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  1. paff

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    Davies Ridyard Hardcastle
  2. paff

    Sunday Child Season tickets

    Thanks for the info ,better than our club regarding the child season tickets they are having to pay £5.00 just like non season ticket holders
  3. paff

    Why do you support Fev?

    I dont really know when i started watching fev, i used to live on post office road behind the sticks and could watch from the bedroom but me and my mates used to sneak in my dad was look out for us we was about 11 year old ,then later in life i started work at copper works and 2 of the lads i worked with was Andy Fisher and Ikram Butt ,I had been to the odd games but didnt really get the bug until then.I have had some great times watching fev and some not so great but i hate missing a game and proud to support fev ,i take my eldest daughter and her boyfriend and my other daughter and youngest son, even talk our lass into going sometimes, its good when you can go abroad and bump into people from allover the place and tell them your from fev and they reply or them with the rugby team
  4. paff

    Fallout begins

    Agreed ,i will still be buying my 4 season tickets for next year and i cant wait to see a game last game i was at was the fax game due to been on holiday for 2 weeks.I dont know what i would do without my fev fix and what ever happens we will still be pushing next year,so lets win the shield and finish on a high
  5. paff

    Elephant in the room

    Dont mention history it is frowned upon
  6. paff

    2019 Squad

    Think we need to wait and see who wants to stay before picking a team, Although the team we had was good enough to make second for me just the injuries what stopped us ,4 of the best players in this league long term injured during the season killed us
  7. Maybe Toronto and Catalan Didn't go nearly 2 years without a loss (sorry just read previous posts ) And i for 1 and like many others at fev and Toronto will remember this win for a long time so i guess that is history i still remember the cup game against c@s but we didn't win anything
  8. And go down in History as the first team to win in Canada
  9. paff

    M.O.M. Rovers V Fax (A)

    Robinson Misi Hardcastle
  10. paff


    Give him a clout and not let him have as much time as he wants on the ball like we did with Murrell
  11. paff


    i will try and not lose my voice tmora like i usually do when we go to fax, love winning at your place ☺️
  12. paff


    so oxy fev second tmora i will settle for that if carlseberg made weekends beer would flow ,tick england would win 2 nil tick ,and fev would win at fax
  13. paff


    hard to say its that close only good results in next few week is for us to win
  14. paff


    By the looks no Sammut today for London is he injured or just resting him for games they think they can win
  15. paff

    M.O.M. Rovers V Rochdale (H)

    Dwyer Lockwood wheeldon