who's a better bet for expanding the professional game - Manchester or Siddal? The argument would seem to be - are the amateurs in the north of England better than the amateurs in your local area? If yes, then don't bother. That kills off the sport outside the north. Hemel finish bottom? See ya! Skolars have a terrible season? Toodle pip! South Wales not quite up to speed yet? Be gone and don't return. etc etc etc Let's say they brought promotion/relegation in after the last burst of expansion happened. 2013 - Hey All Golds, you had a lovely plan going there with the university tie up and all that but hey, you're bottom and you're gone. Would All Golds still exist now? No they wouldn't. Who would have replaced them? West Hull. Great great club but are they adding to the sport by ceasing to be amateur? Do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2014 - South Wales out. Would South Wales have existed after relegation? No. Who would have replaced them considering West Hull are now battling in League 1? Wath Brow. You have two semi pro teams in the neighbourhood who are a shadow of their former selves. Does adding a new team add to that? Can Cleator Moor and surroundings support a league team? Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2015 - as South Wales are toast by this point let us assume Hemel came bottom. Would they still exist? I'd say yes. Would they be in the NCL? Highly unlikely. Would they therefore have any chance whatsoever of getting back into the league - no. Who would have replaced them? Leigh Miners Rangers. Is having two teams from Leigh in the league a good idea? Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? 2016 - as we can assume Hemel are now chastened and playing in the Eastern Premier or Southern Conference let us assume Oxford came bottom. Would they immediately blink out of existence? Yep. Who would have replaced them? Siddal. Is having a second team in the league from Halifax a good idea?Again, do they even want to be semi pro? Have they ever applied for League 1? The league would now look very very different and I would argue far more insular and backward looking while semi pro RL in the south would have been almost completely wiped out. The NCL itself, that great nursery of the sport, would also be weakened. Another point to make - there are many very good players in the NCL who play there because of work commitments/L1 semi pro money not being worth the life and career upheaval - that situation wouldn't change so your West Hulls/Wath Brows/Leigh MRs/Siddals would be stepping up to League 1 without those players. It would perhaps be akin on a lower level to what happened to Sheffield when they went full time - players left and boom! All of the top NCL clubs are incredible assets to our sport - would any of them going semi pro increase their value to the sport? I'd say that's doubtful. It could even damage the clubs concerned. Assuming that promotion from NCL was brought in and assuming the majority of clubs are happy with their current status you then also have the lottery of finishing bottom in the season one of the few NCL clubs wanting promotion come top. Finish bottom five years running and you're fine, another club has one bad year after that and they're gone possibly never to return. What do you do with the foreign clubs who want to join? Big money Montreal bid? Cathars bid from France? They cant start at the bottom of the NCL and if you drop them in above a village team from the NCL who came top then cue merry uproar. You could always let that village team come up anyway and just relegate two teams - but hey, folks, all the southern teams are gone now - the plan's not looking so clever now you've just relegated Hunslet and replaced them with Kells to give us four struggling west cumbrian semi pro teams If a team in the NCL can offer the game something extra by going semi pro and replacing an existing club then let's hear their argument and weigh up what they offer long term in comparison to who they'd replace - then let's have them apply for a place and see what happens. Automatic promotion/relegation from NCL to League 1 would, I would argue, cause irreparable damage to the lower level of semi pro RL in this country and would take us back years. If anyone does know of what teams in the NCL actually want to be in League 1 then it'd be great to know who they are - it'd be worth a monster thread in it's own right.
  9. I know they are still working hard in the local area and getting into the local schools
  10. I wasn't at the game or when they played Toulouse but could it be that no, they're not thugs but on occasion the coach tells them to get in their faces/play with a bit of 'mongrel'/be dirty bleeders when he thinks that's the best way to negate the opposition? Whether that's if he sees something in the oppo that can be exploited or he just plain doesn't like teams from certain places (he was quite vocal before the Toulouse game about them being in the league if I remember rightly & then hey presto it all went off). If it's the latter let's see what happens if they play Toronto next season :-)
  11. a record for Hemel or league 1? Saw Swinton beat Oxford 96-4 the other year. (agree they should be in different divisions)
  12. if only he styled Samantha Cameron's hair
  13. ps - wonder what the CBC online viewership was? Hopefully good
  14. all sounds very familiar from Hornets. I shall get my popcorn ready for this one