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  1. Sadly all three no longer with us.
  2. If HKR can't win in France they deserve to go down. Catalans are rubbish.
  3. Absolutely awful news, condolences to his family and all who knew him.
  4. Well done to London, thoroughly deserved the win. As for Catalans, more chance of getting to Mars than Old Trafford. They are awful.
  5. He is a potential Coach of the Year for me. Amazing what he has achieved this year at Salford, very impressive.
  6. 6 to go and I think London will hang on, and they deserve it. Catalans are dire.
  7. What is it with Catalans, Any incident or decision they don't like, they want to start fighting.
  8. Yes they were all from Sharlston, so that is the correct answer. Many great players from such a small area.
  9. Nash and Hobbs from Featherstone, Dooler was from Sharlston, two miles away! All Great Britain Internationals.
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