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  1. Just 3 weeks left until the Sportsmans Dinner. Two great guest speakers. Make sure you book your tickets for what will surely be an excellent night out!
  2. Did see him in Flimby!
  3. Nero


    You are all discussing unsubstantiated rumours as if they're facts! Do you have to be an idiot to support RL in West Cumbria? Or is it just a desirable asset?
  4. I counted 7 knock ons from Hunslet from kickoffs & dropouts! I still don't know how they won!
  5. Do you know where they coached before?
  6. Somebody mention Rome?
  7. Very sad, RIP Bill!
  8. Errr! This isn't Brexit or WWIII (yet)! It's our local derby & should be a great advert for Cumbria RL. Get yersel's down there & support yer team, I can't wait! I'm not bothered about scuppering their league leader's status, I want us to win 'cause I'm a Town fan!
  9. Nero

    Derby week

    100% agree!
  10. Nero

    Derby week

    God loves an optimist! If you ain't in you'll never win! I think the current Haven squad would have a good go in the league above, it's just a few of the older heads might not fancy it, which might mean a bit of rebuilding, but that will happen anyway. I say good luck to them (except on Sunday of course).
  11. What a load of rubbish is talked on here! Anybody who knows anything about grass will tell you, they used Skinburness sea washed grass seed, (same as Wembley)! Spike just happened to see it when the tide was in!
  12. Both sides have to agree! Players are not exactly queueing up to sign for Town!
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