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  1. Turner Lockwood Carlisle
  2. Davies Griffin thacks Great team effort for me we were the best side which was confirmed by a few Hull kr fans on the way out and they also said we was the best away support they have seen in a long time UTR
  3. Briscoe,carlile,knowles,misi and Thackeray all fev and all missing and as our coach says he thinks Thackeray is the form player in the championship hope the next time we beat the bulls or whatever they call themselves these days that we have a full fev squad
  4. Walton Mariano hardcastle
  5. Cheers for that mate same as you wish they had said something ,maybe they did not know but i think it was on Bradford website on the 06/03/17 which was before fev put anything on fev site about discount i think its the first time as a season ticket holder we have had chance to save money on a game ticket
  6. My son in law went for tickets for the Bradford game today and as season ticket holders we was expecting to pay £10 as advertised on the fev website purchase before the day and get up to 40% off,he was told the offer ended on Monday I may be bitter as i am now paying £30 for 2 tickets rather than paying £20 but sometimes i feel that season ticket holders get a raw deal so if your a season ticket holder and you are going to get your ticket tomorrow you will not get any discoun
  7. Thacks Carlile Walton
  8. Hi Rob all gone are way but do we take 2 or not my grass looks fine but i live in fev not wakedy decisions decisions Bradford not a surprise Batley not the team they was
  9. We all have our own opinion wrongly or rightly and mine was that if we had not tried to push the game and play panic rugby we would have won regardless of taking the 2
  10. 1.Thacks 2.carlile 3.bostock
  11. 1.Davies 2.Walton 3.Ulugia Good battle credit to both teams
  12. Hardcastle Baldwinson carlile
  13. Not saying Batley will be easy but i dont think they will be as strong this year as last what with a new coach on board,i do think fax will make top 4 and Batley in 5th
  14. dont get this on fev page