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  1. For Me 1.Thacks 2. Moore 3.Walton good team performance
  2. Maureen not all bricks were put up what was paid for in 2013, Colins brick might have been forgot like mine was
  3. My brick did not get put up at side of stand for some reason (they forgot about it because i payed in 2013) so got in touch with club and they said they will be putting some more bricks up around xmas just gone so yours may be up now
  4. If the ground is called the five towns stadium would that mean fev and wakey have a share? i was going to help them build it by buying a brick that said up the rovers, seeing as its a community stadium in pont
  5. maybe not like for like in wages so thats why we might have gone for him plus i believe he as to repay the faith js as put into to him,hopefully it works out good for fev
  6. Always get kids the home shirt but both want the away one (ages 10 and 12)
  7. Its only my opinion but i think Duckworth will get better yes he made mistakes but he did well a few times catching the high ball and running it out ,i think and hope a lot of tries to come from him a work in progress
  8. 1. davies 2. thackery 3 .misi
  9. a few calls today went the wrong way and our own mistakes did not help but we matched them today it was a good performance by the lads and hopefully if we get in the middle eights next year we improve ,good season bring on the next i have been to Huddersfield and salford and how they carry on with no support is unbelievable fev would get more support if we was in super league,good luck lads next week and if we dont win we still got more money than some clubs
  10. i will be walking down to POR later today with my family proud of what we have done this season.despite the loses we have had in the middle eights it as been good few months and to achieve the middle eights when we looked out of it was a fantastic and a great effort from the players and club.Hope today we get another big crowd its great to see the stands full and money coming into the club through the turnstile and hopefully run them close but if we don`t then we don`t still money in the club and hopefully keep building for the future my personal opinion would be try and get to the middle eights for a couple more seasons get money in the bank then have a big push to get us into super league
  11. 1.Thackery 2.Griffin 3.Davies
  12. we used this move with Owen Simpson a good few times,he was down field as fast as ball or it seemed that way
  13. Hope we all make some noise from start to finish,win ,lose or draw,come on the lads
  14. Hardman Misi Thackery
  15. shef need to prove them selfs monday and i cant see them beating us and no top 4 for them in my opinion.Well off to match na COME ON THE LADS