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  1. The glut over the years of overseas Coaches has put paid to a lot of individuality.
  2. You always seem to want to cast the Lower League teams adrift. Whatever the issue, you always want to do away with P+R.
  3. Whatever you say how faster the game is today and how fitter the players are, the skills on show in those early games was excellent.
  4. Brisbane and Beeston Broncos, a bit of competition for Leeds Rhinos!
  5. Why will London have such an effect? They can't even attract crowds of a thousand.
  6. Also at Featherstone we had Neil, Robin and Simon Tuffs.
  7. Cyril and Dave Kellett at Featherstone.
  8. Maybe he wrote it while having a pint in Wetherspoons on his way to Sports Direct!
  9. Thanks. I seem to recall Tony Butt played one game for us as a Sub then became the Lord Lucan of Rugby League! We also had Richard Newlove who I think played for us against St Helens in a Cup Tie with brother Paul playing for Saints.
  10. Same here, can't even remember them. If I had the spelling would have done me!
  11. Didn't the Rayne twins turn out together for Leeds. Also at Leeds and Featherstone was Ikram and Tony Butt.
  12. I think Don and Peter Fox, and David and Kevin Hobbs turned out for Featherstone. Keith Bell and his brothers Pete and John also played, but not sure if they played together. Also Deryck Fox's brother Martin signed with Rovers, they could have featured once together. If Mark LasPalmas reads this, maybe he fan confirm. Finally in Rovers early says there was Sid and Jim Denton.
  13. If it is, expect an announcement from Cas as well.
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