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  1. How many from batley and dewsbury? Huddersfield is not a strong rugby league area certainly in jnr rugby
  2. Ipcress file- decent Three days of the condor- brilliant Argo- good No way out- thought this was best out of these 4 we watched.
  3. Gateshead ncl 3, there has been a few teams from non heartland areas over the years
  4. I tonya, both me and the mrs thought it was a decent watch
  5. Schoey was top try scorer out there wasnt he? He would be ahead of Hodgson, Kevin ward also. Did gareth ellis get tigers player of year 3 times on trot? He was very highly regarded out there.
  6. A lad on site was saying this morning how he has secured his house etc, he genuinely thinks people are gonna start rampaging and robbing houses. I said to him what they gonna take, your frey bentos pies and corned beef.
  7. Media hysteria constantly counting down how many cases is making some people live in absolute fear. I said previously that its beyond a joke. I know there isnt much other news but this 24hr drivel and talking head after talking head waffling on as if they're all experts is crazy, social media has made it even worse. A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
  8. I dont know, you got time to go today? Probably just do some cardio, lay off the heavy barbell work.
  9. You should do what you need to. Quite a bit of basic advice on the web. Have a Google at it
  10. Washing hands etc, plenty of advice out there
  11. No I'm just not panicking about getting a cold/flu . I trust our experts they are doing things differently to other countries whove not exactly been brilliant in sorting it in their own back yard.
  12. How many deaths from coronavirus worldwide? 10k? What's the panic? do all the basic things we will be fine all this mass hysteria is crazy.
  13. The media exacerbating everything again3. Fit , healthy we will be fine Is what they are doing in other countries successful?? Should we follow the???
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