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  1. sorry but you’re not going to win games in Super League if your defence is this bad...
  2. Wells does like the sound of his own voice though at least there is usually some substance behind it. I was surprised by how bad Wilkin was, pretentious and pseudo intellectual, using silly buzzwords like ‘embryonic’ to get the upper hand. he almost made me warm to Phil Clarke.
  3. They under achieved last season. And the season before. And the season before. And there are no signs of anything changing.
  4. when did he turn them around? the league record under McNamara has been consistently poor since he took over. one year of Challenge Cup success is the only thing propping him up.
  5. why is McNamara still in a job? does anyone besides Guasch actually know?
  6. Why continue to give this dinosaur a platform when there are countless passionate rugby league people who actually have knowledge of the international game? We hear quite enough of these pub bore arguments already, they bring absolutely nothing to the table.
  7. i’m sure someone else has said this - but how good would this be if it was the Four Nations?
  8. Schofield needs to be blacklisted by the sport ASAP. everything that he says or writes that gets publicity only serves to give oxygen to his shrivelled ego and there are countless ex pros like Peacock that are far more relevant and thoughtful as talking heads and opinion writers.
  9. go for it - https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/match_officials/become_a_match_official
  10. The game’s lack of an advertising push is exactly the reason that it won’t be a success. it’s an embarrassment that we can’t even get close to filling wembley for a game like this.
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