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  1. I'm glad everyone is so positive about the new stadium!
  2. I don't know how they can do that without a sugar daddy, who's available anyway? I don't think we can borrow our way up, we did that once before & almost lost the club! Somehow I don't think wealthy backers are queuing to throw money at the club!
  3. It was an embarrassing performance by Town, Chris himself said that, he also said some players are not trying & need to buck their ideas up or ship out. Two weeks ago they were heros, but the trolls soon come out to knock every aspect of the club after such a poor performance. It's still the same people! It was a cringingly poor effort, particularly the last 10 minutes, when I think 5 converted tries were scored. It wasn't just us though, it was an excellent performance by Barrow & once they smelled blood they fought hard to nil us & succeeded, no wonder their fans were elated! Nothing much else to add, I've seen worse performances by Town, but not for a very long time. I'll still be here next match & next season & every season I can manage to. It's easy to support a winning team, not so easy to support Town sometimes! UTT
  4. Nobody mentioned Caine’s try which was chalked off for god knows what! It looked fine. But that apart we were let’s say ‘disappointing’. I’m not surprised the commentator couldn’t boost us up a bit. Day after a beer festival though, the dregs were lovely at £2.50 a pint, so the afternoon wasn’t a total loss!
  5. No Sh*t Sherlock! I think we thought we were just unlucky!
  6. It's sport, when the game is over, if you don't respect the winner you're a bad loser. If you're a bad loser you're supporting the wrong team, go and support Saint's or Wigan, then you don't even need to get out of your chair!
  7. I've been a fan of Pez since he came to the club, I even helped sponsor him a couple of years ago, I think he's a quality player who hit a run of poor form. I hope he gets his appetite back for the game whether he comes back to us or not. Good luck Pez, & welcome to Town Glenn.
  8. Nero


    RIP Boxer, a true sporting hero!
  9. Just wishful thinking, but I'd love to see Brui back! Not starting a rumour!!!!!!
  10. I miss playing Carlisle! The price of mergers!
  11. Well on Sunday it was great viewing the match at Dewsbury from the popular side, terracing like that would be good. Was cold though in the shade. I think that's a cracking wee ground.
  12. Briefly looking at the sketches, (no drawings yet) it looks like a new stadium 90 deg to the current pitch with a community/training pitch on the Lonsdale Park area inline with the stadium. Money has been released from the grant to enable detailed design to take place. They are having a website produced to inform everyone of the progress. The quality of the people recruited already to drive & support the project are of a very high standard with a proven track record. Funding is in place for almost 2/3 of the entire project with £3.5m still required to complete the first 3 phases. If successful it will be debt free & self sustaining. Dave Bowden declared a ###### free zone at the start of the presentation & I believe, despite the many challenges to come we’ll end up with a facility we will all be proud of. The Cumberland Sports Village, a true community project & politics free zone!
  13. Very good presentation. The people on board are experienced in fundraising building stadia etc. I’m feeling optimistic we’re getting a new stadium!
  14. Wasn't this week Marcus's 2nd match of his ban due to last week's rain off?
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