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  1. I don't think it's hypocrisy at all, if Whitehaven are going to entertain their fans, they need to pull something out of the bag. They obviously need something to make them competitive, they have some massive games coming up. If decent players are available via DR they should go for it.
  2. Great word scraffle!
  3. The £77k was an initial payment, agreed at the shareholders meeting to allow the work to commence, further payments were agreed to reflect the true value of the lease, but they could only be paid after the cost of demolition of DP was taken away from the sale of the land. At the time the stadium was full speed ahead, if as happened the scheme was abandoned, safeguards were in place to ensure the security of the lease to remain as it is. Hopefully at some point, we'll still be playing in a new stadium!
  4. Nero

    Ged stokes

    Get well soon Ged!
  5. Merry Christmas to all Rugby League fans everywhere! We are after all one big family!
  6. Nero

    2020 Squad

    Fui did 2 80 min games at Hunslet & Newcastle, because there was no one left on the bench. After the Newcastle match he said he loved it, he's a great impact player, but doesn't mind the longer stints, he's a fit as a biddy. He's a massive asset in he dressing room as well. I'd love to see him in our team next season!
  7. I get your point, but we're not going to get meaningful pre-season games, apart from the Ike game of course!
  8. Love going to Barrow, always have, since the 70's, always tough games & a good blow out for the boys! I also like a couple of pints of Loweswater Gold in the Ambrose Hotel round the corner from CP, often with complimentary sausage & chips. Haven't we played Huddersfield Academy pre season in the last couple of years?
  9. If you're fond of Pimms, go to away matches with the Travellers Rest!
  10. I say good luck Jamie, the wrecking ball did well for us!
  11. Just 3 weeks left until the Sportsmans Dinner. Two great guest speakers. Make sure you book your tickets for what will surely be an excellent night out!
  12. Nero


    You are all discussing unsubstantiated rumours as if they're facts! Do you have to be an idiot to support RL in West Cumbria? Or is it just a desirable asset?
  13. I counted 7 knock ons from Hunslet from kickoffs & dropouts! I still don't know how they won!
  14. Do you know where they coached before?
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