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  1. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/ladbrokes-choose-pats-cup-game-as-round-one-focus-game/
  2. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/ladbrokes-choose-pats-cup-game-as-round-one-focus-game/
  3. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/miners-add-duo-to-sports-therapy-department/
  4. http://www.leighminersrangers.club/miners-add-duo-to-sports-therapy-department/
  5. I am sure any help would be very much appreciated no matter how big or small. There are some truly despicable individuals in todays society, please see the link below. https://www.gofundme.com/replacing-damaged-club-house?rcid=ab496b8bbd224dd89f9ebfdd886a5a98
  6. Indeed, which is exactly why the "Scouts" get it wrong far more than they get it right! Players are identified off performance now, rather than the prospect of their development potential in relation to future performance. Many factors enter that equation so thorough assessment and understanding of that assessment is required if you want to bring the correct players into a High Performance TDE and progress them in a manner that allows them to fulfil their potential.
  7. Whenever you see a new car in a car showroom its invariably the top model, there is good reason for this. Same principle would be better applied to the Friday night at Magic weekend in my view!
  8. I think a game at St James Park between say Hull FC v St Helens would be far more appealing to far far far far far more people!
  9. Welcome to my world!!!!!!!! Unfortunately the current TID systems and personnel are not up to speed with what they have created and are continuing to create, managing it if they did is a whole other level, which again requires a certain level of knowledge/expertise. So "he's a good lad" or "he will make it pro" type of nonsense that many scouts still to this day spout and consequently underpins the signing of said "Good'un" at 13/14 is just poor, but believe me we are still at it and in a big way, its just awful TBH. Putting bumps in the road so to speak (managed failure) is something some sports are looking at within Elite Talent Development, but you really need to know what your doing for it to achieve the desired outcome. PCDE's (Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence) are not something you can just attain. Therefore, building them over a period of time in the correct environment is something that takes a good deal of knowledge to be available within any talent development environment.
  10. Bio-Banding already exists in some sports where players are grouped based on their size and weight, but it is not the answer. If we removed or found a solution to RAE then we may actually produce less Talent. You may find that a strange statement but in reality RAE produces traits in players that without it they would not develop. Problem solving, skill development (Technical & Mental), Resilience, Grit etc etc, all of which are produce as a result of the adversity faced by players who do not yet have the physical attributes of (in general) older players within their cohort. Consequently, when they do mature physically/athletically they out perform many of their earlier more prominent peers as they can now match them physically/athletically but have also built a skill set/set of traits that those earlier maturing players have not had the need to develop as they simply relied on nature in the first instance to give them an advantage. Hence why many players exit the system at 16,17,18..........nature is no longer serving them in the way that it once did and they were deemed talented based on their physical/athletic performance in an unequal environment. Obviously that does not mean Q1 and Q2 players don't make it because they do, but far more don't in comparison to the conversion rates of Q3 and Q4 players, hence the stacking up of Q1 and Q2 players in SL academies.
  11. Quartile 1 (Birthdate: Sept - Nov) Quartile 2 (Birthdate: Dec - Feb) Quartile 3 (Birthdate: Mar - May) Quartile 4 (Birthdate: Jun- Aug) Reference to the relative age effect (RAE), which evidences the maturational differences often seen within an age group cohort as players born on the 1st September can be 364 days older than those born on 31st August yet still play in the same age group. Thus, where we see observational bias align itself to selection of the bigger, faster, stronger players within an age group due to their relative age in comparison with other players, usually late Q3 and Q4 players. Hence the illusion of talent where non actually resides and the perceived talent is little more than a physical/athletic advantage due, very often at point in time, to RAE.
  12. Another misconception as those who drop off are invariably Q3 or Q4 late developers that ultimately have the potential (but not the physical attributes at that point) to become very good players, hence why we are missing another trick as a sport and much of it is down to the perception of what Talent is, rather than what it actually is. Just to support this............ I did a study on a top SL academy over 12 months ago. 82% of their academy players were Q1 & Q2, yet 42% of their first grade squad were Q4? I will leave you to draw your own conclusions but that same scenario is reflected across pretty much every other SL Academy/Club
  13. Perhaps magic weekend should be 3 events rather than 2? Many fans stay Friday/Saturday night, most hotels make you book 2 nights (Friday/Saturday) so why not give everyone something to do on the Friday night? Hull v St Helens, Wigan v Warrington, Castleford v Leeds might be the games to do that? 1 x Friday night game - Hull FC v St Helens 8.00pm 3 x Saturday games - Leigh v Salford 2.00pm, Huddersfield v Catalan 4.00pm & Wigan v Warrington 6.00pm 2 x Sunday games - Widnes v Wakefield 1.00pm & Castleford v Leeds 3.00pm
  14. Correct TWIG, prior to Academies/Scholarships I don't remember teams folding or struggling for numbers, I also remember that at the same time we were in direct competition with sports such as Football and RU due to the Sept-May season and this had no impact either. Unfortunately that is no longer the case and whilst scholarships were never designed to have a competitive playing format, we now have that as well. As each season passes the erosion gets slightly more and I can honestly say after 36 years in the sport (22 years and counting as a coach) we are reaching a critical era from U15's through to Open Age, if we do not do something within the next 2-3 years I can see the sport passing a point of no return in some aspects and that would not be good long term. Stabilise the Community game and we stabilise the sport in my view, fail to do that soon and we are going to have real problems moving forward.
  15. And that perception Parky is exactly the problem, when in actual fact the Community game is falling apart from U15's through to Open Age for that very reason, i.e the Pro clubs are trying to get kids into a not fit for purpose system that they operate as soon as they can without considering the damage they are doing elsewhere (Community game). Talent ID is one of the most complexed fields in sport and attempting to do it at a young age in a sport that actually benefits late developing players is in itself madness! They can't see it and won't see it even when it is spelled out to them, they are very poor at what they do and if you got the return they get from their investment you would soon stop investing but they won't!!! Why I hear you ask? Fear...........fear of somebody else signing a player they thought they should have signed and him becoming the next Farrell, Sinfield, Long, Cunningham, Peacock etc. In all seriousness our sport is damaging itself and those responsible, RFL & SL Clubs, don't want to hear it, but it is the truth and if they had to put an argument together to defend it based on statistical data and facts it would be pretty thin, in fact they might just not bother turning up to the hearing it would be that poor.