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  1. Hull KR

    It was absolutely heartbreaking. Funny how things stick in your mind but all these years later I still have a mental picture of Geoff Robinson going alone for the try line and being tackled when he could have passed to Geoff Sims to put him over in the corner.
  2. Arthur Rowe /Jack Dearden

    I think after height, weight and playing position, the comparison with Jonah Lomu comes to an abrupt halt Arthur !!
  3. A 1950s Oldham rlfc cartoon

    It certainly was Howard. Whatever your Dad told you, he would not have been exaggerating.
  4. Arthur Rowe /Jack Dearden

    Brilliant Clifford. Arthur was a very high profile athlete in his day. International athletics was then, at least on the surface, strictly amateur and it irked him that talent and fame in his chosen sport did not generate much by way of monetary reward. The story was that he spent the signing on fee on a new car and a new house.
  5. Arthur Rowe /Jack Dearden

    Love your recent posts about the old days Clifford. My recollection of a story involving the Floating Light pub was that one of our most famous players became, in his wife's opinion, too friendly with the landlady which resulted in him moving to a Yorkshire club with whom he went on to Challenge Cup success.
  6. Keighley Cougar's

    When you look at the Super League table, there are all the teams that Oldham played against, week in, week out in the days you are talking about Clifford. That a club like Oldham has fallen so low is a disgrace, and the saddest part is that those glory days will never return.
  7. Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    Does anyone else remember when we signed Malcolm Price ? Quite a big deal at the time. If memory serves correctly he picked up a bad injury playing against Hornets, who ironically he went to play for after leaving us.
  8. Codebrakers - BBC documentary

    I don't have BBC player. i just put " Codebreakers BBC Wales " into Google and it came up with the full programme. Fascinating stuff - in passing would say that I Mike Elliott was one of the nicest guys you could meet. Met him a few times years ago.
  9. Gene Ormsby

    If memory serves me correctly, not many of the great ORLFC team of the 1950s were from Oldham. Didn't seem to affect their performances for the club much.
  10. Just asking

    So Toulouse beating Swinton and Dewsbury beating Oldham are foregone conclusions are they ? Polite responses only please.
  11. Oldham Evening Chronicle

    Yes - the Chronicle reporter on Oldham RLFC before Roger Halstead was Bill Doran. For years the reports had the by-line " By W.D. " I can't remember when, if at all, the reports carried his full name. Unfortunately the Internet is slowly killing print media and I am as guilty as anyone for contributing to that state of affairs as I never now buy a newspaper, but get all my news via radio, TV and Internet. I have fond memories of when reading the Green Final and the Manchester Evening News Saturday Pink would keep me occupied all weekend.
  12. State of Origin

    Sorry MR - I've tried " Googling" but I can't find any site with a replay. From reading previous posts, Spud seems to be techy so he may be able to help.
  13. State of Origin

    If you want to see some of the best rugby league you are ever likely to see, do yourself a favour and watch the first half of last Wednesday's opening State of Origin match in Brisbane.
  14. Bradford Match

    Excellent stuff - thanks Dave.
  15. Bradford Match

    Any vision anywhere Dave ?