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  1. I read that letter. Pot and kettle comes to mind. Both Hull grounds used to be very intimidating places to visit. I am sure both Hull Clubs have some idiots who follow them, most if not all Clubs do. On another Sport, there is always plenty of trouble causers at Hull City when Leeds United visit there.
  2. Despite what you may think, in my opinion the majority of RL Fans on here would love to see French RL get stronger both domestically and at International Level. I personally have fond memories of attending GB v France fixtures in the 60s and 70s, they were ferocious battles. I have no problem with the two French Clubs being in our game at all. I do disagree with any automatic promotion or being protected from relegation though. If Toulouse win the Championship good luck to them in SL, they will have got there on merit. As for their influence on the domestic game in France and securing TV Deals
  3. Agreed, it isn't Catalans responsibility, but the National Side are as bad as they have ever been. There hasn't been any improvement for years.
  4. All Toulouse have to do is win the Grand Final then you can all be happy. Despite all their financial clout they have never looked like achieving that goal, but maybe this season they will. So everyone can be happy that they have done it, and we can all see what this magical thing that they will bring to SL that nobody has yet been able to explain what it is.
  5. 2,000 if there is a big away following. Even then it will be stretching it.
  6. What is the problem having a Double Header? And would you, if you were in charge be prepared to tell York and Featherstone that despite qualifying to play at Wembley you aren't going to play there?
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