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  1. A lad on site was saying this morning how he has secured his house etc, he genuinely thinks people are gonna start rampaging and robbing houses. I said to him what they gonna take, your frey bentos pies and corned beef.
  2. Media hysteria constantly counting down how many cases is making some people live in absolute fear. I said previously that its beyond a joke. I know there isnt much other news but this 24hr drivel and talking head after talking head waffling on as if they're all experts is crazy, social media has made it even worse. A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
  3. I dont know, you got time to go today? Probably just do some cardio, lay off the heavy barbell work.
  4. You should do what you need to. Quite a bit of basic advice on the web. Have a Google at it
  5. Washing hands etc, plenty of advice out there
  6. No I'm just not panicking about getting a cold/flu . I trust our experts they are doing things differently to other countries whove not exactly been brilliant in sorting it in their own back yard.
  7. How many deaths from coronavirus worldwide? 10k? What's the panic? do all the basic things we will be fine all this mass hysteria is crazy.
  8. The media exacerbating everything again3. Fit , healthy we will be fine Is what they are doing in other countries successful?? Should we follow the???
  9. It does seem strange, I laughed when I read them. We are a contact sport so unless they are gonna eliminate all contact what's the point??? Not to mention its airborne not spread by touch isnt it?
  10. Maybe our experts know more than other countries experts and are not so panicky? Listened to chris whitty he seemed to be rather calm and re assuring. My own thinking is the full blown coverage in papers and news 24 channels Is exacerbating the situation. Most of us might get it and most will recover, itll be here months and you cant live for so long in a state sof panic.
  11. This virus shows us that we need to start producing more of our medicines here in the UK and to stop being so reliant in china and India. Hopefully we get some jobs back. All products from reckitt benckiser on restricted supply so expect shelves to start running very low/empty it is a bit disaster movie ish but still dont see any reason to panic. Yes it might affect alot of people in this country but so does normal flu, sensible precautions which are in place is about all we can do until we get a vaccine. This virus is gonna be around months so best get used to living with it
  12. I usually just slide down the banister
  13. Literally not bothered about it. The press are making it worse. Keep calm and carry on, we've become soft. Crazy.
  14. What's a bit crazy near me is that the council planners have given the go ahead for 70ish houses to be built on flood plain. Guess what flooded yesterday, the councillors said it was worth the risk. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/fury-tears-planners-say-housing-17456176?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
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