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  1. Can't disagree, but why the big announcement by the Owners on how things would change?
  2. Can't fault the gesture regarding his pay cut, he was introduced with a fanfare by the Club Owners, but what has he done to justify his appointment?
  3. I have criticised him in the past Hela as you know, and this is why. You never see him or read many quotes from him, and he was brought in by Super League's Club Owners who told us how good things were going to be with him in his role. Well I have never been convinced by him, and strong leadership is what the game cries out for.
  4. You may wake up to the news that man has landed on Mars.
  5. But it isn't Supporters like Gubrats and others on here who attend games, myself included, and spend their money who hold the game back, it is the people who are responsible for running the game at the RFL and SL Administrators and Club Owners are the ones with the power who can make the decisions, regarding Expansion, Sponsorship, TV Contracts, the Welfare of the game etc. Debating on here can be enjoyable or frustrating, but they are only opinions of people showing an interest in the game, it doesn't effect what the powers that be decide to do.
  6. A long time ago, but it was no way to treat Clubs along with Keighley, who were cruelly denied promotion after winning Division Two.
  7. In the ground then, Pie, Chips, Mushy Peas (keep the Sponsors happy), Gravy and Two Pints.
  8. I would hope nobody wants to see a Club go to the wall. Me personally as Featherstone Supporter would never want to see any form of Closed Shop, whatever Division Featherstone might be in. P&R gives everyone the opportunity to play at the highest level, which for me is what competitive sport is all about.
  9. A question for the great man himself, Mr Elstone.
  10. Yorkshire Evening Post, I think it was in on the 4th May, Gary Hetherington said Leeds will be in the queue for some of the money. It is on the Internet.
  11. I thought Gary Hetherington said Leeds were applying for some of it?
  12. Gooleboy

    No PR

    Apart from Gary Hetherington, I don't think any Super League Clubs head honchos give a toss about the Lower League Clubs. I hope I am wrong, but I can see a closed shop again, with only London and Overseas Clubs having any chance of getting in.
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