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  1. Reserve and Academy teams

    If its going to be done it needs to be done properly and that is going to cost money, along with Championship and Championship 1 teams not running teams outside of their first grade environment so that the playing pool is not decimated and reserve grade teams at that level are simply full of "shirt fillers" to get a team out on the pitch. Funding would need to be available too, and ring fenced at, each SL Club for U23's and below. Any player exiting to SL system should be directed into the Championship. Dual registration would also cease to exist. The attached image gives some idea of what a formal model might look like, but remember its about the bigger picture, not what one team has and the other doesn't.
  2. 17 Welsh juniors join superleague setups

    Perhaps investing in an U15's/U16's academy for Wales and establishing a draft type system for Players/SL Clubs and delivering it as a pilot project in the first instance, is a format that could be repeated in other areas if successful?
  3. 17 Welsh juniors join superleague setups

    Both of the previous comments make a lot of sense, but that is where the issue hits a speed bump............it makes far too much sense! The talent pool in Wales just needs to be exposed to a higher level of competition and developed accordingly, if it is it will thrive, recent results at U16's level are testament to that and we are only in year 1 of a 3 year program. Some of the strategic aims were to develop players so that they could progress into SL academies and be competitive on the International stage at age grade level against England. We laid out a 3 year program and achieved it all in year 1, so moving forward we need to continue to increase the talent pool, develop it further and retain the competitive outcomes delivered on the field.
  4. 17 Welsh juniors join superleague setups

    Both U15's, both 92Kg and both have great athleticism and skill sets.
  5. Wales' Golden Generation?

    You can watch the game here and draw your own conclusions Wales U16's v England U16's - Full Match Footage
  6. Wales' Golden Generation?

    For anybody that is interested, this years Year 9 (U14's) National Schools Champions were Ysgol Glantaf. Some of their players were present on Saturday and are looking forward to being part of the trial programme in the build up to next years (2018) Wales U16's squad selection. Full game of the 2017 final on the link below. Year 9 (U14's) National Schools Champions 2017 - Ysgol Glantaf
  7. Wales' Golden Generation?

    I am not 100% certain on this but I believe alongside the two players already at Hull, 2 possibly 3 more of the Welsh squad will be joining them at Hull and a further 3 have very recently been signed by Wigan Warriors.
  8. Wales' Golden Generation?

    Just to put the above into perspective................. Of the 17 man squad that was selected for Wales U16's yesterday 8 were U16's, a further 8 were U15's and one was an U14. There was also a very late change to the starting line up for Wales on the day as one of the starting 13 that was named on Friday had to withdraw due to injury. Of the remaining 9 squad members for Wales that did not get selected, 6 were U16's, 2 were U15's (1 of which was unavailable due to a concussion injury) and one was an U14. So, long term there is a strong pool of players who will remain in the U16's squad for wales in 2018 and a very good pool of U14's coming through.
  9. miners v st.pats

    Game now available to watch again on i-player http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p04qrpkr/red-button-and-online-2017-leigh-miners-v-wigan-st-patricks
  10. Challenge Cup Round 1 - Leigh Miners v Wigan St Patricks available to view live via this link from 1.00pm Saturday 28th January, will also be available on BBC i-player once the live broadcast has finished. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league
  11. £5,000 on offer as the Ladbrokes Crossbar Challenge returns to Leigh on Saturday for Leigh Miners Rangers v Wigan St Pats #bringyourboots
  12. You can watch in anywhere in the world live as it is being screened globally via their BBC Sport website with no restrictions, it will also be available on i-player later. Its the first time they have ever done this (Stream globally) for an RL game apparently.
  13. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/ladbrokes-choose-pats-cup-game-as-round-one-focus-game/
  14. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/ladbrokes-choose-pats-cup-game-as-round-one-focus-game/