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  1. Excellent stuff - thanks Dave.
  2. Any vision anywhere Dave ?
  3. Good tip mate - just watched it. Excellent performance from Oldham, especially after going behind so early on a pudding of a pitch.
  4. Just following on from OLI's post, and I realise it's off topic, but your nickname "Gerrumonside ref" made me smile too - routinely shouted at Watersheddings and no doubt at all other grounds after every tackle by supporters of both teams playing. I do however recall a variation whenever Oldham played Salford and Trevor Rabbit was playing scrum half for Salford. There was a bloke who used to stand near me and my mates - we always used to stand in the same spot opposite the main stand - who after every scrum would exhort the referee to "Make that Rabbit retire". Cracks me up thinking of it now but I guess you had to be there !!!
  5. With no disrespect whatsoever to Haydock, you would have to say that if you had been allowed to pick your opponent, a home tie against Haydock would have been your choice.
  6. I've subscribed........I think !
  7. Epic encounter in prospect - and Johnathon Thurston and Shaun Johnson worth the admission price alone - sit back and enjoy RL at its best
  8. As far as I can recall, when I started watching ORLFC around 1955, the two clubs in the town were referred to as Oldham Rugby and Latics. I can't remember anyone saying "are you going to the Roughyeds on Saturday".
  9. Well they won't ever be able to deny you're their granddad - inter generational triplets ! Great picture Tony - two more Roughyeds fans for life
  10. Thanks Bryan.
  11. I know it's not strictly an RL / ORLFC matter but what was the issue between Paul Phillips and the Celtic fans ?
  12. Congratulations Dave - couldn't be a more deserving winner of the award.
  13. Haha - can't have that ! In Australian Rules Football the amount of statistics would make your eyes water. If you Google " How are statistics in AFL compiled " you should find " AFL Statistics / Passy's World of Mathematics " - fascinating little video on how a company called Champion Data do their job. Let's hope for the next three games the stats that keep you really busy are the number of tries ORLFC score.
  14. I understand but I was interested in the method you use - in real time, by watching a video of the game, with or without assistants or whatever
  15. Great work mb - what is your method for compiling the stats ?