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  1. Wakefield's last final was against Featherstone at Huddersfield. There has never been a SL / Championship final double header.
  2. I have spoken to many ex players over the last year or so, and I haven't had one of them agree with the way RL is going with this points system.
  3. I was at the game yesterday, a good contest and a great win for Cas. But we keep reading on here what French teams bring to SL. Well, apart from having a competitive team I missed what it is. It isn't fans as they didn't have any there.
  4. If TO win the GF they deserve to go up, they will have done it fair and square as it should be. But like last time, some on here keep saying what they will bring, but can't explain what it is, like it's some magical stardust.
  5. A big wake up call for Trinity. Although they will still be favourites to win the GF, it will be interesting to see what IMG do if Toulouse win it.
  6. They might buy him after he has had a season or two at KR!
  7. We had it with the Summer Conferences which spawned loads of new clubs in new areas. What is left of that?
  8. I would love RL to be successful in new areas, but history tells us the opposite. Sheffield, Carlisle, Mansfield, Nottingham, Scarborough, Celtic Crusaders, Chorley, Runcorn, and the list goes on throughout the games existence. Also, a big issue is players. You only have to look at the transfer merry-go-round to realise there isn’t enough quality to serve the clubs we already have.
  9. Leeds Rhinos fans didn't watch Leeds Tykes, Wigan fans didn't watch Orrell. So why would Union fans in the likes of Leicester watch a League team? Newcastle Falcons fans didn't.
  10. No mid season blues watching this excellent State of Origin game.
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