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  1. Or maybe that in itself tells its own tale and the theory you have just highlighted is nothing more than the biggest white elephant in the history of our sport!!!
  2. If the hard facts are that there are 8 super clubs then as a sport we should do something like this if we want to move forward.Give say 10 approximately £2,250,000 each a season (£22.5 million), only allow one overseas player per squad to promote the opportunities for English players and the best youth in the country. Overseas players are classed as anyone who has not been resident in the UK for the last 5 years, so even if you have a passport for the UK, your uncle was born in Scotland or your great grandmother grew up in the valley's etc etc etc you are classed as a quota player. From that 10 teams you have a maximum of 10 overseas players in total, you play 18 league fixtures, plus playoff fixtures and have a cup comp, a rep comp series and a regular international schedule. The door is shut, P&R never returns and everybody else plays in a Championship comp on equal financial terms and a part time basis!!! That includes the French because in reality the European SL is hardly a reflection of a European contingent and a European interest!!!! Wigan Wire Saints Leeds Huddersfield Hull Salford The other 3 spots are up for grabs, but surely need to be based on the long term financial stability and backing a club has in place and it's fan base, ie the capability to realistically generate 10k home gates week in and week out. Even if it means creating new clubs such as a Cas/ Wakey merger or turning Salford in to Greater Manchester (Salford,Swinton,Oldham) or just Humberside (FC/KR), Huddsfax is another!
  3. I think what also needs to be considered in relation to Leigh's previous time in a SL is that they now have a top class modern day sporting facility and the board of management is far more professional and business savvy.
  4. They will comfortably get 11k for the 4 games I mention......anybody who said they knew Leigh and suggests they wouldn't doesn't really know the heritage and passion within the town for RL, particularly against the clubs I mention especially Wigan. As Stuart Raper once said during an interview after a challenge cup tie at Hilton Park between Leigh and Wigan. "Jeez.......I haven't experienced anything like that before....the atmosphere was tribal"
  5. Just reading the comments about Leigh and put this into perspective should they gain entry into super league. Their home games against Wigan, St Helens, Warrington and Leeds would be sold out in advance without question. Games against Salford, Hull, Widnes and Huddersfield I would estimate would generate crowds of at least 7k And even if the remaining games against Bradford, Castleford, Wakey, Hull KR and Catalan only generate 5k crowds their season average at home would definitely be over 7k IMHO but more than likely pushing past 8k. Their facilities are first class and generate a good atmosphere on game day and another benefit they would bring to SL is that as fans they travel in good numbers. I could think of more than one existing SL club that cannot currently offer that sort of return for their inclusion into SL.
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