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  1. Some great Loose Forwards here from the past who played in the British game to stir the memories of older posters: Vince Karalius, Derek Turner, Ray Batten, Kel Coslett, Malcolm Reilly, Dougie Laughton, Steve Norton, Peter Smith, Gavin Miller and Harry Pinner. I am sure you can add many more.
  2. Leeds have really done it tough getting this far in the competition! Joking apart, I really hope Salford win it, a breath of fresh air to see a smaller Club win something.
  3. He prefers the Championship and League 1.
  4. When they started out, didn't they say when they reached SL, they wouldn't want the TV funding?
  5. He certainly does. Very knowledgeable, but that is to be expected with his achievements in both codes.
  6. I don't think Everton fans were too bothered to see him go reading some of their comments. Some called him Mr Millstone.
  7. By saying its SL only, but I will pay the wages outstanding, if SL don't let them in they are the bad guys. If they are let back in he should accept P&R. After the previous regime, you can understand if SL want certain assurances before they make a decision.
  8. Have you forgotten the pathetic attendance at Wembley a couple of years ago for Catalans v Warrington? Salford were worthy winners, get over it.
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