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  1. M.O.M. Rovers V York

    1. Farrell 2. Cooper 3. Robinson
  2. toront sack three

    Andy Fisher wasn't bad either, remember singing Fishers going to get you nearly every game
  3. 2018 Squad.

    when we played ### other week someone said i have not seen a number 2 in a fev shirt as good as him since Ikram Butt so like elppaxr2i says will be a crowd pleaser
  4. 2018 Squad.

    No problem Auntie Ruth we all want whats best for fev and hopefully we will be cheering the lads on together in the million pound game at the end of the season ,with a bit of luck we might even win at Blackpool As for today i dont think we got into second gear until we needed too
  5. 2018 Squad.

    Maybe he did leave Leigh to persue a career in SL but for one reason or another that did not work out maybe age or discipline, but he as come too the next best thing which is a strong and capable championship team who should be pushing for top 2 with the team we have built this year ,i am glad he is playing for fev and not against us because always an handfull Anyway whats done is done and im sure like me you want the best for fev Enjoy the game today
  6. 2018 Squad.

    cant wait to see him play hope he stays injury free, another great signing for me well done fev
  7. Hock

    Sounds fishy to me but at least you came up Trumps. i just SLID out
  8. Hock

    A bloke in chippy asked for this other day i thought why ask for that its a chippy not the white house
  9. M.O.M. Rovers V Castleford (friendly)

    1. Ridyard 2. Holmes 3. Thacks
  10. Saturdays Grand Final

    cant wait for work Monday not often i say that ha ,it will be Hardakers fault nothing to do with powell been to about 7 finals and lost 6 plan B what plan B
  11. Saturdays Grand Final

    enjoyed game today until the last couple of minutes (when they scored ) ,i think i may have something wrong with me because them losing today nearly made me feel as happy as when fev win and believe me im really happy when fev win
  12. M.O.M Rovers V Hull KR (8's)

    Moore Mariano Johnson
  13. M.o.M. Rovers V Catalans

    Lockwood Johnson Hardcastle
  14. just a few scores from 2016 Salford 70 fev 16 London 46 fev 6 fev 6 Leeds 62 Huddersfield 62 fev 16 this was under a coach what was good on defense,i dont really give a ###### what people may think of my opinion we was beat by a better team today which i must add a good team now they are at full strength.we have more points on the board than we got last season and still a chance to pinch some for me would rather get beat in middle 8 and earn some money and experience for next year than be slugging it out with Bradford.our deference over the season against championship clubs was 4th so not the best
  15. M.O.M. Rovers V Batley (H)

    Thackeray Bostock Walters