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  1. How is the lack of open age friendlies in the ncl this autumn gonna affect sides ? Have many started back doing abit of training?
  2. Nadruku was sensational. Tuqiri, big and powerful, goal kicker and could really play All are brilliant though
  3. Dark waters, legal drama with mark ruffalo. A very well made film about a scandal me the wife new nothing about.
  4. Watched 3 films yesterday bit of a mixed bag the judge with Robert Duvall and Downey jr good in parts but drawn out and predictable. Identity, john Cusack and ray liotta. A horror film, not a massive fan of the genre really but it was ok. Checked out brooklyn rules what was recommended above, the best of the three we watched. I'd not heard of it before, but certainly decent
  5. I'm not surprised, hes his own person. Has very strong beliefs and athletes in other sports haven't been unanimous in kneeling. Nor should he or anyone else feel compelled to do so just because everyone else is.
  6. How many cases did they have when they ended their first lockdown? Were masks mandatory over their in shops etc?
  7. Kirklees council had said restrictions might be introduced the other day if things carried on as they were. The communities most affected in kirklees seem to be the communities who dont follow advice or use any common sense. When queuing at the shop and hearing a shop worker asking a customer why they were not wearing mask the reply was Allah will protect me.....crackers.
  8. At what level would you put london ahead of Cumbria?
  9. Watched a few films this week Athlete a, a documentary on the us gymnastics abuse scandal, very good but horrifying what went on, truly shocking Equalizer 2, denzel Washington film a good solid watchable action film Training day, another Denzel film very good 12 years a slave, brilliant film.
  10. How many from batley and dewsbury? Huddersfield is not a strong rugby league area certainly in jnr rugby
  11. Ipcress file- decent Three days of the condor- brilliant Argo- good No way out- thought this was best out of these 4 we watched.
  12. Gateshead ncl 3, there has been a few teams from non heartland areas over the years
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