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  1. hoping for a cracker this Sunday at Ealing & more importantly Im well enough to get there. Was at the cup game last year & there seemed to be a definite difference in abilities but having seen all the TW games on Prem so far I reckon London could well continue with their 100% record (start betting on Toronto now folks ?) London v Toronto - for an expansionist like myself this is dream stuff. SL fixture one day soon I hope & Cats v Toulouse of course
  2. took me blooming ages to type that on my phone & all I get is 'rubbish' ?
  3. I think holding up ZH as a role model for kids so therefore we should crucify him is nonsense. Same with Barba etc. If someone wants to sign him let him play. I wouldnt sign him but no problem with him getting another gig.The bloke is obviously high maintenance but so what? Problem with internet is now we have a constant platform of righteous rage fed by the media who know theres a market for witch burning.If Id been a pro sportsman in my 20s Id be banned, front paged, vilified for more than one reason,but I was just young & daft like most of my mates & really dont think taking my livelihood away would be of any help to anyone. And now I think Im a solid citizen - well kinda ;-)
  4. I've just subscribed and to those asking the app is now up and running - on the Android store anyway. If you go to the shows section nothing works (yet, hopefully) but at the bottom of that page if you go to 'shows you've just missed' then they work - although they're somewhat out of date (not sure if the shows have restarted for 2018 of course). The live TV bit works fine. My chromecast dongle comes tomorrow so I can stick it on the tv but the picture quality on my laptop is perfect HD, no problem. Roll on the season! And all the Super League on Sky. And Toronto and the NCL on Premier. If you've got the bucks we're living in a golden age of tv coverage folks! Shame the NRL isnt all still on Premier but hey ho, that's life and as from tomorrow one of the AVs on my TV has a 24 hour Rugby League Channel on it - yay!
  5. my point being Beaumont et al are fantastically short sighted & downright ignorant. If a common fan last year knew about Premier & their agreed coverage of Toronto then the Championship chairmen are displaying spectacular ignorance of their sport. Also can not Derek have picked up a phone & double checked his facts - naaaah. Let us see how Leighs crowd v TO stacks up against what they got against last years relagated teams. The likes of Beaumont are why RL doesnt progress
  6. get back in your box Beaumont. God I hope Toronto/Leigh Rejects stiff you home & away. And all the other pea brained chairmen & fans - TW dont have many away fans but you get more home fans. Cue folk saying their fans are far too sophisticated to be taken in by 13 people masquerading as Canadians - go back 12 months for the same misinformed flannel from their League 1 counterparts
  7. mate you're an inspiration & I really wish you all the best. Im a similar age & have got terminal cancer & a young family & know full well some of what you are dealing with mentally (obviously I know everyones fight is unique ). Anyway I just want you to know I take heart & inspiration from lads like you who take it on swinging & here's hoping you keep ploughing on pal
  8. brilliant from York, well done! Really enjoyed watching that. I laughed at Rowley being all magnanimous but not being able to help himself whinging about the Referee. I want Toronto to go up to Super League but he doesn't half get on my mammaries . Cut out all the dirty stuff and maybe your team wont get penalised constantly Anyway - well done York, off the field and on
  9. It can't help a club of Hemel's size that the players live in Yorkshire. Previously mates,relatives,girlfriends etc of players would turn up - when you're working from a low base that becomes quite a significant percentage. Then being almost certain to lose over the past few years and even less turn up. The attendances were never stellar but it's unrecognisable from those first couple of seasons in the league.
  10. in any league some clubs have to be the dross - sometimes for very long periods of time, some for a few years. In RL unfortunately any club that's in wooden spoon territory is immediately called upon for execution. Booting a club out for the crime of having two abysmal seasons would seem to satisfy many but that club has it's own ground, it's own non matchday revenue streams, it's own youth setup. Hemel have to go back to a southern based side but if they do and they still have a rough season then the clamour for their ejection will still ramp up - but once you've booted them out, another team will fall into the bottom two for a few years and then they'll have to go because apparently all clubs must be of an equal standard. It'll be a crying shame if Hemel get ejected, or chose to knock it on the head themselves. I got the very strong impression at the end of last season that it was Dewsbury or bust - in which case it's very much bust BUT on my visits this season I have not been given any indication that they want to drop out. I have in fact heard many encouraging noises about a return to Hemel based training though. So if they aren't in the league next season I'd say it'd have to be the RFLs doing rather than anything voluntary. Save the Stags!
  11. I'm an expansionist and a big fan of this whole Toronto thing but a split must never happen. It'd be catastrophic. Over my dead body etc etc
  12. looks like they're biting off more than they can chew! choke away ;-)
  13. some good news on Pro12 - I see they're going to invite the two SA teams booted out of the southern hemisphere thing. I cant see them doing any North American expansion, stepping on our toes, anytime soon
  14. anyone have a link as to where I can find the fixtures? For whatever they call the 'you're not very good' half of League 1. I'm not a complete internet feeb but can find nowt. Hemel's website makes me laugh - has the league table on the front page which cuts off at position 14. You'd think someone would have noticed this season as they've lived in 16th all year.
  15. ok cheers. If that is the case at least one of the financially bigger fish are against it
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