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  1. I will try and find some, but I recall Stevo on Sky who was all for franchising, saying pre season that there would be no need for so many overseas players now that the drawbridge is up, and that Clubs could develop their own talent without the fear of relegation. Then when the season got going he remarked that disappointingly the flow of overseas players arriving showed no sign of abating. Do you honestly think the SL Chairmen, even if Franchising came back, would cut down on overseas players?
  2. In the first season of Franchising the SL Clubs brought more overseas players in than ever, and they continued bringing them in.
  3. Surely Mr Mc Manus and his Club should have vented their feelings before the game, not wait till they had lost. It's hard to believe he would have said anything if they had won the game.
  4. And the Clubs in SL continue to employ overseas players who aren't good enough for the NRL.
  5. Pundits like Wilkin, Noble and Betts make excuse after excuse and will never criticise. Peacock is the same when he is on.
  6. Another dire performance. No creativity whatsoever. A defeat to PNG next week wouldn't be a surprise.
  7. It would stand out more if the ball had panel lines on.
  8. The punishment received by Catalans and Warrington for the trouble their fans caused recently, also seemed like a tap on the wrist as well.
  9. I think SL are now in charge of this and not the RFL. So Mr Elstone and his Paymasters will have come up with the fixture list.
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