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  1. Luther Burnell struggled and loozed way off the pace. Think he's had to trim down a heck of a lot 10/12kgs so tuilagI I'm guessing would need to do the same. I think he would do decent enough given time but at 28 and injury prone and a big salary will he have time. There is a few union players who would do well but the younger they move across the easier it would be.
  2. 1 j davies 2 j Robinson 3 b fittler 4 m meninga 5 m offiah 6 l daley 7 r stuart 8 j graham 9 k Cunningham 10 s burgess 11 p sculthorpe 12 b clyde 13 e hanley
  3. Typical huddersfield area side, all moved en mass to different clubs, when strong personalities/coaches moved etc.
  4. Watched joker film, very very good acting from Joaquin Phoenix. Very violent.
  5. Hkw much money does barla have In there accounts? Is it slower grab by the floor to take their money?
  6. Has every member league paid there membership? Have the clubs of the member leagues(checked) to see if they have paid?
  7. Is Barla a limited company? Is there a vote on 25 August?
  8. Flat track bullies. Thats the worst kind of club in my eyes, used to get that sort in Yorkshire league 15yr ago.
  9. But he didnt have that great a skill set. I dont think he made others around him better. He is not known for his passing or reading the game????? You sure about that? Ellery could read a game better than any of his peers. He definitely made people around him better, not only was he able to score tries on his own he also created them for his team mates with his passing and off loading ability, that surely falls into being able to read a game. He also had terrific longevity nearly 500 games to his name and 400 tries. his stats I'm sure would compare well with any player in history, him and Smith different types of players both good at what they do
  10. In the article it states 'scored more points than anyone else' , not sure he's scored more than Neil fox. Take it he means in Australia. Cam Smith is a brilliant player who's played in an amazing Melbourne team, not sure I'd have him as the greatest of all time, and to be honest referring to someone as the GOAT is disrespectful to all the amazing players of the past, he's certainly one of the best of the best of his generation but better than, all the greats who've mentioned before him, I'm not sure about that.
  11. Or players would try to off load before three or more defenders came in. So potentially more off loads, more support play harder to get numbers in the tackle so would be harder to defend which would open the game up. I'm sure players would adapt to whatever rule was changed, the better players adapting quicker than the poorer ones.
  12. Ossett brewery, Yorkshire blonde, lovely
  13. Alot of people have got carried away with AJ, he's a very limited boxer but powerful, a bit like a bigger Frank Bruno. He's backed by sky so he's allover the sports channels all the time, so you will get a lot of crossover fans. I would expect an immediate rematch between AJ and Ruiz as that'll be a pretty standard contract. Parker was woeful in Joshua fight, and he wasn't much better against Whyte, he's not gonna trouble Tyson fury or wilder. Well done to Ruiz though, another Eddie hearn hype job getting done over
  14. Wilder result was to be expected, shame theyve ducked dillian Whyte as I think he gives wilder a few problems, still think wilder Kos him. Inoue on the wbss was frightening again, know wonder people avoid him to destroy a world champ like that. Superb. Taylor had a good points win and him prograis will be a cracking fight in the final and will prove who the best is at super lightweight. The Saunders fight was a masterclass over a poor opponent, although he got tagged and shook up on rd6 it was all one way traffic. Really hope he gets the Callum Smith fight as that would be a terrific match up.
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