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  1. I've just subscribed and to those asking the app is now up and running - on the Android store anyway. If you go to the shows section nothing works (yet, hopefully) but at the bottom of that page if you go to 'shows you've just missed' then they work - although they're somewhat out of date (not sure if the shows have restarted for 2018 of course). The live TV bit works fine. My chromecast dongle comes tomorrow so I can stick it on the tv but the picture quality on my laptop is perfect HD, no problem. Roll on the season! And all the Super League on Sky. And Toronto and the NCL on Premier. If you've got the bucks we're living in a golden age of tv coverage folks! Shame the NRL isnt all still on Premier but hey ho, that's life and as from tomorrow one of the AVs on my TV has a 24 hour Rugby League Channel on it - yay!
  2. top of SL2 and ending up with nowt is no different from coming top of the Championship now & not winning the GF. But now they at least have the chance of promotion. As for 5th-12th they'll be playing not to get relegated. I believe 2 of them will be. I really don't think it's that complicated. It might not work but I'm happy to give it a go.
  3. sorry, a film quote jumped into my head when reading the previous message. I guess few got it but made me chuckle and that's the main thing ;-)
  4. there was a bit of trouble. There was a fairly sustained set to (maybe less than a couple of minutes but it seemed longer) towards the end of the game between two sets of Hull fans in the top tier of the stand opposite the tunnel. One faction had black and white face paint on and were wearing black and white chequered hats - quite incongrous to see them then laying in the punches. I quite often see people getting punched at major RL events so never feel entirely comfortable with the 'no trouble here' line. Saw a bloke threatening another with extreme violence at last years CC Final - the man on the end of the abuse was with his wife and 4 kids, all of whom were clearly petrified. Saw a man floored with one punch outside OT before last years GF. Was sat near 1x Hull fan and 1x Hull KR fan punching each other at Magic last year. Was directly behind two Wigan fans who went at it big style in the beer queue at their SF in Huddersfield last year. Maybe it's just me and I'm causing all this stuff ;-) Obviously the vast vast majority are law abiding folk and can go to a game without whacking someone or behaving like a tool, far more than football but behind that 'other' code in my opinon
  5. Rimmer said the other night that SL1 and SL2 (or whatever they will be called) will both have their own magic weekend. So it's before the split and there's two of them
  6. the points totals for the 3rd group of 8 would include what they'd accrued in the first 23 games.
  7. they're damned if they do and damned if they dont - a large clamour against them for having licensing, they try something else and there's a large clamour against that. Also with how long it's taking - if they just rushed it through they'd get nailed but they're having a proper consultation period (although I'm sure we all suspect it's already pretty much ironed out) and again everyones having a pop.There's obviously a lot wrong with how the game is run but I think they're genuinely trying to crack the P&R conundrum. I was as the meeting last night (I was the aforementioned Hemel bod - would have liked to stay and chat with the other CC1 bods Gogledd but the motorway - and a sodding speed camera - awaited!) and thought it was very good and open - I would have loved to have got more info on various topics but there was only a limited amount of time and lots of people who wanted to raise questions Another CC1 thing that is worth mentioning is that they said it was 2 up 2 down between the third tier and SL2 which, as far as I'm concerned, is great news. Think they were looking at 22-26 games (didnt quite catch the first number but the last was definitely 26) which then prompted me whilst driving home to wonder how many fixtures it'll be next season - there has to be more surely? The two clubs dropping down from the Championship are going to be in trouble otherwise, going from 13 home league games to 9 is going to be a hell of a hit. One last, slightly ominous, thing is that on their slide it had 12 teams in CC1. As pointed out by one of the Welsh lads that doesnt make sense - as things stand it'd be 13 teams. Add Coventry - 14. Add Toulouse pushing someone else down it'd be 15. Rimmer said it was just showing an example of how much revenue each team would get (the present 75k) and that they'd be able to stretch that to whatever the higher number was. BUT later on to another question, from Oldham I think, Solly said something along the lines of "whether it's 14,13,12 teams we dont know but......." So...methinks the RFL have some knowledge that it's distinctly possible not everyones going to be around come 2015.Who? Obviously the Broncos are suspect number 1. Coventry not to join? One or more of the CC1 clubs not thinking it can run to a 26 game season? One of the CC/CC1 clubs being in deep financial doodoo and perhaps not having the wherewithall to get a 'phoenix club' together in time? I dunno but they're definitely thinking (worst case scenario obviously) there might only be 36 clubs in 2015. In addition to all that wasnt the next possible step up to CC1 scheduled for 2015?
  8. Doesnt have to be the Stoop. Could have been anywhere in London. And Scubby, you said "Who on earth would have denied them that?" - I'm sure this forum would have gone into meltdown by now with furious 'flatcappers'!
  9. 1). Yes 2). Skollllllllllllllarssssssssssss & Leigh (although fine by me if Sheffield win instead)
  10. I realise that getting the most people through the gates is the notion and this is the one that will do that but surely a semi final venue should be 'neutral'. This isnt and the only reason it's not a massive deal is that it's crappy little London who nearly nobody gives two hoots about. As I said before as it doesnt matter how far it is from Club A & Club B then they should have stuck it in a small ground in London, handed it over to the 'Big Hit' crowd and put some bums on seats.
  11. 3 hours is highly optimistic for most of London's fans and if any of the 12 northern SL clubs fans were asked to travel over 3 hours to a semi they'd be spitting feathers. Then add to the fun by putting it a few miles away from the team they're playing and woof! Anyway, I suppose it's all academic as I expect Wiggin to do Widnes and then tear the Broncos a new one wherever they play. But still, poor form.
  12. anything bigger than London would be the answer methinks. If a championship club from Yorkshire,for example,had bluffed their way through to the Semi's and they put them against Wigan at Leigh there would be open insurrection ;-)
  13. a laughable venue choice. The logic of course is to get as many people as possible into the ground - the RFL have decided that London dont have any fans so have put it in a place where Wigan (sorry Widnes) can get as many fans without it actually being at the Whelandome. As we can see that a neutral ground isnt any consideration in these matters they should have stuck it in a small ground in London and actually tried to help the game in London - nah, where's the future in that?
  14. is that a joke or your considered opinion on aiding the development of Rugby League in Poland?
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