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  1. Do we even have a coach
  2. Progressed from a playoff position to relegation. Progressed to one out rugby. Progressed to having the best half back in the league being used only to kick on the last with very little contribution during the rest of the set. Under Veivers we played the most dull, predictable, tedious rugby I've ever seen at DP.
  3. I've a feeling I'll be doing a lot more fishing or having days away on Sundays this year. After the fans forum I felt quite excited about the days ahead. Now I feel totally flat. We used to get a bit of a report off Trouty as to how things were going in training which was always good to hear. We don't get that any more. There were 11 news items on the official Town site in November. 3 in December and none so far in January. Now you can accuse me of being negative if you want but I really was expecting to see momentum building better than this leading up to the new season.
  4. Well said Tadje. I was there last night and was really lifted by what I heard. Personally I don't think we will be challenging for the title next season but I do believe the club is going to develope into the sort of club I want to support. It's hard to explain on here but being there I felt a sense of unity. I think moving forward we will all begin to feel a part of the club again. The days of feeling shut out and kept in the dark are hopefully gone. Although the team may be a work in progress for a season or two the direction we are going in will breed a new passion for the team and watching those young lads will become like watching our own brothers and sons when they pull on the shirt. I'm not expecting miracles overnight but I am excited about the future.
  5. Get in
  6. No
  7. Drive up the middle, drive up the middle, kick it into touch. Drive up the middle, drive up the middle, kick it into touch. This isn't worth the entrance money or giving up a day off for and I've seen far too much of it over the last two seasons. I don't know why Veivers doesn't play 12 props and Sammut surely they would be better suited to his game plan. And we keep asking why there are so many stay away fans!
  8. Why can't somebody from the club just tell us what is happening with him. That's tickled me Cato. We'd be lucky to be told by somebody from the club when the next home game is.
  9. Nathan Lucock had to leave before he forgot what a rugby ball was. The coach seemed to play anyone in the hooker role when the first choice lads were injured rather than give him game time.
  10. I was referring to Havenite13 and Townie123's comments. It's not always about you SS.
  11. I think you're both wrong. Sammut brought natural flair and skill to the club last year as did Murphy, McAvoy and Callum Phillips in their first seasons at Town. What we have seen is gifted lads having their gift coached out of them. For instance in his first season at Town we all raved about how safe Jack Murphy was. He might not have been the best attacking full back we've ever seen but he was super safe. In his second season he looked terrified at times and made a lot more mistakes. As did a lot of the lads. I think they were being coached in such a way that everything had to be safety first with no bells or whistles. And I think that is why we are seeing such a poor brand of rugby being played now by the team. Can you remember when Callum was being played on the wing or being left out of the side and we couldn't understand why because he was so exciting playing off the cuff in the middle. Can you remember the real eye catching performances from Liam McAvoy that led to him picking up loads of awards at the end of the season. And then, can you remember most games this season where we've stood there and watched five drives up the middle and Jarrod Sammuts only real involvement being the kick on the last. And pretty average kicks, not the "keep you guessing, different every time" kicks we saw last season. I believe our current squad have enough to hold their own in this league. But I think they are being choked by a stifling game plan that takes away all the skills that brought them to the club in the first place. I'd like to try a little experiment. Give Veivers a week off and tell the team the game plan for the next game is to "go out and enjoy". 4 words. Simple as that.
  12. Are we really complaining about a pro rugby player having a game of touch rugby. Is this not just like a boxer doing a bit of sparring? Or a marathon runner going out for a jog. Geez we must have very little to be concerned about at our club if this is such a big deal.
  13. I agree completely ffs someone give us something!
  14. I've always thought of myself as a glass half full type. Perhaps even one of the rose tinted specs brigade when it comes to supporting Town. If you watched the SL games on Sky this weekend you will have noticed the pundits repeatedly going on about how the hardest game due to the double fixtures over Easter is the one the weekend after. I imagine playing those two games with lads not 100% fit and a shortfall on the bench has taken a massive toll on the lads and all things considered today's effort away from home was probably half decent. That said, the coach knew we were going into this season with lads getting over long term injuries. You would imagine before he makes a single signing he knows what his budget is. He is supposed to be a well liked and respected figure in rugby league yet seems to be unable to bring in loan players or call in any favours from contacts in the game. I don't think it's a case of the lads not playing for him. The last three games played in difficult circumstances have shown that there is no shortage of effort. Obviously though as fans we are disappointed with the results. What I do have a problem with is the quality of rugby the team plays. We have arguably the best half back in the league yet the way the team generally plays is bloody awful, predictable and unimaginative. These Aussie coaches are known for saying defence wins games but you have to score points too. I'm not calling for PV's head but I am starting to question if he has the right skills and ability to be head coach at an unfashionable small town club with limited resources. I hope he can turn things around but due to the lack of improvement in the time he's been here I like others can't see it happening. I just hope he hasn't given up and is just seeing out his contract before walking away leaving us no better off than when he got here.
  15. Oldham 16-2