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  1. Kick off!

    Our kick offs are so predictable at the moment it's unreal! Jonny Hepworth regularly sent some awesome kicks up when he was at Castleford under Dave Woods..... Let's see some of the same please
  2. Eggheads

    Judith getting a question right on rugby league?! I've always said that show's a fix :-) Was it the only question you managed to get right? lol x
  3. attendance

    It made me chuckle when I saw the official attendance!!!!
  4. congratulations

    A big well done to everyone at Rovers.................Roll on the Final!!!!
  5. BBC4 RL night tonight

    'This is Featherstone, a village and not very pretty' Things never change!
  6. barrow

    Zac was kind enough to pass it to Ben over the line!!! Ben was trying his best to poach a try all game to save himself from the naked run around POR?! :-)
  7. Super League

    Who'd need Super league if we had Wakey, Cas & Fev all fighting for the championship title, roll on 2012 :-) Widnes & Toulouse in Wakey & Cas out I'm dreaming yet again :-)
  8. Super League

    A crowd of 2500 isn't that far away for us!!! A win in the grand final and a couple of big names for next year and who knows :-)
  9. Championies

    A big well done to everyone working hard at the club!!! The atmosphere during & at the end of the second half was truely remarkable.... Thankyou Featherstone Rovers!!! :-)
  10. Super League

    Been told today by a relative of a well known name in RL that Quins are in all kinds of trouble and will be the team to drop down, will the Rfl really admit failure down in London?! I'm not so sure but I'd much prefer a local derby in 2 years time lol x
  11. Featherstone V Widnes

    52-22 to Super Fev :-) Welham Hatrick & MOM Att 2133
  12. Rugby Leaguer News

    With the strong possibility of Wakey losing their SL status I don't see that Daryl would be furthering his career by moving to Wakefield.....
  13. wingers

    Agreed! Bring Zac back :-)
  14. today.

    Quote from Jowitt on radio Leeds "We're just sick of having to play against 19 men" lol We played poor today but we still won and that's what good teams do!!! Big game next against Fax so let's hope for a massive performance! Up the Rovers
  15. James Ford

    James Ford as been told to find another club by Widnes coach Paul Cullen!!!!!