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  1. Just asking

    So Toulouse beating Swinton and Dewsbury beating Oldham are foregone conclusions are they ? Polite responses only please.
  2. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    Yes - the Chronicle reporter on Oldham RLFC before Roger Halstead was Bill Doran. For years the reports had the by-line " By W.D. " I can't remember when, if at all, the reports carried his full name. Unfortunately the Internet is slowly killing print media and I am as guilty as anyone for contributing to that state of affairs as I never now buy a newspaper, but get all my news via radio, TV and Internet. I have fond memories of when reading the Green Final and the Manchester Evening News Saturday Pink would keep me occupied all weekend.
  3. State of Origin

    Sorry MR - I've tried " Googling" but I can't find any site with a replay. From reading previous posts, Spud seems to be techy so he may be able to help.
  4. State of Origin

    If you want to see some of the best rugby league you are ever likely to see, do yourself a favour and watch the first half of last Wednesday's opening State of Origin match in Brisbane.
  5. Bradford Match

    Excellent stuff - thanks Dave.
  6. Bradford Match

    Any vision anywhere Dave ?
  7. TV for cup tie

    Good tip mate - just watched it. Excellent performance from Oldham, especially after going behind so early on a pudding of a pitch.
  8. TV for cup tie

    Just following on from OLI's post, and I realise it's off topic, but your nickname "Gerrumonside ref" made me smile too - routinely shouted at Watersheddings and no doubt at all other grounds after every tackle by supporters of both teams playing. I do however recall a variation whenever Oldham played Salford and Trevor Rabbit was playing scrum half for Salford. There was a bloke who used to stand near me and my mates - we always used to stand in the same spot opposite the main stand - who after every scrum would exhort the referee to "Make that Rabbit retire". Cracks me up thinking of it now but I guess you had to be there !!!
  9. Haydock

    With no disrespect whatsoever to Haydock, you would have to say that if you had been allowed to pick your opponent, a home tie against Haydock would have been your choice.
  10. Oldham YouTube Channel

    I've subscribed........I think !
  11. Bob Lindner or Charlie McAllister

    Epic encounter in prospect - and Johnathon Thurston and Shaun Johnson worth the admission price alone - sit back and enjoy RL at its best
  12. The Club Name

    As far as I can recall, when I started watching ORLFC around 1955, the two clubs in the town were referred to as Oldham Rugby and Latics. I can't remember anyone saying "are you going to the Roughyeds on Saturday".
  13. Grandchildren were so happy

    Well they won't ever be able to deny you're their granddad - inter generational triplets ! Great picture Tony - two more Roughyeds fans for life
  14. re,branding.

    Thanks Bryan.
  15. re,branding.

    I know it's not strictly an RL / ORLFC matter but what was the issue between Paul Phillips and the Celtic fans ?