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  1. Do you think they will line up together
  2. paff

    2019 Squad

    I think it was Kiedan Hartley at full back signed from Leeds an England academy full back,he looks like he could become a good signing with his attacking play and pace ,also like you say wasginger 4 played well just thought he could of got the ball out a couple of times but that will come in time and also looked to have plenty of pace, i think we will see some more of number 6 and 15 during the season
  3. Agree with you Distantdog at least 10 players to come into that team what played today
  4. I thought 15 had a good game as well as 1,6,13 also the number 4 looked to be quick just needs to pass the ball more
  5. paff

    Great PR by Featherstone

    Lets not forget why this as happened The friendly was supposed to be played at the shay but fax had to cancel so the reason all this as happened is due to fax But lets not let the real reason get in the way of giving people a chance to have a go at fev I feel sorry for the juniors and hope something will be sorted,but if fax had not of cancelled in the first place we wouldn't be having this problem
  6. paff

    Merry Christmas - Up the Rovers!

    Merry Christmas all. UTR
  7. paff

    2019 Squad

    is that 36 quality players or is it just some for us to beat with our 18
  8. paff

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    Ha yea old news i like how fans of other clubs know more about fev than we do,im going to start supporting the world beaters from the other year and then i might know more about fev
  9. How do you know this not seen anything on the FB bible
  10. paff

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    And you know this how piggy mate (mate)
  11. paff

    Just what kind of fan are you?

    Put me down as type A Im looking forward to next season i think its going to be a cracking league and hopefully we will be fighting at the top end of the table come the end of the season,if we are not for 1 reason or another then thats how it goes but i will clap the lads off if they play with pride, passion and for the badge I have my 4 usual season tickets already paid for and cant wait to see whoever we get to put a fev shirt on on the field and play
  12. paff

    M.O.M. Rovers V Barrow (8's)

    Hardcastle Davies Lockwood
  13. paff

    M.O.M. Rovers V Dewsbury (8's)

    Davies Ridyard Hardcastle
  14. paff

    Sunday Child Season tickets

    Thanks for the info ,better than our club regarding the child season tickets they are having to pay £5.00 just like non season ticket holders
  15. paff

    Why do you support Fev?

    I dont really know when i started watching fev, i used to live on post office road behind the sticks and could watch from the bedroom but me and my mates used to sneak in my dad was look out for us we was about 11 year old ,then later in life i started work at copper works and 2 of the lads i worked with was Andy Fisher and Ikram Butt ,I had been to the odd games but didnt really get the bug until then.I have had some great times watching fev and some not so great but i hate missing a game and proud to support fev ,i take my eldest daughter and her boyfriend and my other daughter and youngest son, even talk our lass into going sometimes, its good when you can go abroad and bump into people from allover the place and tell them your from fev and they reply or them with the rugby team