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  1. Bussey Turner Locky
  2. paff

    Toronto thumped

    To be honest Dewsbury should have beaten Toronto ,from the game i watched it wasn't a case of Toronto winning more of Dewsbury losing
  3. paff

    M.O.M Leigh v Featherstone

    Josh walters Callum Turner Brad Day
  4. paff

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    Sorry POR it was that long ago ,and im just going on what ikram as just told me .cheers
  5. paff

    Brothers, a couple of questions for MLP

    Ikky and Tony played 1 game together ,I think that was tonys first and last game for us
  6. paff

    M.O.M. versus BATLEY

    King W Boas Turner
  7. i was stood behind the sticks half way up and i said no try straight away, it looked like he shoved it forward with his fingers (not seen the replay yet) It looked to me that the ref couldn't wait to give the try,did he even look at the linesmen
  8. paff

    M.O.M Bradford v Fev

    King Lockwood Watson
  9. I also think it was no try but the ref pointed at the ground straight away. Bradford took a risk a few times with throwing the ball out and it paid off but could not defend an high ball. we stuck to one man rugby and gave to many penalties away
  10. paff

    Correct ticket reminder

    We stayed in one of the cheaper Disney hotels called Santa Fe,and when we went for the Buffet at breakfast our lass said make some sandwiches to take and i said i dont feel right but when i looked round everyone was doing it so by the 3rd day the kids were putting an order in ha could you imagine if they stopped people in France taking what they wanted with them ,they would all be on strike and blockades everywhere
  11. paff

    Rovers tv

    Mines working fine also
  12. paff

    Correct ticket reminder

    You can take food and drink into Disney land Paris or you could other year when i went,most people make sandwiches at the hotel buffet and take them in, as seen on trip adviser so tell the all stars to take a snap box or a bank loan
  13. paff

    What about other Teams players?

    Just out of interest how much have we spent